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Graham ClarkeFeb 18 2014, 10:32pmHi guys,

will this event go ahead? If so how much navigational experience is necessary and can you do it solo? looks like a great event - anyone have any feedback on it?
Richard NunanFeb 19 2014, 8:56amYes the event will go ahead. Gerry Brady is RD

Yes you need navigations skills

Yes you can do it solo. There are a few race reports there from those who completed it last year.
graham clarkeFeb 23 2014, 9:14amThanks Richard - how much navigational experience would be necessary - have a bit of experience in open mtns but not huge amount? Any links to race reports - cant see any on here?
Gerry BradyFeb 23 2014, 12:20pmGraham, between the 2012 and 2013 events there are 7 race reports posted - navigating the IMRA website is very much easier than navigating your way around the lakes! You would need to have done training runs on each of the four legs to be confident of trying to run the whole course solo.
Graham ClarkeFeb 23 2014, 5:35pmThanks Gerry - didn't realise you needed to go back into previous years - maybe put a link on the current event page to previous reports for those of us new to the site? Would love to give this race a go but not 100% sure of my navigation skills!
Paul BurchmoreMar 18 2014, 1:22pmHi - are there any cut-off times for solo runners?
Gerry BradyMar 20 2014, 11:14pm
There are no cut-off times but there are mass starts used if necessary. The default starting time for a senior male running solo is 9:40 but if you not chasing a podium finish then you could start at either 8:00 or 8:30. This may take the pressure off you and allow the volunteers to get home earlier!

A link to the ENTRIES received to-date is up on the web page.

All entrants should read the harrowing 2013 race reports.
Paul BurchmoreMar 21 2014, 7:55amThanks Gerry,
Keeping the volunteers back is my main concern so the 8am start sounds interesting. I'll see how I get on at WWU tomorrow!
Rachel CinnsealachMar 21 2014, 9:46amThis is a fabulous event!!! It has much smaller numbers than the WW relay, and therefore you meet the same people though out the day and it's really socialable! Last year, I had about 8 runners in the back of my car all sheltering from the rain :) You really need to have recce your leg beforehand or be able to navigate.

Sometimes finding a team is the hardest part. I will put together teams for anyone interested reply here on the forum or email me at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Stephen BailieMar 24 2014, 12:08amHi Rachael
I'm interested in joining a team. I'm not the quickest but no problem with navigation.
Feidhlimidh WrafterMar 24 2014, 12:19pmHi Rachael

Also interested in joining a team for this one. I will gmail you too. Thanks Fel
Gerry BradyMar 24 2014, 9:51pm8 entries in now and they are all solo runners - 7 men and 1 woman: see ENTRIES link on

It will probably help Rachel to put teams together if you give her an indication of which legs you would (or would not) run.
Eoin KeithMar 24 2014, 10:27pmHopefully there'll be less of a requirement for cross country skiing this year :) Definitely a great event that is well worth doing (Much more off-road than the Wicklow way relay too!).
Rachel CinnsealachMar 24 2014, 11:33pmAnyone around on Saturday and want to do a recce. Leg two and possibly leg four. Depands who replies to me.
Gerry BradyMar 25 2014, 9:50pmENTRIES file updated, 11 teams now.
Stephen BailieMar 25 2014, 11:12pmRachael
I would do legs 2 and 4 as my nav is not too bad. (No recces done but am happy enough) Anyone interested?
Rachel CinnsealachMar 26 2014, 10:01pmGrand, I'll sort you out with a team Stephen :)

Anyone else looking for a team!!!

One of the best events on the IMRA calander. This and Stone Cross to lug relay.
Jim SchofieldMar 27 2014, 11:09pmHi Folks,

Quick simple question. How do I enter this race, looks great.

Many thanks,

James H CahillMar 28 2014, 8:41amJim if you go to the Event Details Page (button above this forum), on the Details Tab, scroll down to Organizers Instructions. There is a downloadable entry form. Download, complete, scan and e mail back to Gerry Brady (all details are on the entry form)
Jim SchofieldMar 28 2014, 9:19amThanks James
Gerry BradyMar 28 2014, 8:22pm15 entries in now, race is building up nicely. Volunteers and more entries welcome.
Gerry BradyApr 2 2014, 2:24pm19 teams entered which should result in a record number of finishers.
Rachel CinnsealachApr 2 2014, 11:50pmStephen Bailie what is your email address, can you email me?

Anyone else looking for a team? Email me on rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Feidhlimidh WrafterApr 3 2014, 2:50pmHi folks

Anyone going for a recce run this Saturday and if so could I join you? I am planning on doing legs 1 and 4. cheers fel
juju jayApr 4 2014, 11:18pmhi all... i know its kind of late posting this but am doing leg 4 tomoro (Sat) am getting carpool over to the start at 10am from Laragh so should be over at start from 10:30am isn!!... all is welcome to join me...
my email is
Gerry BradyApr 6 2014, 11:14amCan any remaining entries be submitted so leg finish sheets can be prepared. 22 teams entered so far. All competitors should review the race reports and photos from 2013 before deciding their race kit. Additional volunteers welcome for recording results at leg handovers.
Zoran SkrbaApr 7 2014, 9:03amHi Gerry, just wondering if the solo runners need to be self-sufficient or are you going to provide water/food/gels etc. at the relay change-over points?
Sinéad DunphyApr 7 2014, 1:46pmHI All, I am super keen to go over the distance and the terrain but I am beginning to worry my nav skill are not sufficient for the task. I unfortunately did not get an opportunity to reccie the route. Before I pull out - thought Id check if there was anyone keen to go over the full distance at an easy pace that would be interested in navigating together? I am registered as non-competitive and I would be happy to start at any time! Thanks ! Sinead
James H CahillApr 7 2014, 4:35pmHi Sinead, I'm taking an early start also, you can certainly tag on with me if you wish. If you wanted to have a chat about pace etc. give me a call on zero eight 3 one seven eight 7356
Sinéad DunphyApr 7 2014, 5:00pmHi James, thanks for that! I will give you a ring this evening , hope that suits. Sinead
Paul BurchmoreApr 7 2014, 5:11pmSinead, James
I'm still hoping to make it down but have been out for a couple of weeks with a abductor muscle injury. If I do make it I will be starting as early as poss (8am?) and will be very non-competitive. Just looking to get some time on feet ahead of the Highland Fling post-injury.

Anyone know what the deadline is for entries? (apologies if I have missed that, I think I saw it somewhere) thanks
Sinéad DunphyApr 7 2014, 6:46pmGood stuff Paul, Ill chat to James this evening and let you know what the thoughts are. Can you send me your email address! Mine is sinead.dunphy1@gmail
Angus TynerApr 7 2014, 10:05pmGerry,
Just wondering, ideally what your requirements are of me for next Sat, so I can plan my day?

contact me at angus (at) mothsireland dot com
Gerry BradyApr 7 2014, 10:27pm28 teams entered, can each team check that they have claimed and received their bonuses if relevant. We hope to have 1 gel for each solo runner (the mad people!) which will be given out at registration. Ideally you should be self-sufficient but a collective drinks/food bag can be brought to each handover for solo runners.
John McCannApr 7 2014, 11:09pmHi Gerry, my email is mccann984 at yahoo dot ie if you need to contact me regarding volunteering duties. Alternatively 0872932353
Brían O'MearaApr 8 2014, 10:18amGerry,

Not to be a pain in the rear or anything, but a definite steer one way or the other as regards solo runners drinks & grub would be useful - just in terms of planning. For example, do I bring a 2L camelback for the full thing, or do I arrange to have a bottle left at each checkpoint. Likewise grub.

Those solo runners - and I speak as one who won't come anywhere near troubling the top (or middle) end of the field - who decide to carry evrything will be placed at a considerable disadvantage. It would probably make the event a better test of endurance were solo runners to have to carry everything for the full event - unsupported etc.


Niall CorriganApr 8 2014, 11:13amHi Brian,

There is no shortage of water on the course if you are ok with drinking from streams/rivers. As regards what to carry, there is a mandatory kit list and after that it's up to you, what do you think you'll need? If like me you are looking at a longish day out in the hills then bring everything, I usually do. The boys near the top know exactly what they need to get them through to the end and carry the minimum. Saying that some of them could carry me and still be in the sprint finish.
Enjoy the day.


Stuart ScottApr 8 2014, 11:25amHi Brian,

From Gerry's last post, it sounds like the best option is to leave a drop bag with each marshal as you'll have to check in with them anyway. I know Gerry bought gels and water in previous years but it's probably best not to depend on them!

Greg ByrneApr 8 2014, 11:50amMy tuppence in response to Brían and others on here... have a quick look at the volunteer list and last years reports.

There is every possibility that there will be no marshal at a checkpoint, maybe someone cannot help on the day, maybe someone has to go up the valley to get phone reception, maybe they leave to bring a tired/cold runner to the end... many things can happen. With 4 volunteers and one RD there is very little or no back-up.

Prepare for each scenario, bring your drop bags, but be ready for the possibility that it won't be there. With 22 "teams" there are could well be other options or supporters willing to help out too.

If I was running solo I would have all options in the boot of the car on Saturday morning, but be mentally set for the hardest scenario/conditions. Anything from there is a bonus.

And 'Leave no Trace'

Brían O'MearaApr 8 2014, 12:16pmMaybe I was a bit unclear earlier - was primarily stating my preference for solo runners to be unsupported.

Jim SchofieldApr 8 2014, 2:33pmHi Folks,
I hope to do it solo, with everything on my back. I did that for the Wicklow Way Ultra and it worked OK. Essentially, it's just foul weather gear, map, compass and whistle, 12 gels or bars and a bottle of water, refilling as I go. Here's hoping...
Jim SchofieldApr 8 2014, 2:36pmHi Folks,
I hope to do it solo, with everything on my back. I did that for the Wicklow Way Ultra and it worked OK. Essentially, it's just foul weather gear, map, compass and whistle, 12 gels or bars and a bottle of water, refilling as I go. Here's hoping...
Gerry BradyApr 8 2014, 7:57pmThere are 33 teams entered (the ENTRIES file spans two pages). The handover marshals are:

End of leg 1: Dermot Murphy
End of Leg 2: Angus Tyner
End of leg 3: Petra Tolarova and John McCann

Solo runners can leave food and drink at registration in plastic bags marked 1 to 3. These bags will be at the handover points. Solo runners will be given a complementary gel at registration!

Can team captains make sure that runners not yet registered for 2014 bring completed forms with them to speed up the registration process.

Solo runners should have my number (087 6 17 40 21) in their phones and also the numbers of any runners they know and expect to be near during the race. Any runners who drop out must report that to a volunteer.
Stephen BrennanApr 9 2014, 9:14amDo the four team members have to be there for registration or just the team captain and leg 1 runner?
Sam ScrivenApr 9 2014, 5:17pmHi. Does anybody have a spare seat going down on Saturday from dublin 8 or nearby? Sam o87 - 2136574
Rory CampbellApr 9 2014, 5:45pmHi Sam,
I can pick you up. I'll give you a call later this evening. If anyone else needs a lift from Dublin (coming from D7) let me know.
Ruth LynamApr 9 2014, 8:45pmIs there anyone else who decided at the last minute it would be good to run, and would like to make up a team? Rachel thinks there are some of you out there. I am slow, but I bring a 25 minute handicap, happy to run any leg though leg 4 would be last choice. Ruth. rlynam at outlook dot com.
Ruth LynamApr 9 2014, 9:08pmIs there anyone else who decided at the last minute it would be good to run, and would like to make up a team? Rachel thinks there are some of you out there. I am slow, but I bring a 25 minute handicap, happy to run any leg though leg 4 would be last choice. Ruth. rlynam at outlook dot com.
Ruth LynamApr 9 2014, 9:47pmIs there anyone else who decided at the last minute it would be good to run, and would like to make up a team? Rachel thinks there are some of you out there. I am slow, but I bring a 25 minute handicap, happy to run any leg though leg 4 would be last choice. Ruth. rlynam at outlook dot com.
JuJu JayApr 9 2014, 11:52pmhey Gerry...i can head down to hotel and give you some help in till i have to go with my team..
what time you like me there at....
Dermot MurphyApr 10 2014, 9:14amI am the hand over marshal for the end of leg one - just a heads up for the solo runners: I need to be at my hand over point at 9:30am, so please have your bag ready for 9:15am. I will be gone by 9:20am!
Stuart ScottApr 11 2014, 12:38amHi all,

Due to an inconveniently slow to heal ankle, we've had a late drop out. Would anyone be interested in running Leg 4 (the easy road leg) for us? Nav skills shouldn't be required, just be careful! Motivational worms can also be provided. If you're free, could you give me a shout on scottst1 A-T- gmail D-OT com?

Many thanks!

Stuart ScottApr 11 2014, 12:31pmSpot now filled, many thanks to those who emailed!
Ruth LynamApr 11 2014, 2:47pmHave a full team now. Thanks team!
Richard NunanApr 12 2014, 7:05pmWell Done to Gerry, Dermot and Angus and John McCann for a great race today.

Hope we get to see even more Relay Teams out next year, there is a leg here for everyone.

Well Done to Zoran on first Solo man home and to Moire O Sullivan on being first Solo lady home (First lady to ever complete the Solo course).

And to Team Adrian Tucker an an Awesome awesome win :-)

Brian FennessyApr 12 2014, 7:43pmThanks to Gerry and Dermot and all the other volunteers and everyone else who turned up to give it a lash. I love the relay runs. Very social Very enjoyable. Look forward to next year.
Stephen BrennanApr 12 2014, 8:11pmFantastic race, such fun! The team element adds so much.

Thanks to Gerry and the volunteers.
Zoran SkrbaApr 12 2014, 9:35pmThanks to Gerry and the volunteers. Great race. Well done to Greg, Finbar, Adrian and Richard on the win.
Stephen BailieApr 12 2014, 9:42pmMy God. Leg 2 was nothing like Leg 2 I recce'd on Monday. Could barely see 10 yards in front of you today. But best feeling is when you EVENTUALLY find track off Table heading in towards Glenmalure. Tough, Tough Leg. But I made it. Never mind the times as whoever completed this leg today deserves a beer this evening. Thanks to ALL who made today happen.
Gerry BradyApr 12 2014, 11:29pmProvisional results are available in a News item link on homepage. Let me know if there are errors.

Congratulations to all competitors and to Dermot, Angus, John, and Seamus who made it happen. Very impressive winning time of 4 hours 35 minutes by Greg, Finbar, Adrian, and Richard. New women's solo record by Moire. Ruth's team hit the front and looked unstoppable at one stage. Don't forget the race reports and the Lug relay is now possible for those of you who are new to the navigation type races.
JuJu JayApr 13 2014, 2:33pmthanks to ye all for helping make this race go super good...
roll on next year...
James H CahillApr 13 2014, 3:18pmThank you Gerry, Angus, Dermot, John and Seamus for a great day in the hills yesterday. Excruciating but great. I have put a short race report / video up to remind me of the highs and lows (leg 3) of one of the best races on the IMRA calendar.
Adrian HennessyApr 14 2014, 12:50pmThanks Gerry and helpers for a great day out in the hills. The fog and mist certainly made it interesting - particularly on leg 2. Well done to Team Nunan, Tucker, McGurren & Byrne on a fine victory and of course to Zoran for his solo win.
Sam ScrivenApr 14 2014, 1:49pmThe Lakes got the better of me again!
Thanks to Gerry and organisers and to Rory, Dermot and Greg for helping me out before I got back to my bed for a good cry!
Well done to all the finishers but special mention for all those solo finishers. Ye are made of tough stuff! I might be back next year :-)
Moire O'SullivanApr 14 2014, 4:00pmI wouldn't worry about it Sam... we all had a 'moment' or two on the race.

Race report now up - even Wicklow Round finishers can get terribly, terribly lost ;)

Thanks again to Gerry and all the helpers for this great, proper mountain race. Would really encourage teams / soloists to get out there in 2015!
Adrian Tucker RIPApr 14 2014, 9:40pmOnce again an excellent event organised by Gerry and IMRA volunteers, thanks.
I think the concept of this fantastic bonus system is only beginning to dawn on people now. Can't wait for next year!!

Race report is also now up on behalf of team "Glacier Runners"
Brían O'MearaApr 15 2014, 8:42amWell run event. Thanks to Gerry & the volunteers.
Stuart ScottApr 15 2014, 11:57amJust like to add my thanks to Dermot, Angus, John, Seamus and anyone else who helped out on Saturday, but especially to Gerry for devising and championing such an excellent race. There really is something for everyone, navigators and non-navigators alike, and made for a very enjoyable painful day out!

It might be worth highlighting the importance of checking in with the marshals, particularly for the solo runners. While it is very easy to forget to check in, it is impossible for the marshals to know if someone has passed safely without the benefit of waiting teammates or phone reception to confirm. In such a remote race, it is a very large area to search should an incident occur.

Finally for anyone who enjoyed the open mountain misery, there's a perfect antedote in the form of the Lug Relay in September!
Gerry BradyApr 17 2014, 10:48pmSome fantastic race reports up now including one from champion orienteer, Ruth Lynam. These are worth a read by anyone going for a long run in the hills - before you go :) The success stories have a plan and intense concentration to carry it out. With Ruth she combined using the compass with verification landmark features from the map to reassure herself.

At the IMRA Committee meeting earlier this week, we briefly discussed the idea of giving all solo runners a 10 minutes bonus. We agreed to ask for some feedback from the membership ...
Zoran SkrbaApr 22 2014, 11:51am10 mins! :) I'd say having maybe 5 per leg might be better. This should create an exciting finish. 10 won't be enough to stay ahead of "Glacier Runners" team.
Adrian Tucker RIPApr 22 2014, 9:41pmSo would an M50 solo runner get his 5mins per leg,and also another bonus 10mins,

Seriously though, solo runners completing all four legs could do with a bit of a bonus, but if you make them too competitive then the event may become a standard IMRA race rather than a Relay Event

Gerry BradyApr 22 2014, 10:25pmYes 30 minutes in total for a solo M50!!!

ps there were an IMRA Basecamp long-sleeve and a black and white striped hat left behind if anyone is looking for them.
Shay FoodyApr 26 2014, 9:10pmHi Gerry,

I left the IMRA Basecamp long-sleeve behind. If you are at tomorrow's race or Howth on Wednesday I will get it off you then.

Pól Ó MurchúApr 28 2014, 10:21pmHi Shay, I believe I may have your top with the race director stuff...