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Vivian O'GormanMay 1 2014, 12:21pmCan webmaster please accept me as rd for this race - thanks
Vivian O'GormanMay 1 2014, 11:21pmSome race details as I am away for the weekend and won't be back until Monday evening.

Race registration will open at 6pm and close at 7.15pm SHARP!!

There is a 2km uphill walk/jog to the race start.

There is a 3 Euro fee per car for the car park.

If you are late and miss registration please DO NOT run anyway you won't have a race number and won't be in the results.

The race has two loops. The first loop is the usual one around Carrickgalligan and the second goes across the road into the forest car park and goes to the left down the long track into the forest, turns right and right again and finishes back in the forest car park.

The Junior course runs the first loop, crosses the road and will be directed to the finish.

Prizegiving will be in the Step Inn in Stepaside. Food at your own discretion.

Carpooling from the Step Inn is NOT an option. Try from the luas or work.


Please be at registration at 5.45/6 if possible. I will let you know your duties then. I still need a few more volunteers - running or not.

I will have the laptop - first aid and race markers at the carpark.

Can't think of anything else right now but will be back Monday evening.

Mike JordanMay 5 2014, 9:18pmI was down as Deputy RD but can't make the race now at short notice.
If anyone else would like to volunteer to learn from the best in the business on Wednesday you should! Sure all the works done for it now anyway.....
Aidan RoeMay 5 2014, 9:24pmVivian
I'll be in Step in at 9.30 to pick up race gear for weekend. Can't make before then.
Can you let me know if this suits
Aidan RoeMay 5 2014, 9:25pmVivian
I'll be in Step in at 9.30 to pick up race gear for weekend. Can't make before then.
Can you let me know if this suits
Vivian O'GormanMay 6 2014, 9:49amCan John Fitzgerald be put in as a running volenteer for this race please - thanks
Sean OBrienMay 6 2014, 4:21pmHi there,

I'd love to partake in this event but alas I do not have a car. Is there a carpool going for this event by any chance?

John ...May 6 2014, 5:19pmFYI, there are a good few fallen trees in this area at the moment, but i'm not sure if any of them are on the planned race route.
Gareth ShawMay 6 2014, 6:52pmHi Sean - I'll be leaving from UCD Belfield at 6pm, passing through Stillorgan and Cabinteely
Jim FitzharrisMay 7 2014, 11:38amHi all,

I will be travelling on my own to this event as my normal running mate is injured.

Is there a car pooling location? I will be going through Stepaside at c. 18:45 and could swing by the Step Inn. Sorry I cannot be earlier.

Samll point: that garage at the junction at Ballyman is now open again - useful for a last minute coffee, drink or bar.


Declan MurphyMay 7 2014, 3:15pmHi Jim,
Can I get a lift off you please? I can meet you at the Step Inn at 18.45pm.

Jim FitzharrisMay 7 2014, 3:23pmDeclan,

No problem.

I drive a black VW Passat 07 D 81260.

My mobile # is 086-8zero9 05two5.

Can you please send me yours directly to jim dot fitzharris (at) smurfitkappa dot com


Sean OBrienMay 7 2014, 3:33pmHi Gareth,

Sorry re the late reply. I can meet you at UCD at 6. My number is 0877476850 so could you please text me you number so that I can find you? Thanks!

Torben DahlMay 7 2014, 10:31pmThanks to Vivian & Co for a another great race and thanks for the results being up so quick! I was ahead of Gareth Little but down as being after him. I clocked 26.10 on my own watch. Gareth can confirm that I was just ahead of him since we are having a little rivalry ;)

Gareth LittleMay 7 2014, 10:34pm
I can confirm Torben finished ahead of me, possibly in 12th. 14th is correct for me but I see two juniors as coming 1st and 2nd in the main race?

Cheers Vivian and co for a great race on a great little route!!
Paul KevilleMay 8 2014, 12:39amI came in just behind torben and just in front of gareth little. My time from my watch was 26:13 so it looks like mine and gareths results were mixed up. Gareth should of beaten me but I had to shout at him when he went to go down the wrong track. So keep an eye on the tape markings it could cost you a place or two.
Paul keville
John LangenbachMay 8 2014, 7:07amHi. Another one. My watch has me at 29:34, number 1959. There was a bunch of us crossing the line close together.
Brendan LawlorMay 8 2014, 8:45amGreat event from the original and best Race Director we have - thanks Viv and all volunteers!
Paul ClargesMay 8 2014, 1:13pmHi

I ran in the race last night after handing in intial registration forms but there is no time against my name in the results. Could you lookm into this

Paul Clarges
Eamonn HodgeMay 8 2014, 3:29pmTommy Galvin was 2 seconds behind me so approx 30:28. His number is 236 and currently down as DNF.

Jim FitzharrisMay 8 2014, 4:08pmI want echo Brendan's complimentary comments re a great race and job very well done (as always) by Vivian last night.

I know that Vivian commented on the number of cars but there was a stricture on the website about using the Step Inn for car-pooling. That did make it difficult because an intermediate venue like that is a boon for car-pooling.

I did pick someone up from there (they were not driving themselves) at 18:50 and there were quite a few free parking spaces but maybe they did not want the car park clogged up before we arrived at 9 pm or so.

There is no way that the car park at Djouce Woods could accommodate the number of cars that we saw last night so car-pooling is a must next week.

I have often done car-parking marshall at races and wonder how much authority do we have to really "bounce" someone who arrives up on their own when car parking spaces are at a premium?

I have adopted a hard line before but you do feel bolshie and it could get nasty .........



Paul O'GradyMay 8 2014, 5:01pmI've a solution/compromise Jim

Anyone that brings 2 people from the IMRA carpool system is counted as a running volunteer. That could help the issue.

Leave it up to the individual race directors to give the precise terms and conditions - but in general recognise the driver who picked up people at the pub/bus stop/luas station as a volunteer.

Would this work? I don't see why not.
Rozanne BellMay 9 2014, 12:12pmMuch as I would love to debating split second timing around the 26min or even 30min mark, I think I was more like around the 35-36 min mark and I don't seem to have made it on to the results sheet at all!! My number is 1770 .. not sure that the girl who finished just before me is on the results either!
Pól Ó MurchúMay 10 2014, 12:23amI have corrected all of these errors above and results should be uploaded in the coming days. I have a few more that I have been emailed and will work through these also over the weekend. Any other errors, omissions or changes to be made please email me pol.omurchu (at) with the subject line RESULTS and I will amend for you. If you have a time or know where you came in that's also a great help. This race in particular can cause quite a few problems with results as the runners come back in so quick and all together so often times if 3 or 4 come in together the laptop operator may miss one or two of these due to not getting number in quick enough or just not hearing the person calling the numbers. Thank you for your patience with this and I will look into any queries you may have.
John LangenbachMay 10 2014, 1:29pmThanks Pol, and to Vivian and his team for a great race.