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Gerry BradyJul 24 2016, 12:05amThe course maps have been uploaded. The route follows the Wicklow Way from Crone Wood to Djouce (for seniors) but there is a small but steep diversion from the WW after 1300 metres.

Trial distances and climb are in the race details. Anyone running the World Masters is advised to do this race as it is predominantly uphill.

The start time has been moved to 11 am as Crone Wood car park is very busy on a Sunday morning. Please carpool from Enniskerry etc. to reduce the pressure. NIMRA runners who have not already ran an IMRA race in 2016 should note the reference regarding IMRA registration in the race details.

Volunteers very welcome!
Joe BosonnetAug 3 2016, 1:10pmHi there,
I can not see any entry for the trials online. Should it be in the Purchase IMRA products tab or is it elsewhere?
Thanks. Joe
Gerry BradyAug 3 2016, 7:11pmJoe - online entry option should be visible now.
Joe BosonnetAug 3 2016, 9:26pmEntered. Thanks a million.
Joe BosonnetAug 3 2016, 9:29pmEntered. Thanks a million.
Gerry BradyAug 8 2016, 11:43pmReminder for runners to pre-enter if they do not have vouchers.

Is there any first-aid volunteer available plus more volunteers needed to manage registration and the finishes?
Gerry BradyAug 11 2016, 11:16pmAll juniors will start at 11:00 am sharp. Seniors and masters will start at 11:05 - start and finish volunteers should synchronise their watches.

The CAR PARK is very busy so the earlier you arrive the better chance you have of finding a place to park - please car pool as much as possible.

For anyone not familiar with the route, there are two deviations from the Wicklow Way. The first is up a steep climb after around 1200m and the second is by not crossing the two stiles on the climb from the river.

Bring light rain jackets etc. with you and please enter online if you do not have race vouchers.

All junior women and junior men born 2000-2001 have the same finish. Everyone else goes to the top of Djouce. The winning time of the short race will be around 22 minutes and of the long race around 33 minutes.
Harriette RobinsonAug 13 2016, 12:05pmDear Gerry, myself and my friend are hoping to do the senior women's race tomorrow. We are wondering if we must enter online today? We both have myimra accounts.
Gerry BradyAug 13 2016, 12:30pmHi Harriette
Yes if you can book online today or if you have vouchers you can use them tomorrow.
Harriette RobinsonAug 13 2016, 1:45pmGerry, I cannot see any link to an entry form for tomorrow. Could you please directly me to the link on the website. Thank you
Gerry BradyAug 13 2016, 2:05pmHarriette

You need to be logged in to MyImra then go to this page:

If you have problems we can manage something with vouchers tomorrow.
Gerry BradyAug 14 2016, 4:48pmResults in race report. Thanks to all the volunteers for making the race possible.
Naoise O GibneAug 14 2016, 11:34pmHi my name is Naoise, I ran in the men's senior race today and had my name taken at the top, my name isn't in the results, this may be due to the fact that I had problems registering online, just want to know what time and place I finished
Gerry BradyAug 15 2016, 12:00amHi Naoise
I don't have the original results so cannot tell you immediately. Can you remember who you finished near?
Derek HunterAug 15 2016, 11:15pmHi Naoise, Apologies I misunderstood you when you told me at the top of the mountain that you weren't registered for race so I did not include you in the times I gave Gerry. I did however record your time and Gerry has updated the race report. Derek