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Dermot MurphyJan 23 2018, 9:38amHi All, I have put name down as Race Director for the Maurice Mullins Ultra, and will help RD the Trail race too (I have left the RD for the Trail open for now). This will be my last year as RD for this race (10th year!). If anyone wants to RD the Trail race, with a view to RD the race in the future, please feel free to put your name down.

I will be looking for volunteers over the coming months for both races - again please feel free to sign up as soon as you know you can commit to help on the day.

Registration will open in around a month or so - Pol may be able to give a more approximate date - but we do not anticipate a cap on numbers at this stage. Any questions on the race, please just ask!
Dermot MurphyFeb 8 2018, 2:06pmEntries are now open for the Ultra. Entries will close on April 1st.
Chris whiteFeb 10 2018, 9:47pmHello, this will be my first ultra and wondering if there is a cut off at half way or any other distance? cheers
Dermot MurphyFeb 11 2018, 7:30amCut off times are listed on the event page.
Olivier AnsaldiFeb 19 2018, 2:31pmHey folks, just reporting that the KML link mentioned on the "Details" tab is a dead link ( Thanks in advance to whoever fixes it!
Gordon PlaceFeb 19 2018, 4:48pmHi Olivier,

If you click on the red text 'Find the route in detail on'

It looks like you can register/log in and download as a gpx file.
Olivier AnsaldiFeb 19 2018, 11:16pmThanks. Once you register with you can indeed download the GPX.
Ronan McCarthyMar 9 2018, 4:43pmHi,

I am just wondering if i can switch from the Ultra to the Half (training has not gone well). I have purchased an Ultra entry already so just seeing if I can jump across and do the half instead. Not worried about the tenner, can donate that to IMRA, just want to do a straight swap if possible.

Laura FlynnMar 9 2018, 6:49pmAs you will have seen from Dermot’s January post, this is his last year as Race Director of the Maurice Mullins. The time, energy and and commitment he has given to this event over the past 10 years is incredible and all of us who have taken part in that time have benefited. On behalf of us all I want to say a huge thanks to him for pulling it all together and making it happen year after year.
Now to succession....Adrian Tucker had approached us quietly last year and was prepared to to deputise with Dermot this year with a view to taking over. Sadly, that was not to be.
It’s a big ask to step into Dermot’s shoes but he’s created a template there which will make it less daunting. Anyone who think they may be interested I would strongly urge them to do deputy RD this year with Dermot and learn the ropes. This may be a role for two people if you want to consider that.
Either post here or mail the committee directly if you would like further information on what’s involved before you make a commitment,. And don’t worry, the 10 year stint was exceptional, we won’t expect you to do it for that long!
Raymond LawlorMar 11 2018, 7:01pmHi. Has anyone had an issue registering on the Trace De trail website? Every combination of number, letter, dash and Hieroglyph of my password is deemed inadequate. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
Laura FlynnMar 11 2018, 7:47pmThe good news is that Maurice Mullins is in safe hands for another year with Mick Hanney generously stepping forward as Race Director for next year.
This is really two distinct events and ideally we should have two RDs. If you think you might be interested in the challenge I would again urge you to get involved this year and learn the ropes. Mail me directly or post here.
Laura FlynnMar 12 2018, 12:44pmMany thanks to our former President, Richard Nunan for stepping up to take on RD of the Ultra next year.
Its a big undertaking for Mick and Richard so please give them as much support as you can next year to ensure the continued success of this event.
Also, for this year's races, Dermot could do with a load more volunteers so please put you name forward if you can give of some of your time.

I still need plenty of volunteers for this race. I have no volunteers for the checkpoints at either Crone Woods or Curtlestown - please note that there will be no aid stations at these venues if volunteers do not come forward.
I also need non running volunteers to help with the finish.
I will also need volunteers to help with registration and parking - these can be both running and non running volunteers.

Also note that we have a limit of 100 mugs per event (both Trail and Ultra) - these will go to the first 100 to register on the morning.
Angela FlynnMar 22 2018, 7:45pmHi, Dermot.Ive put myself down to volunteer but will need to do early start for the Ultra so I can only help out at early reg ? Please remove me if I’m no good to you! Can I just acknowledge here what a fantastic race you have so diligently organized for an incredible amount of years. Completing my first ultra last year will always be a very significant moment in my life and probably for so many others who you will never know. A BIG THANK YOU.
Dermot MurphyMar 22 2018, 8:18pmMany thanks for your kind words Angela! I'll take any help I can get. No problem that you need to do the early start, we should be able to get another running volunteer to replace you when you need to head off.
Thanks also to all who have volunteered so far, keep them coming!
Niamh KellyMar 22 2018, 8:56pmHi Dermot,

I am running the half but will help out at registration if needed, My husband is not running and can volunteer as well I will get him to do it

Colin BrowneMar 25 2018, 1:48pmHi Dermot,
I have signed up for the ultra. If you want a hand before the race, let me know and I will arrive early. I am driving up. So I can give someone a lift if they need it.
Sarah Mc EneaneyMar 25 2018, 7:31pmHi just wondering is there an early start again this year
Sarah Mc EneaneyMar 25 2018, 7:34pmScrap that I need a new phone screen just seen 8:30 for early start
Dermot MurphyMar 26 2018, 12:43pmThanks Niamh, Colin - will certainly take any help offered. Just sign up to volunteer on the events page and I will accept you both. Thanks to all those who have volunteered so far, keep them coming!
I will be assigning roles early next week when I have a good idea how many volunteers I have. Anyone running, like Niamh and Colin will be given a role which allows them to run (ie registration or parking).
Barry HartnettMar 26 2018, 3:17pmUnfortunately due to injury I will not be able to take part in the race this year, my apologies. Best of luck to the race team and participants.
Niamh KellyMar 26 2018, 3:27pmI have done that now Dermot
Mike JordanMar 28 2018, 12:27pmDermot - I've put myself down as a running volunteer. I can be there early to help with reg or car parking from before the early start.

Regarding Dermot's call for volunteers - If there's any ultra runners who aren't running or injured I'd definitely recommend helping at a checkpoint. It's a good way to give back (as you've probably benefitted from marshaled checkpoints in races before), and also a chance to learn from and support your fellow runners. You see different approaches and mental tactics. And you get to snoop in discarded dropbags! I thoroughly enjoyed my stints at CP2 and CP3 at the Glacier Lakes at the weekend and it was great to see a different side to an event I've been fortunate to run in the last 4 years.
Greg DillonMar 28 2018, 9:58pmHey,

So i just signed up for the mistake. Was suppose to be the half ultra. How easy is it to swap?
Pol O'MurchuMar 28 2018, 10:14pmYou’ll just have to run the full!
Greg DillonMar 28 2018, use the term run sparingly. Lol
Dermot MurphyMar 29 2018, 1:35pmA reminder that registration closes on Saturday. Make sure you are registered before then if you want to run.
Conor McElroyMar 29 2018, 9:53pmHi, I've registered for the 2018 year and for the Maurice Mullins Ultra but I haven't received my new race number to pin on my jersey...what's the best way to get it? Can I collect it at the registration desk on morning of the race?

Duncan BarrettMar 29 2018, 10:06pmHi there, in the purchase imra products section, I couldn't see any for the ultra just the half for sale. Does this mean it is sold out already? Duncan
Duncan BarrettMar 29 2018, 10:09pmHi again, actually scrap this last message. I unbeknownst to myself in fact purchased the race it age's ago.
Dermot MurphyMar 30 2018, 8:19amConor - yes, if you dont have your 2018 race number yet, you will be able to collect it at registration.
Gordon PlaceMar 30 2018, 10:02amHi Dermot,
Is it possible to switch to the ultra before reg closes?
I can be there early as you like, for when you are doling out running volunteer duties.
Maeve OReillyMar 30 2018, 10:11amHello - should I carry all my water or will it be possible to refill bottles at any point?
Greg DillonMar 30 2018, 10:24amHi Dermot,
I unwittingly sugned up for the ultra and was meant to sign up for the half...

Wonder could we do a straight swap
Pol O'MurchuMar 30 2018, 10:42amAnyone looking to change course please see new forum post! Please add your details on this and I will sort once entries close!
Dermot MurphyMar 30 2018, 2:02pmMaeve - I only have the half way point covered at this stage. I would like to have an aid station at Crone Woods and Curtlestown as well, but no one has forward to do this. If any of the current volunteers can cover either aid station, please let me know asap, or if anyone else is available, please let me know as well. As Mike said on his note earlier, if any Ultra runners find they cannot run due to injury, this would be a great way to be involved on the day and to help and encourage your fellow runners!

Please note - for Crone Wood, we would also try to arrange drop bags if possible. This would involve collecting the bags after registration has finished (around 9am) before heading to Crone. We dont do a bag drop for Curtlestown, so there would be no need to go to registration beforehand for this aid station.
Niamh KellyMar 30 2018, 2:18pmHi Dermot,

My hubby Paul Kelly could do an aid station if you like he is down as a helper on the day
Dermot MurphyMar 30 2018, 2:23pmThanks Niamh - any preference for Crone Wood or Curtlestown? As mentioned earlier, Crone Wood would also involve collecting the drop bags from registration.
Inigo AlanaMar 30 2018, 2:36pmDermot, I can cover an aid station at Crone or Curtlestown. I'll add my name to the list.
Jim FitzharrisMar 30 2018, 2:38pmDermot,

I have put myself down as a non-running volunteer.
Can you please also add my son, Mark Fitzharris, in a similar capacity. He is an IMRA member.

I normally do the aid station at Curtlestown and can do that again.

If you do not yet have someone for the aid station at Crone, I can happily do that instead - it would mark a promotion!
This was Diarmuid and Mary's "pitch" for many years but I am not sure if they are back this year.


Dermot MurphyMar 30 2018, 2:45pmThanks Jim - I have added Mark now as well. I will be in touch with Niamh/Paul to see who will do each station.
But we have both covered now!

All runners - Crone Wood is about about 12k from the start - you will also pass through on the way back (so at the 37k mark). Curtlestown is 5k further on (8k from finish) - this will be open on the way back only (ie there will be no one there on the outward leg).
Jim FitzharrisMar 30 2018, 2:46pmDermot,

Sorry: I posted message before reading the immediately preceding messages!

I CANNOT collect drop bags at registration so two options:-
I can do Crone aid station and some other volunteer can drop bags to Crone (probably not a bad idea anyway: I have a big car but it is choc-a-bloc with table, water containers, misc gear for the aid station).
I can do Curtlestown aid station as I have done in prior years.


Dermot MurphyApr 1 2018, 1:11pmRegistration is now closed.
David MaddenApr 2 2018, 11:30amHi Guys, Due to illness I haven’t been able to train as well as I would have hoped can I too please change my Ultra entry to the half? many thanks David
Juju JayApr 2 2018, 6:58pmHi Dermot. I’ll be there for my team doing the ultra early start ( am not doing the ultra ) so i can help you till bus goes to ballinastoe For the half which am doing.
Dermot MurphyApr 2 2018, 8:10pmThanks JuJu!
Steve HoganApr 3 2018, 9:01amHi all,
This is my first ultra and am just wondering what do most people use for carrying water? I am probably going to use a backpack with a water bladder because I don't fancy carrying a bottle in my hand for the entire run. Are there other options?
Niamh KellyApr 3 2018, 9:35amHi Dermot,

Sorry only replying now, but crone woods is good for him, we have a big van so bag drop won't be a problem, he also has tables and a big gazebo if needed.
Dermot MurphyApr 3 2018, 11:52amThats great Niamh - thanks! Will be touch by mail regarding what will be needed.

All Volunteers - I will be in touch over the next day or two to confirm what will needed from each of you.
Thomas RocheApr 3 2018, 1:51pmis the bag drop for the Ultra at the turn around in Ballinastoe woods? Also, i have not received my race number yet. I did the Glacier lakes but only got a temp. number. Will i get my race number at reg?
Pol O'MurchuApr 4 2018, 1:03amJust a little video for those who may be wondering who Maurice Mullins was and where the name for this race comes from:

Maurice was quite possibly one of earliest Ultra Runners in Ireland not just as a runner but also as an organiser and the original organiser of this race for a number of years before IMRA took over the organisation of it. Sadly Maurice passed away December 2015 and the following year it was decided to rename the race in his honour. I had the pleasure to meet Maurice a year or two earlier when we asked him to start the race - a truly remarkable man and an inspiration to those who knew him.
Ailis BrosnanApr 4 2018, 8:08amHi, Just wondering if it is possible to change my entry to the half from the full? Is there someone I can contact to do this? Thanks : )
John ShielsApr 4 2018, 8:58amAilis go to to change your course
Paul O'CallaghanApr 4 2018, 9:37amThat's a great little watch Pól, thanks for posting it.
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 11:48amEntry list for the Ultra. This will any changes request on the Ultra/Trail switch thread. Please make sure your name is on the list - if not check to see if it is on the Trail list. If you still cannot see it, please let us know.


Surname Firstname Race Number Category
ALLAIN Yohann 1630 M
Ansaldi Olivier 1439 M40
Baltieri Fabio 374 M
Barkoczi Laszlo 478 M
Barlow Kenzie 1751 F
Barlow Tommy 1752 M
Barrett Duncan 403 M40
Barry John J 317 M50
Baxter Warren 1629 M50
Bell Colin 433 M40
Bell Craig 1564 M50
Benson Leah 1407 F40
Bereznocenko Kastytis 145 M40
Berney Joe 1838 M50
Bodi Pavel 184 M
Bohan John 1366 M40
Boland Nicky 1737 M40
Boyhan Owen 515 M40
Boyle Joseph 105 M50
Brennan David 1597 M40
Breslin Barry 1468 M
Brosnan Ailis 1619 F40
Browne Colin 1809 M40
Buckley Brian 287 M
Burke Sean 1527 M40
Bush Matt 1310 M40
Bushe Graham K. 108 M50
Byrne Gavin Scott 426 M
Byrne Mark 1049 M40
Callan Aoife 251 F
Campbell Rory 314 M40
Carey Peter 1469 M50
Carlyon David 1082 M14
Carney Robert 326 M
Carr David 514 M
Carr Noel 1706 M40
Carson Suzy 452 F60
Casey Colin 208 M40
Cassidy Donnacha 1617 M
cassidy tom 1591 M50
Challoner Avril 678 F
Chapman Tim 126 M40
Charnecki Tim 724 M40
Church Richard 1457 M40
Cinnsealach Rachel 120 F40
cleary nicola 278 F40
Connery Eilis 1526 F
Connolly James 1822 M
Costello Liam 1662 M40
Croke Ciaran 1575 M
Cronin Barry 723 M
Curran Tom 1740 M40
Daly Paul 1867 M40
Dave Halpin 630 M50
De Wilde Erwin 1005 M50
Dolan Jonathan 202 M40
Domican Thomas 580 M50
Doran Derek 1638 M40
Doyle Mark 304 M
Doyle Peter 1141 M40
Drennan Barry 516 M40
Driscoll Paul 306 M40
Duffy Sean 1555 M40
Duggan Paul 427 M50
Dunne Christopher 1133 M40
Earley Mark 459 M
Egan Dave 1458 M40
Espina Rolando 1848 M40
Evans Dave 518 M40
Fagan David 1271 M50
Fagan Lorcan 1171 M40
Fennessy Brian 135 M40
Fenton Owen 408 M40
Flynn Angela 1001 F40
Flynn Tricia 1435 F50
galwey dominic 1581 M40
Gardner Jeffrey 1281 M
Garvey John 1583 M40
Geoghegan Basil 1750 M50
GIbson Jonathan 1512 M
Girolami Paolo 652 M40
Gorman Wiola 986 F
Grellety Nicolas 1627 M
Griffin john 1460 M40
Griffin Lar 690 M50
Guiney Lyall 1494 M
Halliden Bill 1829 M50
Halloran Colin 123 M
Harrison Ian 536 M
Hartnett Barry 379 M
Hayes Siobhan 562 F50
Heggie James 127 M40
Hennessy Adrian 1067 M
Hicks David 1611 M
Hodgett Alistair 214 M40
Hogan Dena 827 F
Hogan Denis 1401 M
Hogan Steve 1297 M
Hogan Tom 1309 M
Horvath Mark 614 M
Jankowski Robert 1709 M40
Jennings Emma 1405 F40
Johnston Edele 1854 F40
Jordan Mike 151 M
Keane James 157 M
Kearney Alan 258 M
Kearns Mark 1587 M40
Keeley Clare 1059 F40
Kelly Michael J 1570 M50
Keogh Mark 284 M60
Keogh Sinead 520 F
Keville Paul 1484 M
King Mark 235 M50
Kusch Andreas 1365 M40
Lawlor Raymond 418 M40
Lee Stephen 1546 M
Locke Keith 1465 M
Lonergan Ray 1714 M50
Lynch Shane 605 M
Lynch73 Kieran 1486 M40
MacEnri John 1637 M40
Maguire Dermot 941 M40
Maher John 1222 M40
Maher Miriam 149 F40
Mahon Paul 305 M50
Malone Renata 85 F40
Malone Steven 91 M
Marnane Kevin 130 M
Mason Gary 1578 M
Mathers Dale 1039 M50
Maxwell Stuart 1497 M40
Mc Cabe Stephen 1462 M40
Mc Eneaney Sarah 1496 F40
Mc shane Martin 1857 M40
McCann Eugene 1613 M50
McCann72 John 132 M40
McCarthy Conor 1819 M40
McElroy Conor 1668 M
McKinley Johnny 1423 M40
McMorland Donal 770 M
McPeak Nicki 1730 M40
Melligan Fergus 1707 M
Michal Stankiewicz 639 M
Miles Paul 407 M50
Montwill Paula 381 F40
Morrison Martin 1513 M40
Morrissey Claire 582 F
Morrissey James 315 M
Morrissey Paul 1517 M40
Mulcahy Conor 1677 M
Mullan Martin 310 M40
Mulvey Keith 790 M40
Murdock Kevin 1453 M50
Murtagh Colm 1530 M
Neville Brendan 512 M50
Newport Colm 1418 M50
Nolan Rachel 1863 F
Noonan Sean 1554 M
Nunan Richard 1859 M40
O Brien Gregory 1831 M40
O Farrell Lonan 558 M
O'Ceallaigh Cormac 1520 M40
O'Connor Linda 1299 F
O'Connor Padraig 369 M40
O'Murchu Pol 1 M
O'Neill Barry 286 M40
O'Riordan Deirdre 268 F50
OReilly Maeve 1563 F40
Owen-Griffiths Andrew 383 M50
Pabon Bernard 1618 M50
Perry Stephen 1037 M
Phelan Brian 1568 M40
Philips Dalton 1858 M50
Phillips Dean 1875 M
Place Gordon 102 M40
Priestman Rob 1329 M40
Privat Olivier 1456 M40
Prunty Padraig 1574 M40
Raymond Cummins 331 M40
Reed Billy 591 M50
Reeve Simon 1428 M40
Reid Caroline 712 F40
Reynolds Andrew 1837 M40
Richards Karl 192 M40
Riz Silvano 1641 M
Roche Thomas 1028 M40
Roe Billy 1582 M40
Sadlier Ivan 1782 M40
Schultz Christopher 351 M
Sheerin Fiona 355 F40
Sherry John 1155 M40
Shimmons Aaron 1691 M40
Skrba Zoran 1324 M40
Stewart Patrick 73 M
Tegart Roger 498 M40
Thomson Paulette 1784 F40
Tierney (Nenagh) Paul 672 M
Toal Jackie 599 F40
Towey Eamon 161 M
Troend Mari 1528 F
Uyar Ali Onur 446 M40
Wheeler Elizabeth 555 F40
white Chris 1603 M40
White Rob 1419 M40
Wieczorek Zbigniew 1820 M
Wilson Gordon 291 M40
Andrew Owen-GriffithsApr 4 2018, 12:03pmshort questions from a newbie to IMRA, cant find answers here- the Ultra will be my first race with you
- I have an allocated number 383 and paid for a chip and im on the list; do i collect the physical number on the day?
- do i need printed map or is waymarked/ obvious?
- is there water on the aid points or is it fully self supported?
- the only obligatory kit i can find is a jacket correct?
- im presuming given the weather mudclaws would be the best footwear option or is it very dry and rocky trail?
- the drop bag to crone I assume we provide our own bag marked with number ? Is this returned to the start ( ie we can put clothes in) or is it only for food
thanks, see you all there
Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 12:49pmAndrew

You will be collecting your number at registration. This race wont be chip timed, so you will not need a timing chip. If you run any further IMRA races this year that needs a timing chip, you will get the timing chip at the registration of that race.
It is advised to bring a map, especially if you are unfamiliar with the route. Most of the route is on the Wicklow Way which is a waymarked trail. Familiarise yourself with the route on the map and look out for the trail markers. If you think you have gone wrong, just go back to where you were sure you were last on the route.
Yes - there will be water at the aid stations.
Yes - obigatory kit is the rain jacket - must be carried (not necessarily worn) for the whole race.
Footwear - I will let someone else answer that, as I have not been on the route recently - but there has been a lot of rain over the last couple of days. Thursday looks better with more rain on Friday. Saturday itself looks mostly dry at this stage.
Drop bags - dont expect to get these back, so do not put in anything you want back. The bags should be kept small, with whatever food/drink you think you may need.
Johnny McKinleyApr 4 2018, 2:01pmHi

Sorry if I have missed the answer to this question, what time does the registration open for the ultra on Saturday or is there a Friday evening registration?

Thank you

Dermot MurphyApr 4 2018, 2:09pmRegistration is on Saturday morning from 7:30am.
Bryan BaileyApr 4 2018, 3:41pmSorry Bryan Bailey here. I seem to be missing from the list of Ultra competitors.
Anthony AlexanderApr 4 2018, 3:57pmRegarding trail conditions: I ran most of the route 10 days ago. The trail was mostly very good condition with little mud and not very rocky. There are very few steep sections, and those there are are reasonably short. There are small sections of rocky ascent/descent of less than a mile or two in total in each direction, and about the same amount of boardwalks. Rumour has it that some serious runners have changed their shoes in Crone Wood carpark, using road shoes for the northern half and trail shoes for the southern.
Paul HigginsApr 4 2018, 5:41pmHi, Paul Higgins here. My name isn’t on the list. I paid membership and entered the Ultra on Feb 22nd......
Richard NunanApr 4 2018, 9:07pmCourse has alot of fireroad so its grand until you get to the Djouce section - there its very wet and muddy - also muddy and soggy along the Glencree river section...
Bryan BaileyApr 4 2018, 10:34pmSame as Paul. Signed up on 22nd February. Payment ID: 14701. Thanks Bryan.
Alan ButlerApr 5 2018, 1:19pmHi, my name also seems to be missing from the Ultra list but I have an email confirming it and my race number so hopefully that's ok.
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 2:30pmMainly for the Trail people, but may be of interest to some people running the Ultra. Some people may be car pooling with Trail people, so please take account of this in your plans.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Unfortunately, we have been forced to make changes to the parking arrangements for the Trail. Originally the plan was to have all parking at the Glencullen Golf Club and at Johnnie Foxes pub (overflow car park). However, due to the heavy recent rain, I received a call this morning to say that the field we had intended to use for parking at the Golf Club is not suitable (waterlogged). So we have now booked Leopardstown again and will arrange a shuttle bus back to Leopardstown at the end of the race - so basically back to the same arrangements as last year.
So for Ultra - only parking arrangements have changed. We will be using the Overflow car park at Johnnie Foxes, and I am also trying to get additional parking up near the start (will provide an update on that tomorrow). Finish should be at the same place.
Trail - parking is now at Leopardstown. Busses from there to the start line. Finish is the same, with a shuttle bus service in operation to bring people back.
I hope to be able to arrange a Bag Drop for the Trail people - still need to iron out the details for this though.
Please note - for parking at Leopardstown - please do not leave any valuables in the car. A few cars were broken into last year. We have booked additional security with Leopardstown this year - so there should be a security presence there all day, But please be cautious and do not leave anything valuable visible.
Hazel McLaughlinApr 5 2018, 5:37pmHi Dermot, Same as Bryan and Paul, my name is not on the ultra list. When I log into My Purchase History I can see the purchase on 8th March Payment ID 14897. Thx Hazel.
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 6:11pmHazel, Paul & Bryan - we are aware of that problem, Pol will have it fixed up for you on the day.
Renata MaloneApr 5 2018, 6:27pmFeeling confused therefore would like to clarify:
The registration for the Ultra still take place at the Golf club?
Is there a place/ locker i can leave a bag for after as taking Taxi to and from event?

Many thanks
paul griffinApr 5 2018, 7:26pmHi Dermot my name is not down for the race it's Paul griffin can you please confirm
Dermot MurphyApr 5 2018, 8:40pmRenata - yes, registration is still at the golf club. You may be able to leave your bag at registration but I am unsure how secure that will be until 12pm (when the Trail drop bags will be left up from Leopardstown) - you might be safer leaving a bag in another competitors car.

Paul can you send your details (receipt etc) to Pol - he is looking into a know issue with a few people registrations - pol.omurchu at imra dotie
Renata MaloneApr 5 2018, 8:55pmThank you Dermot. Will work something out.
Pol O'MurchuApr 5 2018, 11:30pmRegarding the queries below:

Bryan Bailey - Number 66 - Registered now
Paul Higgins - Number 64 - registered now
Alan Butler - Number 78 - registered now (sorry I had half corrected this for you when you mailed me)
Hazel McLaughlin - number 63 - registered now
Paul Griffin - number 62 - registered now
Dave EvansApr 6 2018, 7:59pmHi Dermot, just double checking , there are drop bags at half way and and Crone?


Dermot MurphyApr 6 2018, 8:05pmDave - yes, you can leave drop bags for both Ballinastoe (Half Way) and Crone Wood. Do not expect to get these back, so just whatever food and drink you expect you use.
Geoff SmythApr 6 2018, 9:53pmMy name isn’t on the list for ultra either ?
Johnny McKinleyApr 7 2018, 6:37amIt’s race day!! Thank you in advance to all of the organisers & marshals.
Dermot MurphyApr 7 2018, 7:46pmMany thanks to all who helped out today - will post a more detailed note tomorrow when I am more rested!!
Here are the preliminary notes (thanks to Pol!) - please note, missing from the results are the late corrections made on Thursday - these will be included in the Full results. If you see any other issues, please let us know.
Pos Race No Name Surname Cat Time
1 1309 Tom Hogan M 253.55
2 304 Mark Doyle M 254.2
3 426 Gavin Scott Byrne M 263.15
4 1067 Adrian Hennessy M 267.3
5 1530 Colm Murtagh M 268.2
6 605 Shane Lynch M 273.2
7 558 Lonan O Farrell M 281.2
8 516 Barry Drennan M40 290
9 591 Billy Reed M50 291.1
10 723 Barry Cronin M 291.35
11 1428 Simon Reeve M40 294.25
12 724 Tim Charnecki M40 294.5
13 314 Rory Campbell M40 295.25
14 305 Paul Mahon M50 297.35
15 258 Alan Kearney M 297.55
16 1641 Silvano Riz M 302
17 672 Paul Tierney (Nenagh) M 307.3
18 1859 Richard Nunan M40 315.2
19 1133 Christopher Dunne M40 315.5
20 408 Owen Fenton M40 317.1
21 1512 Jonathan GIbson M 318
22 310 Martin Mullan M40 318.2
23 1039 Dale Mathers M50 319
24 306 Paul Driscoll M40 319.3
25 478 Laszlo Barkoczi M 319.5
26 1528 Mari Troend F 320.5
27 514 David Carr M 322.3
28 1324 Zoran Skrba M40 323.2
29 446 Ali Onur Uyar M40 324.45
30 1456 Olivier Privat M40 325
31 1494 Lyall Guiney M 325.2
32 126 Tim Chapman M40 325.3
33 1627 Nicolas Grellety M 325.55
34 1630 Yohann ALLAIN M 326
35 102 Gordon Place M40 329.3
36 1453 Kevin Murdock M50 329.43
37 1526 Eilis Connery F 330
38 108 Graham K. Bushe M50 330.2
39 1462 Stephen Mc Cabe M40 334
40 1863 Rachel Nolan F 336.3
41 1049 Mark Byrne M40 337.35
42 1617 Donnacha Cassidy M 338.4
43 1457 Richard Church M40 339.35
44 1484 Paul Keville M 339.5
45 1517 Paul Morrissey M40 341.12
46 1782 Ivan Sadlier M40 341.25
47 1297 Steve Hogan M 342.35
48 287 Brian Buckley M 342.5
49 1059 Clare Keeley F40 344.1
49 1171 Lorcan Fagan M40 344.1
51 1281 Jeffrey Gardner M 345.55
52 941 Dermot Maguire M40 346.45
53 1752 Tommy Barlow M 348.45
54 145 Kastytis Bereznocenko M40 349.35
55 1706 Noel Carr M40 349.55
56 1155 John Sherry M40 352
57 1662 Liam Costello M40 353.3
58 286 Barry O'Neill M40 356
59 498 Roger Tegart M40 356.2
60 403 Duncan Barrett M40 357.15
61 1597 David Brennan M40 357.5
62 518 Dave Evans M40 358.3
63 1637 John MacEnri M40 359.1
64 251 Aoife Callan F 359.4
65 132 John McCann72 M40 360
66 326 Robert Carney M 360.2
67 1468 Barry Breslin M 366.1
68 1668 Conor McElroy M 366.2
69 1497 Stuart Maxwell M40 367.15
70 1028 Thomas Roche M40 368.25
71 381 Paula Montwill F40 370
72 986 Wiola Gorman F 370.1
73 630 Halpin Dave M50 371.44
74 1486 Kieran Lynch73 M40 371.5
75 1784 Paulette Thomson F40 372.05
76 184 Pavel Bodi M 373.1
77 192 Karl Richards M40 373.4
78 1574 Padraig Prunty M40 374.1
79 315 James Morrissey M 374.35
80 1820 Zbigniew Wieczorek M 374.4
81 1575 Ciaran Croke M 376.17
82 1751 Kenzie Barlow F 376.3
82 317 John J Barry M50 376.3
84 1568 Brian Phelan M40 376.4
85 599 Jackie Toal F40 377.3
86 1613 Eugene McCann M50 378.1
87 1583 John Garvey M40 378.3
88 1513 Martin Morrison M40 380.35
89 91 Steven Malone M 381.15
90 1618 Bernard Pabon M50 384.3
91 1405 Emma Jennings F40 384.4
92 278 nicola cleary F40 384.45
93 1831 Gregory O Brien M40 389
94 678 Avril Challoner F 389.2
95 562 Siobhan Hayes F50 390
96 383 Andrew Owen-Griffiths M50 390.5
97 123 Colin Halloran M 390.55
98 582 Claire Morrissey F 391
99 1677 Conor Mulcahy M50 391.2
100 130 Kevin Marnane M 394.55
101 520 Sinead Keogh F 397.3
101 690 Lar Griffin M50 397.3
103 1838 Joe Berney M50 398.15
104 214 Alistair Hodgett M40 401
105 1858 Dalton Philips M50 403.45
106 1418 Colm Newport M50 404
107 1082 David Carlyon M14 405.46
108 1555 Sean Duffy M40 405.58
109 1460 john Griffin M40 407.3
110 284 Mark Keogh M60 407.35
111 331 Cummins Raymond M40 407.4
112 1819 Conor McCarthy M40 409.17
113 1812 ALAN MCGRATH M60 410.5
113 1737 Nicky Boland M40 410.5
115 427 Paul Duggan M50 411.1
116 712 Caroline Reid F40 415.2
117 1423 Johnny McKinley M40 416.15
118 1141 Peter Doyle M40 416.43
119 291 Gordon Wilson M40 417.3
120 790 Keith Mulvey M40 417.45
121 355 Fiona Sheerin F40 418
122 1809 Colin Browne M40 419.3
123 1365 Andreas Kusch M40 420.25
124 1329 Rob Priestman M40 421.05
124 1587 Mark Kearns M40 421.05
126 512 Brendan Neville M50 421.12
127 433 Colin Bell M40 421.3
128 1407 Leah Benson F40 422.4
129 1603 Chris white M40 422.55
129 1867 Paul Daly M40 422.55
131 1564 Craig Bell M50 424.4
132 418 Raymond Lawlor M40 425.15
133 202 Jonathan Dolan M40 426.3
134 149 Miriam Maher F40 428
135 652 Paolo Girolami M40 428.55
136 351 Christopher Schultz M 429.1
137 1638 Derek Doran M40 430.2
138 1222 John Maher M40 436.05
139 1554 Sean Noonan M 439.4
140 161 Eamon Towey M 439.55
141 1582 Billy Roe M40 447.35
142 1581 dominic galwey M40 447.4
143 1563 Maeve OReilly F40 452.55
144 127 James Heggie M40 453.1
145 268 Deirdre O'Riordan F50 455.25
146 1750 Basil Geoghegan M50 461
146 1629 Warren Baxter M50 461
148 1591 tom cassidy M50 461.25
148 1854 Edele Johnston F40 461.25
148 1857 Martin Mc shane M40 461.25
151 1366 John Bohan M40 462.15
152 1001 Angela Flynn F40 464.4
153 1837 Andrew Reynolds M40 477.25
154 1439 Olivier Ansaldi M40 495.3
155 120 Rachel Cinnsealach F40 512.55
156 85 Renata Malone F40 522.45
156 1435 Tricia Flynn F50 522.45
158 1875 Dean Phillips M DNF
158 639 Stankiewicz Michal M DNF
158 1691 Aaron Shimmons M40 DNF
158 78 Alan Butler M DNF
158 770 Donal McMorland M DNF
158 1 Pol O'Murchu M DNF
158 1496 Sarah Mc Eneaney F40 DNF
158 1709 Robert Jankowski M40 DNF
158 135 Brian Fennessy M40 DNF
158 374 Fabio Baltieri M DNF
158 515 Owen Boyhan M40 DNF
158 1707 Fergus Melligan M DNF
Fabio BaltieriApr 7 2018, 8:08pmHey Dermot, I'm marked as DNF in the one above for some reason, I did finish the course in 5:34:13, the trace from my watch is Can I have it fixed?
Dermot MurphyApr 7 2018, 9:07pmResults now up on site.
Fabio, will get your result changed, the guys will probably wait to see if any further changes are needed, so might be a couple of days before you see it corrected.
Anyone see any problems, please let us know.
Lindie NaughtonApr 7 2018, 11:23pmA few pics from halfway (Ballinastoe) now up at Well done all!
Aaron ShimmonsApr 8 2018, 7:35amHi, I’m down as a DNF, yet I finished in 5:30. I have a GPS plot if required. There are multiple witnesses that can also confirm.
Aaron ShimmonsApr 8 2018, 7:35amHi, I’m down as a DNF, yet I finished in 5:30. I have a GPS plot if required. There are multiple witnesses that can also confirm.
Aaron ShimmonsApr 8 2018, 7:38amI finished directly behind Kevin Murdock.
Aaron ShimmonsApr 8 2018, 7:38amI finished directly behind Kevin Murdock.
Dermot MurphyApr 8 2018, 9:12amHi Aaron, we have you down on the manual sheets, so you were just missed when putting them up on the computer. Will get the guys to correct - like Fabio's, it may take a couple of days before you see it corrected.
Eilis ConneryApr 8 2018, 9:51amThank you Dermot and everyone for all the work you put into yesterdays race and allowing us all to have such a great day in the hills ...Very much appreciated
Fabio BaltieriApr 8 2018, 2:24pmCool, thanks for the correction... Also huge thanks to everyone who volunteered and made the event possible. This was my first ultra, very proud of having it run at an IMRA event. Thanks!
Stephen Mc CabeApr 8 2018, 2:52pmThanks Dermot and all the volunteers. It was my first ultra and thanks to everyone involved I had a fantastic day. Roll on the next one!
Clare KeeleyApr 8 2018, 3:03pmTo Dermot and all the team involved thank you so much for a great day on the hills! Congratulations Dermot on your 10 years of RD on this event, that's an ultra in itself:) Maurice Mullins is a great race so well done. Clare
Paul HigginsApr 8 2018, 4:41pmHi Dermot, Paul Higgins bib no. 64. You have me down for a 6:31:50 finish when I actually ran 5:31:50. You may have mistaken me for an early starter but I started at 9:30am with the main start.
Congrats to you and all your team for very well run event as usual!!!
Paul HigginsApr 8 2018, 4:42pmHi Dermot, Paul Higgins bib no. 64. You have me down for a 6:31:50 finish when I actually ran 5:31:50. You may have mistaken me for an early starter but I started at 9:30am with the main start.
Congrats to you and all your team for very well run event as usual!!!
Dermot MurphyApr 8 2018, 5:37pmHi Paul - you were recorded as 5h 31m 50s on the manual sheets so I have asked the guys to fix that for you.
Dermot MurphyApr 8 2018, 6:12pmMany thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on Saturday - they are all essential for a race like this to happen.
I would also especially like to thank all the runners who stopped and helped the injured runner - Sarah - when she had her bad fall. Mountain rescue were called to the scene and were able to come to her aid in a timely fashion and help her off the mountain (it happened on the stoney path heading down towards the Dargle). I hope you recover soon, Sarah!
There is a long list to go through - apologies in advance if I miss anyone!
Many thanks to Pol, Richard and Mick, and others on the Committee who helped with a lot of the backround work on the lead up to the race. The lads also helped out a lot during the day as well, finding time to get their own races in (or part races!)
At the aid stations - Lindie (who has been involved with this race a lot longer than I have!!) and Emma at Ballinstoe.
Vivian is marked and marshaled the section at Lough Tay were the course leaves the Wicklow Way and heads down to the Turnaround point.
Paul and Jeff were at Crone Wood (and helped as much as they could with Sarah).
Jim and Mark at Curtlestown.
At the Ultra car parking, we had Graham, Brendan, Alistair and Laura.
At Ultra registration, we had Pol, Paul Mahon, Stephen, Colin, Gordan and Angela.
At Trail parking we had Paul O'Callaghan, Aidan and Tommy - special call out to Tommy and Paul who organised the drop bags back to the finish.
At Trail registration, we had Anne-Marie, Niamh and Bronagh.
At the finish, we had our two time records Jarlath (Trail) and James (Ulttra) who did great work on getting the times recorded - this was especially challenging when we had all that unforecasted rain for the first hour or so.
Also helping at the finish were Inigo (marshal at final turn off), Brian (who decided to help out when he realised he could not run himself) and Laura (who helped sort at the confusing markers and cones near the GAA club - I think those markers and cones were just to stop cars parking at the bus stop (Bus Eireann Bus Stop) and had nothing to do with our race). Patrica and Julie also helped out with food, water etc at the finish line. Lindie and Vivian also came back to the finish to put in further stints there.
Becky Quinn was our first aid person for the day and was at the half way point for a time and then back at the finish.
Thanks also to Leopardstown race course for parking and Alpine Coaches for the buses - they really came through when we needed last minute changes to car parking arrangements on Thursday.
Again, apologies if I have left anyone out - there were also plenty of people out supporting all along the route.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day - you can thank all the volunteers for that!
Billy ReedApr 8 2018, 10:37pmJust another word of thanks to say how much we have appreciated the hard work you and the volunteers have put in over the past years with this great race.
Brendan NevilleApr 9 2018, 10:05amGreat race as always by Dermot and team. Well done all runners. A special word of thanks to Becky for cleaning up my knee at the end - my wife (a nurse) hasn't grounded me - this time anyway!
Tricia FlynnApr 9 2018, 10:13amAs a first Ultra I couldn't have picked better than MM. Route was amazing and fantastic Marshall's. Big thanks to all involved as I enjoy my well earned mug and hopefully see you next year as feel a collection starting.
Tricia FlynnApr 9 2018, 10:13amAs a first Ultra I couldn't have picked better than MM. Route was amazing and fantastic Marshall's. Big thanks to all involved as I enjoy my well earned mug and hopefully see you next year as feel a collection starting.
Dermot MurphyApr 9 2018, 1:08pmPlease feel free to add a race report - it's always great to read over these and have them recorded for future years.
To add a race report, log in to myIMRA and go to the results page. You should now see an option to write up a race report (or just copy and paste a report from your own blog if already written on that).
Brendan NevilleApr 11 2018, 3:12pmRun report of sorts added (to describe it as race report might be stretching it)- recommend reading Grahams first- downhill after that.
Andrew Owen-GriffithsJun 13 2018, 4:41pmGoing to do the Wicklow way in two days in August and wanted to buy those Wicklow way mugs as a memento.the ones given out at the Maurice Mullins. Anyone got the details of where to get them from, searched online but can’t find the place?
Gordon PlaceJun 13 2018, 5:19pmHi, think it's Crannmor Pottery but website seems to be down. Good luck
Lillian DeeganJun 13 2018, 5:32pm Hillary's number is on the link. Good luck!
Hilary JenkinsonJun 13 2018, 5:36pmYes can do that. Send me an email
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