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Paul SmythJul 8 2018, 4:09pmHi, can we have some clarification on the route please. The map shows the area and the start and finish but not the route and I can't access the garmin link provided as it's asking for me to log in. All I know so far is that it takes in the four peaks and the start and finish points.

Jeff SwordsJul 8 2018, 5:50pmI think the activity is marked as private.
Brian FureyJul 8 2018, 6:02pmThis is the route.
Paul SmythJul 8 2018, 11:26pmThanks.
Brian FureyJul 8 2018, 11:26pmI will be Marking it so unless otherwise corrected route is as follows:
Start at road across from an entrance to Cloghleagh forest. Run up along forest to Seefinn. From Seefinn onto Seefingan, highest point in the race. From Seefingan run over to Corrig and then down to Seahan. Each of these has a small cairn. From Seahan head for the fence corner at the forest. From fence corner - follow fence down towards road for 100m or so. There's a sharp right through a gate in the fence just there. Through that and you'll see wide path leading right down to the road and finish. If you miss that last turn through the fence.. you'll end up in some rough terrain down lower and also you've gone off course. The race finish point is roughly 2k away further up the road from the race starting point.
Laura FlynnJul 10 2018, 9:34pmThanks to all who’ve volunteered so far. I still need a first aid person.
Phil behanJul 11 2018, 10:49pmHi, I’ve volunteered for this. Glad to take photos with my camera if needed ?
Laura FlynnJul 14 2018, 8:02pmThat would be great Phil thanks. I’ll put you down as a Marshall then.
Laura FlynnJul 14 2018, 8:10pmI’ve allocated the following roles for next Wednesday. Any issues please let me now and I can make changes. Thanks again to you all, we’ve a great team and it should be a great night.

Vivian O’Gorman
Graham Bushe
Caitlin Bent
Phil Behan

Brian Furey will brief you all on your positions at 6.15pm on the night

Arthur Spring
Siobhan Lyons

Greeting and directing runners:
Karen Devenney

Pre-Reg table:
Sharon Phibbs

Giving out numbers:
Aisling Corkery

Voucher table:
Dee Bohan
Stephen Mc Hale

Finish Chute:
Siobhan Lyons
Maolasa Mc Hugh
Arthur Spring
Raymond Brennan

To all runners please car pool from Old Mill.
Carry water if it’s a hot one and don’t forget your jacket which is still a requirement despite this amazing weather.

Lokking forward to seeing you all.
Siobhán LyonsJul 16 2018, 2:43pmHiya, Delighted To help This week and want To also offer carpool via old mill. Where is old mill please. I haven't run/marshalled this race before...
Thank you.
Tricia FlynnJul 16 2018, 2:45pmI'm thinking of doing this one as will be in Dublin/ Blackrock. Wondered on the car pooling arrangements please and where to park? T
Tricia FlynnJul 16 2018, 2:45pmI'm thinking of doing this one as will be in Dublin/ Blackrock. Wondered on the car pooling arrangements please and where to park? T
Conor O'FarrellJul 16 2018, 2:54pmIf anyine has anyone a spare seat going to Seefingan, I could use a lift. I will be on the red Luas line? I expect to be at Red Cow around 18:00, Citywest, Saggart sometime around 18:15. I'm based in the city centre if anyone is going from there either.
Raymond BrennanJul 16 2018, 3:59pm^^As above. I'm happy to volunteer but I need a carpool from the LUAS red line please. :)
Shane O'MalleyJul 16 2018, 4:10pmHi Raymond and Conor. I can pick you up from the Red Cow Park & Ride. I am probably picking up a couple of other people too but waiting for confirmation.

Get me on 086 0607120 if you are interested.


Conor O'FarrellJul 16 2018, 4:21pmThanks Shane, but I've managed to get sorted in the mean-time. Conor
Lisa HowleyJul 16 2018, 4:59pmWould anyone be able to post driving directions for this race please as I can't find any! Not sure if I can make it but on the off-chance.... Thank you
Martin BagnallJul 16 2018, 5:20pmHere's the location for car parking/registration:'27.7%22N+6%C2%B024'37.7%22W/@53.191034,-6.4192127,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d53.191034!4d-6.410458?hl=en
Laura FlynnJul 16 2018, 5:30pmThe event page has been updated to add an early start at 7pm. Please give your names and number to the designated volunteer, Tanya Sheridan, subject to confirmation, and she will send you all off together at 7pm.
Anyone starting earlier will not be included in the results.

Prize-giving is at The Old Mill which is also a good location to car-pool from.
Brian FureyJul 16 2018, 6:18pmThanks Laura. Marshall as follows:

Seefin - Vivian
Seefingan Graham Bushe
Corrig Caitlin Bent
Seahan Phil Behan

Ye can switch around if ye want.
Siobhán LyonsJul 16 2018, 11:44pmWhere is The Old Mill please? In what village? I presume it's a pub?
Gordon PlaceJul 17 2018, 7:46amThe Old Mill Pub, Tallaght

The Old Mill Bar
Raymond BrennanJul 17 2018, 8:56amWhat time should volunteers be there for?
Siobhán LyonsJul 17 2018, 9:16amThanks Gordon :)
Laura FlynnJul 17 2018, 9:21amVolunteers should be thet by 6.15pm. Registration will close at 7.15pn
Siobhan, The Old Mill pub is on the Old Bawn Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
Siobhán LyonsJul 17 2018, 9:24amThanks Laura :)
Lisa HowleyJul 17 2018, 9:55amThanks for directions Martin
Raymond BrennanJul 17 2018, 11:06amWhat is the etiquette for car pooling? I wouldn't like to stiff the driver with all of the costs when he's doing me a service. :)
Conor O'FarrellJul 17 2018, 11:44am@Raymond, I don't have a full list of the rules/etiquette, but these are a good start:

1. Don't be late. (The driver is allowed be late)
2. Clean your mucky shoes before climbing aboard.
3. Don't speak unless spoken to. - Also don't comment that the car the smells of running shoes; you're in an IMRA car now, smelly goes with the territory. Same goes for the messy car.
4. Buy the driver a drink in the pub after the race.
5. Contribute towards the parking fee.
6. You may admire the bike, it's had a lot of miles in the back of the car, less so on it's own 2 wheels.

OK, these are my own rules, but I'm sure they apply across the board. ;-)
Raymond BrennanJul 17 2018, 3:41pm@Conor about #4. Buy the driver a drink after the race X 5 passengers ;))
Conor O'FarrellJul 17 2018, 3:50pmAh! you saw through my cunning plan! ;-)
Lisa HowleyJul 17 2018, 4:45pmDoes anyone know if there is anywhere to park / carpool from if coming from the Sally Gap side? Thanks
Martin BagnallJul 17 2018, 10:04pmThe fire road at the registration point is blocked off so there's very little parking at the start.
Laura FlynnJul 17 2018, 10:28pmPatricia can you help with parking also.
Anthony , if you could do geetad directing runners instead of Karen.
Allister GerrardJul 17 2018, 10:44pmIs it possible to enter tomorrow evening at the start. I have a number for 2018
Gordon PlaceJul 17 2018, 10:49pmIf you are regged for the year, you'll find someone to let you buy a voucher click off them there
Allister GerrardJul 17 2018, 11:05pmThanks
Thomas RocheJul 18 2018, 12:53pmIs everyone meeting at the Old Mill car park? If so, Can I get a lift from the Old Mill to the start from someone please?
Lorcan FarrellJul 18 2018, 2:30pmWe'll be stopping by the Mill on the way up to the race so can bring two people from there. We should be there around 6/6:15. We'll flash lights and gesticulate wildly so you'll know its IMRA folk!
Laura FlynnJul 18 2018, 2:56pmI’m a bit concerned about parking tonight and would appreciate if everyone would make a big effort to fill their cars . The Old Mill is probably the best location to meet other runnners. If one of the volunteers I have giving the parking job to would stay at the Old Mill car park until 7pm it would be very helpful. If you can wear a high vis jacket and just encourage and assist runners in filling their cars.
Post here please if you can do this, either Arthur, Patricia or Siobhan.
Richard MoriartyJul 18 2018, 3:01pmHey there,

I will be stopping in the Old Mill about 6.45 for anyone that wants a lift up the road to the start
Siobhán LyonsJul 18 2018, 3:16pmHi Laura, I'd be happy to stay at old mill to help fill cars until 7. I should arrive there at 6/6.15pm. I have 1 person carpooling with me but I'm sure I could get him in another car and meet him after race to bring him home. Only trouble is I don't know how to get to race start or finish from Old Mill (never did this race before....). Should I go directly to finish line from Old Mill since I am on finish chute too? Will I be able to park at finishline?
Laura FlynnJul 18 2018, 3:31pmThanks Siobhan. There is a map on the event page showin location. You leave Old Mill heading south for Ballinacscorney reservoir, After entrance to reservoir you will start to climb with hill getting v steep and you’ll pass a golf course advertising footee on your lhs.
A couple of k after that there is a turn to the left with a Stone cross . Take that turn and start is up that road.
I suggest you bring the last couple of runners with you around 10 to 7 and they should know hoe to get there.
Siobhán LyonsJul 18 2018, 3:51pmThanks Laura I saw the map but my map reading isn't great sorry.
I'll do that so. I have a hi vis I'll bring with me.
Graham K. BusheJul 19 2018, 12:46amI put up a couple of photos
Conor O'FarrellJul 19 2018, 11:19amThanks Laura and all the volunteers for a great race. Though uphill at the start, but it's well worth it for the views from the top - I could swear that I could see across half the country. Loved the techie downhill at the end. The 2km warm down to the car was also a good idea (although I didn't think so at the time). It's going to be a week before I can get the hydration levels back up. ;-)
Also, thanks for the spread at the Old Mill. The grub and cake was a welcome addition.

Laura FlynnJul 19 2018, 12:02pmThanks to all last night's volunteers for your invaluable help at last night's race. Every single one of you were so committed and obliging, it made my job really easy.
Thanks too to all you runners for taking part firstly and secondly for being so co-operative and patient on the car-pooling and parking front.
A special shout out to our race markers Brendan Delaney and Brian Furey. Not only did they mark the course the day before but Brian went on to win the race in a great battle with clublmate Barry Minnock and heads to Snowdon this weekend to compete in the International race there! Best of luck to him.
The Old Mill put on a good spread and gave us a lovely room so thanks to Tanya for organising that and allowing us share in Torben's birthday celebrations (and cake).
Someone who car-pooled left their Garmin watch in the car. I have details if they contact me on 0877420795.
Only two races to go in the league so look forward to seeing you all at Ballinastoe and the BBQ celebrations at Downshill.
Tanya SheridanJul 19 2018, 12:48pmWhat a great race – thanks so much Laura and to everyone who volunteered. It takes guts to take on a race that hasn’t been on the calendar in a while – but you wouldn’t know that from how cool the lady was! A good time to also mention all the work that Laura does behind the scenes on every race (outside Munster) during the year. We wouldn’t have permits or prizes without her, for example. So huge thanks to Laura and team for bringing a favourite race back to the calendar and making it so much fun.
Hazel ThompsonJul 19 2018, 4:38pmThanks to everyone who stopped to check on me last night and gave me water. Much appreciated. I made it over the last 2 hills and completed the course :-)
My ankle isn't too bad so hopefully I will be back in a few weeks.
At least it gave me a chance to take in those spectacular views. As Conor said, I think we could see half of Ireland from up there last night!!
Karen DevenneyJul 19 2018, 7:45pmMassive thanks to Laura & her crew for a fantastic had everything from killer uphill, bouncy terrain to stunning views. Followed up by an extra special prize giving...Happy Birthday Torben and thanks for the cake Tanya!

Results are now up, email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie if any issues. Hard to believe there are only a few weeks left in the Wed summer up is Ballinastoe and don't forget to sign up for the End of League bbq the following week
Laura FlynnJul 19 2018, 10:06pmGreat photos, great race report....Surely in the running for race report of the year!