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Steve CooperApr 4 2019, 12:52pmHi. Is this event on sale yet? Thanks! Steve
Lillian DeeganApr 4 2019, 1:19pm.
Hey, hi ya Steve :)

This event will not be available for purchase until our Glen of the Downs - Apr. 17th race is behind us.
Aidan EganApr 16 2019, 10:19amhi guys..for the 800 metres race, do the kids just sign up on the evening also?
Aidan EganApr 16 2019, 10:19amhi guys..for the 800 metres race, do the kids just sign up on the evening also?
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 17 2019, 3:13pmHi Aidan,
The 800m route is not a "race". They can simply come along and do it. A volunteer will set them off and see them in at the finish to give them their very small prize.
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 17 2019, 3:17pmThank you to all the volunteers who have signed up. We now have enough volunteers for this event.
Henny BrandsmaApr 19 2019, 8:40pmHi Niamh,I am volunteering for this race,but as I am not able to walk long distances do to my injury ,could you give me a volunteering job near or at the finish.
Cheers Henny.
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 21 2019, 9:03pmHi All,
Hope you are looking forward to the race on Wednesday. Please note that we have a new start / finish / parking area. We will be based out of Tiglin which is 1km beyond the entrance to Devil's Glen forest entrance.

The route will enter the wood directly from Tiglin. Details will be posted on the Map page tomorrow.

There will be a junior course of approx 4km and a mini string course of 800m for the little ones.

Parking will be 3 Euro per car which will go directly to Tiglin. Tiglin is a charity that provides a residential program for people overcoming addiction. Having met many of their graduates over the years I can confidently say that Tiglin really transforms lives.
They are also always appreciative of warm coats, jumpers, boots etc which they distribute to the homeless via their outreach cafe bus.

Please note that Tiglin is a smoke (incl. ecig) and alcohol free area.
Niall McGuinnessApr 23 2019, 9:08amThanks Niamh for all your hard work organising this race for the IMRA community. I have volunteered to do the laptop. I made my debut on the laptop at this race last year under the expert tutelage of Pol. I just wanted to ask if someone could with the knowledge could spare 15 minutes at before their race to help me remember how it works! Thanks
Miriam MaherApr 23 2019, 9:18amHi Niall, I'm doing the race, I'll go through the laptop with you beforehand.
Niall McGuinnessApr 23 2019, 9:27amMuch obliged Miriam
Niall McGuinnessApr 23 2019, 9:27amMuch obliged Miriam
Thomas PhelanApr 23 2019, 9:58amHi, Can the chips be purchased on the day? I do not see an option to purchase one online? Thanks Tom
Conor O'FarrellApr 23 2019, 4:35pmHi Thomas

Timing chips will be available at registration. There is no charge for your first timing chip.

Brian SmythApr 23 2019, 8:17pmHi folks .Can I still race tomorrow? Completely forgot to register this eve
Gordon PlaceApr 23 2019, 8:24pmHi Brian, if you hang around registration waving a fiver, someone will sell you a punch off their race voucher card.
Brian SmythApr 23 2019, 8:29pmGreat thanks a mill Gordon
Brian WynneApr 23 2019, 8:33pmHi, is registration closed for the run tommorrow?it's my first run of the year and haven't picked up my number yet
Brian WynneApr 23 2019, 10:09pmHi, my brother is in the same boat. He didn't register in time and doesn't have his race number for this year yet. We're keen to do the run tommorrow but if it's too late that's no problem.
Conor O'FarrellApr 23 2019, 11:26pmHi Brian

As you have both already been assigned a race number for the year, you can come along and pick It up at the race. You can register at the race by using a race voucher(purchased online), or buying a punch from another punter for 5 euro at registration.

Brian WynneApr 24 2019, 7:45amHi Con,

That's great, thanks for clearing that up. I'll look forward to taking part later so.

Fiona ConneryApr 24 2019, 10:28amHi Brian. Both my sister and I have just registered but dont seem to be able to purchase a race number for this race. Can I take it that we can turn up tonight and pay there? Sorry its our first race with this group. Thanks
Fiona ConneryApr 24 2019, 10:29amHi Brian. Both my sister and I have just registered but dont seem to be able to purchase a race number for this race. Can I take it that we can turn up tonight and pay there? Sorry its our first race with this group. Thanks
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 24 2019, 10:52amHi Fiona,
Online registration for this race is closed and no cash is accepted on the day, however there will be lots of people with a voucher card there on the night, so just go to the registration line and ask someone if you can buy a "punch" of their card for 5 euro. It won't be a problem.
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 24 2019, 10:55amActually, I could be wrong on that Fiona. I don't think you have been assigned a race number yet. Conor will clarify.
Ruaidhri FernandesApr 24 2019, 11:20amHi,
What time does registration close this evening?
Conor O'FarrellApr 24 2019, 12:16pmHi Fiona

Once you have annual membership, you have a race number for the year. Make sure you know then when you get the race registration. You can find it on the "ME" section when you are logged into the website. Make sure you know this number as we have no way of checking at registration. You will then be given a physical number for the race.

There is also the matter a race fee which is normally available for a specific raceuntil 6pm the evening before, but you have missed this for tonight. Your next option is to buy a race voucher, this will do you for 10 races. Or if you turn up at the race with a crisp 5Euro note, someone will sell you a punch from their voucher.

Hopefully this will clear a few things up for you.

Brian LeonardApr 24 2019, 2:25pmHi Niamh, assume you have enough volunteers? Suits me this evening to help out and I can leave at short notice. So if anyone pulls out or you need an extra I’ve volunteered on the race page.
Cheers, Brian.
Conor O'FarrellApr 24 2019, 10:04pmHi All

What a great race, fair play to Niamh and all her crew.

Results are now up. Can you please email any results queries to Conor <dot> ofarrell <at> imra <dot> ie. I will get to them ASAP.

Laura FlynnApr 24 2019, 10:24pmGreat race tonight Niamh, well done to you and your team, not the nicest night to be standing around. Well done Conor on getting results up so quick.
David FoleyApr 25 2019, 6:54amMany thanks to our hosts in Tig Lin. A worthy charity doing difficult work. All the lads made us feel very welcome. Thanks.
Brendan LawlorApr 25 2019, 8:24amThank you Niamh and team for a great reimagining of the Devils Glen race. The Tiglin start / finish worked really well and fair play to all the Tiglin lads for their warm welcome and help with parking etc
Barry MinnockApr 25 2019, 8:38amFantastic race, so congratulations to Niamh and her team. Super base, super course, all super efficient. Nice change to finish on an uphill
Andrew HanneyApr 25 2019, 10:04amWell done to Niamh and helpers for a great event. Paulina loved her first IMRA race. Although there wasn’t many kids there, if we give as much effort to kids courses I’m sure lots more kids will come. Great job.
Paul GrantApr 25 2019, 10:35amThanks to Niamh and the team for a great race. Really well organised and a good old school mudfest! The Tiglin base worked really well and we were made to feel very welcome - seems like a winner to stick with that format for the future.

Thanks in particular to the marshals - it was a cold wet evening to be standing around!
Warren SwordsApr 25 2019, 11:31amThanks to Niamh and all the volunteers. Was a damp evening to be standing around.

That was such a great course and event. The set up at sign in was excellent, great welcome on arrival.

The uphill finish made for an entertaining death slog to the cones.
Conor O'FarrellApr 25 2019, 12:02pmHi All

I've had to pull the result to rectify a few small issues. Nothing major, I'll get them back up this evening.

Peter O'FarrellApr 25 2019, 1:34pmGreat event last night, thanks to Niamh and all her helpers.

Indoor registration, plenty of parking, new fast course, hard racing, plenty of parking in the pub and loads of goodies there too.
Brendan LawlorApr 25 2019, 2:07pmBrendan Lawlor, Peter O'Farrell, Warren Swords and Barry Minnock all happy at the one time - thats a first surely ?!!
Joseph BoyleApr 25 2019, 2:53pmPhotos uploading from last night, a little bit blurry due to the poor light and crappy phone.
Brian KitsonApr 25 2019, 4:50pmNiamh and all volunteers, thanks for a super night.

I put up a bit of a report.
Conor O'FarrellApr 25 2019, 11:06pmAh, Joe. I thought it was because I was running so fast. You didn't have to burst my bubble like that! ;-)
Alan AylingApr 25 2019, 11:50pmGreat job Niamh & crew, lovely to see some new life breathed into that venue.

Brian K - super report. Though slightly disheartening to know that at the time your world consisted of "shattered legs and heaving lungs 5km in and I found myself looking for reasons to stop rather than to keep going" you were widening the gap ahead of me and Ben :-)
Niamh O'CeallaighApr 26 2019, 10:16amThanks all for your cheerful cooperation on a wet evening, especially the soggy marshals.

I made a mistake when giving out the prizes. Honor Doyle who had an amazing run on the short course was given the F14 prize but she was in fact winner of the FJ category.
Paulina Hanney in her first ever hill run was winner of the F14 prize. I have been in touch with Paulina and we will get her prize to her shortly. Great running from all the juniors.
Andrew HanneyApr 26 2019, 4:50pmThanks Niamh! That’s brilliant.
Laura FlynnApr 26 2019, 8:06pmWhile I’m delighted to be recorded as first M50 Conor I think there was a lady in before me in same category. I spoke to her at the end as her boys are in scouts with mine . I can’t think of her surname but first name is Erica. I don’t see her name in results at all so maybe she made an error in registering or picked up the wrong number. It was her first Imra race. I hope she sees this message and contacts you or posts here so we can get to the bottom of it.
Also, my son was recorded as first Junior so he was delighted when I told him he’d get a prize.. Maybe he can collect It at Downshill.
Erica CalderApr 29 2019, 5:49pmHi Laura

Great to see you last wed, really enjoyed my first race. Congratulations too to your son on being the first Junior. I had registered beforehand but arrived very late, due to the jams on the M50, to pick up my chip. Not sure what happened but it didn't register. No worries at all I'll be in better time for the next one! Thanks to all the volunteers as it was such a manky old night to be out.