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Mikey FryMar 25 2019, 10:57pmSo people it’s the trail race season starting before the big Leinster league with the glen of the downs being the first in line in less then a month which will rolll in very quickly ....looking for a laptop operator and lots of helpers and some bakers :)
Thanks Mikey
David FoleyApr 1 2019, 12:27pmHi. New to IMRA. Hoping this will be my 3rd event. Can't find entry for purchase on the usual page. Will it be posted soon? Thanks.
John CondonApr 1 2019, 1:52pmHi David, you'll be able to purchase about a week out for the event.
Jeremy LongApr 11 2019, 2:47pmHi Guys - First race. What is the link to register for this?
Jeremy LongApr 11 2019, 2:48pmHi Guys - First race. What is the link to register for this?
Found It - Thanks
Jeremy LongApr 11 2019, 2:49pmHi Guys - First race. What is the link to register for this?
Found It - Thanks
Mikey FryApr 11 2019, 5:37pmOk Imra people I need a good few more non running and some running helpers for this race to fill requirements so please step forward...thanks so much hopefully a super opener for the trail league..:))
Andrew HanneyApr 14 2019, 9:34amHow long is the u16 course?
Mikey FryApr 14 2019, 10:42amAround 5k Andrew same as last year...was hoping to make different coarse but I’d need more volunteers and time:(
Mikey FryApr 14 2019, 10:45amAround 5k Andrew same as last year...was hoping to make different coarse but I’d need more volunteers and time:(
Karl HeartyApr 15 2019, 4:03pmHi, Can I use voucher from last year? Thanks.
Karl HeartyApr 15 2019, 4:04pmHi, Can I use voucher from last year? Thanks.
Mikey FryApr 15 2019, 4:37pmYes you can Karl:)
Mikey FryApr 15 2019, 4:45pmSo just to remind runners Pre entry’s for this race will close tomorrow Tuesday evening at 6pm if you miss it once you’ve registered for the year you could buy a voucher off someone at the race r just buy some vouchers tonight :) look forward to seeing you all ...
Have enough volunteers so far will email out to you guys at some stage:)

Bad news there will be no flapjacks I can’t get my special ingredients :)))
Mikey FryApr 15 2019, 4:49pmSorry also remember your timing chips if you have them...if it’s your first run you can collect them on Wednesday...

There will be a junior coarse around 5k so let get the young ones out:)
Daniela BoehmApr 16 2019, 3:14pmHi Mikey, I put my name down as a volunteer in case you could do with another marshal?! I'll be minding a baby and that task could be easily combined with venturing out on the course somewhere... Thanks, Daniela
Eamonn HodgeApr 16 2019, 3:47pmHi Mikey, can you send me your email address please. Mine is my first name with two 'n's no dot no space surname at Thanks!
Michelle RowleyApr 16 2019, 9:13pmI've just missed the entry for tomorrow eve! I thought it was 10pm this eve, any chance I could still get an entry?
Enda NolanApr 16 2019, 9:27pmUnfortunately I can’t make it tomorrow evening maybe Michelle could have my place if that’s possible
Mikey FryApr 16 2019, 9:29pmMichelle if your registered for the year you can ask someone for a stamp on there voucher a 5 should cover it I’ll have spare stamp if you need one:)))
Conor O'FarrellApr 16 2019, 9:29pmHi Michelle

It’s always 6pm on the night before the race. If you rock up to reg tomorrow, with a fiver, someone will sell you a punch from their card. It’s never been a problem for me.

Michelle RowleyApr 16 2019, 9:37pmThanks Conor! I've always entered a few days just in the back of my mind I thought it was later in the evening...I'll know from now on :-)
Michelle RowleyApr 16 2019, 9:40pmIve just seen the other 2 replies too! Thanks Mikey and thanks Enda! :-) I think my friend has the voucher system.
Robin MooneyApr 17 2019, 9:07amI was just wondering if I pay my registration this morning will I be able to race tonight. I have vouchers so I should be ok on that front. Thanks in advance.
Paul GrantApr 17 2019, 9:10amWould anyone heading to the race from city centre have room for one more? All the carpooling options seem to be northside or M50. Thanks
Louis MulleeApr 17 2019, 9:44amPaul, I could give you a lift from Central Park Luas stop if thats any help? I just added it to the car pool list there.
Laura FlynnApr 17 2019, 10:55amUnfortunately Robin, if you have not already registered for 2019 it's too late for you to do so for tonight's race.
Paul GrantApr 17 2019, 11:14amGreat thanks Louis, I just requested a space on the carpool page. Much appreciated.
Andrew HanneyApr 17 2019, 11:31amRobin, I see you have an imra race number for 2019, you don’t need to register for tonight’s race once you have vouchers, just turn up with them and have your voucher card punched (or maybe you’re collecting your card, so have proof of purchase). Make sure to allow good time to collect your number and timing chip.
Robin MooneyApr 17 2019, 12:16pmThat’s Great Andrew thank you.
Enda FlynnApr 17 2019, 12:29pmIs registration this evening at plucks thanks
Mikey FryApr 17 2019, 12:55pmEnda it’s at the start of race opposite side of glenview hotel n11 it should say it in event details:)
Enda FlynnApr 17 2019, 1:21pmThanks mikey
David FoleyApr 17 2019, 6:00pmHorrendous traffic southbound on M11 from J15 onwards!
Tanya SheridanApr 17 2019, 10:31pmWhat a FANtastic start to the trail league. RD Mikey was cool, calm and collected as ever and the whole team was great. Thanks to you all.
Mikey FryApr 17 2019, 11:12pmJust like to say a massive thank you to all my helpers tonight made my job so much easier I think from the fed back from chatting to runners after fun was had everyone survived.....onto Niamh and her crew next week at devils glen for some more burn on the legs enjoy people..

Good night mikey
Peter BellApr 17 2019, 11:22pmThanks to Mikey and his team of volunteers tonight, well done to all the winners.
Fergal DalyApr 17 2019, 11:26pmMy run isn't on the entry list.
My number wasn't clearly visible when I finished.
While I verbally informed the laptop operator I expect an data entry error was then made.
I should be at position 79 (as I cam in just before Eoin Syron). Can this be added to the results please.
Conor NolanApr 18 2019, 12:20amTonight was my first trail race and it was brilliant fun - and challanging. Many thanks to all who make it possible. Extremely well organised.

Alas, I do not seem to have been classified as a finisher. My Garmin timed me at 36:32. Fairly sure my number was visible. Any way I can be added?

Conor (No. 2253)
Conor NolanApr 18 2019, 12:22amGrr. The race number is 2153, not as above
Shane O'MalleyApr 18 2019, 9:01amHi Fergal,

It is the manual counters who you need to inform of your number. The Laptop operator tries to get the numbers in if there are not too many people finishing at that time but their main role is to log the time. It is then compared to the sheets from the manual counters either side of the finishing straight.
While unusual, it is possible they both could not see your number.
For some reason last night there were quite alot of runners with their numbers hidden, folded in pockets or in one case written on his hand. As you can imagine, when there is a group of runners finishing it can be difficult to correctly read and record partially obscured numbers. I have got into the habit of calling out my number as i approach the finish and hold up the number.


David JacksonApr 18 2019, 10:02amThanks to all the organisers for the race last night, we both really enjoyed it - my sons first trail race.
i just wanted to clarify that we, #1063 & #2142 both ran the 'short'(depends on your perspective) course but seem to have been credit for the long course if you want to amend that to keep things right.
Ross FitzgeraldApr 18 2019, 12:31pmWell done Mikey and crew, great start to the Wednesday sessions!

One observation re hidden numbers – and could be wrong here (it has happened, once) – but may be down to a shortage of safety pins to attach number?
My second imra run this year and both times there’s been no pins left when I’ve gone a-looking…
Brian KitsonApr 18 2019, 12:34pmThanks to Mikey and all the volunteers for putting on such a great event.

I put up a Race Report which might be worth a read over a cuppa.
Gordon PlaceApr 18 2019, 1:03pmHi Ross,
Why do you need new pins every race? Whatever about forgetting them when collecting your number for the first time. You keep your number for the year so just leave the pins on it....
Dave DochertyApr 18 2019, 1:08pmGreat Race last night. Thanks to all involved.
Stuart ScottApr 18 2019, 1:23pmGorden, a better option is just to leave the bib pinned to your tshirt. Much less chance of forgetting it, or the pins!

In Ross' defence, I suspect he didn't get any pins the first time. There's always huge demand for them for the first few races of any league so hopefully there'll be more in future.
Andrew HanneyApr 18 2019, 1:32pmWell done Mikey and volunteers for a great race on my local trail. Everything went smoothly, and was great to see so many people there.

Disappointed when a guy behind me on the zig zag descent, vaulted down to the one below to gain a place, I shouted at you that the zig zags where the course, you might stick to it next time or risk DQ.
Richard LeahyApr 18 2019, 1:53pmIt might be no harm for RD's to clarify this issue in thier pre-race briefing. I had a similar experience to Andy at the Maulin race when a runner passed me as I was entering the woods after coming off Maulin. He proceeded to cut the corner of each of the zigzags gaining approx 200m. At the time I wasn't actually sure if this was allowed because the corners were not marked with tape.
Warren SwordsApr 18 2019, 2:59pmThanks to Mikey and all the volunteers. Great to have the Wednesday races back. A shock to the system.

Re the Zig Zags. In my view, if it's on a trail and you can vault down to the next zag, it's fair game. You're still hitting the zig and the zag. At no stage are you stepping off the course.
Ross FitzgeraldApr 18 2019, 3:03pm@ Gordon I don’t need new pins for every race. Pretty much used the same ones throughout 2018 [although did change my t-shirt occasionally Stuart ;)]
As Stuart helpfully pointed out, I’d imagine it's more to do with higher demand earlier in the season... which in turn could have been a contributory factor in the amount of hidden numbers last night
Aoibheann GaughranApr 18 2019, 3:30pmThanks for a great event, very enjoyable.

Never be without a visible number again with these classy jobbies:
Paul SmythApr 18 2019, 3:54pmI have a version of the clip together number retainers (without the poop) that I got at a NI hillrace. I've been using them for at least three years and they are still going strong. I see that they can be customised with a logo. Would I think be a great idea for IMRA to order a large batch of these with the IMRA logo on them. Could be sold at events for those who want a better alternative to pins. I've stopped using pins since I got mine. No holes in your tops and no rust marks from the pins. They do create an indentation in the material but that disappears after washing.
Richard LeahyApr 18 2019, 4:16pm@Warren, it would actually be my preference if it was OK to vault down to the next zag, but we need consistency. Correct me if I am wrong but taking the shortcut on the WW just after the bench overlooking the waterfall was not allowed on the previous Maulin route. Either way as I said an injection of clarity would be useful, otherwise it opens up the prospect of runners straight lining the Zig Zags on the Earls Drive course.
Gordon PlaceApr 18 2019, 4:51pmSorry Ross, didn't mean to sound smart, just when you said second race and both times. Stuart's suggestion is definitely better
Andrew HanneyApr 18 2019, 5:31pmClarification on what is the trail is needed then. Otherwise it’s fastest way down the hill making your own trail. In Djouce woods it’s not allowed so I’d assume the same for GoD.
Alan SmythApr 18 2019, 10:02pmJust checked and my time was not logged. My number is 2184. I heard my number being called out as I crossed.
Alan SmythApr 18 2019, 10:02pmJust checked and my time was not logged. My number is 2184. I heard my number being called out as I crossed.
Conor O'FarrellApr 19 2019, 12:11pmH

Can you please email any results queries to Conor <dot> ofarrell <at> imra <dot> ie. I will get to them over the coming days