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Gordon DouglasJul 25 2019, 9:30pmHi John.As per our recent conversation, I wish to be a running volunteer at event and help with parking beforehand or any other task which can be of any help.
John FitzgeraldJul 25 2019, 10:13pmThanks Gordon for volunteering.
You're in as a running volunteer.
I now have sufficient volunteers for
Ballinastoe on Wednesday night.
There are several more races in the weeks ahead to sign up to volunteer.
John FitzgeraldJul 29 2019, 9:51amI hope you are all looking forward to Ballinastoe on wed
evening.The race route both long and short will be the
same as previous years.
Short course is 8k and there is a lovely out and back
course a little over 3K for J14.We hope to see lot's
of juniors out the wed evening.
Pre-Reg is open and will close at 6pm on tuesday.
John GreeneJul 29 2019, 3:38pmhi John, i know you have enough volunteers, but i'm injured so can help with marshaling or at least take some photos if this ok....get me off the sofa!...thanks
John FitzgeraldJul 29 2019, 4:00pmJohn be great to see you in Ballinastoe for 6pm.
John FitzgeraldJul 30 2019, 1:05pmOn line pre entry closes at 6pm this evening.

The early start will be at 7pm sharp.Remember you have to be over 160% or more.....

There will be a short course of 8K.
There will be J14 course of 3K.starting at 7.40pm.

Car parking in Ballinastoe Golf Club across the road from registration at a charge of 3 euro per car.No parking on the road.Please follow marshall instructions.

Please bring your mandatory jacket,race number and your chip.No headphones are allowed.

Race registration closes at 7.15

Can all volunteers be at registration area by 6 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Ballinastoe for another
great evening of Hill Running.
Kevin HeddermanJul 31 2019, 2:09pmHi - Are there any places available to take part in teh run this evening?
Kevin HeddermanJul 31 2019, 2:09pmHi - Are there any places available to take part in teh run this evening?
Kevin HeddermanJul 31 2019, 2:10pmHi - Are there any places available to take part in teh run this evening?
Kevin HeddermanJul 31 2019, 2:11pmHi. are there any spaces available to take part in the run thir evening? Thanks.
Kevin HeddermanJul 31 2019, 2:12pmapologies - by browser was crashing - did mean to send so may posts.
Vivian O'GormanJul 31 2019, 3:30pmKevin just bring your race number - 392 -and vouchers if you have them. If not just see myself or John and we'll sort you out...
Anne-Marie FlahertyJul 31 2019, 10:40pmThanks John and volunteers for a great race.

First time doing Ballinastoe, phew, great course!

Thanks to Michael, who stopped to help, when I snotted myself on a descent near the end.
Brendan LawlorAug 1 2019, 8:17amWell done and thank you to John Fitz and team for a great, gruelling tour of the bowels of Ballinastoe last night.. swamps, ferns, bridges , felled trees, gnarly branches, fire road, open mountain, lung bursting ascents and death defying descents - Ballinastoe had them all.. oh and flies,lots and lots of pesky flies !

ps thank you to John ' DNF' Bell for last weeks Brockagh fun as well !

Til next week ...
Pádraig DoyleAug 1 2019, 9:33amReally good race last night. Thanks very much. Well done John and The Jets.

What about the sport-billy bag of never-ending spot-prizes?
oh, well, eh, not quite never-ending... eh Pól? ;)
Warren SwordsAug 1 2019, 9:47amGreat race last night, the route is a monster. Thanks to John and volunteers, particularly to race marker, can’t have been easy to mark. It was perfect.

Probably should’ve marked the way to the pub as we went to the wrong one!
Peter BellAug 1 2019, 10:29amMassive thanks to John and his team last night, it went perfectly. That races really has it all. Marking was perfect too. I didn't even take one wrong turn and it was ballinastoe!! Nice one!
Big well done to the winners too, some great times.
Roll on the sugar loaf.
Conor O'FarrellAug 1 2019, 10:37amSounds like it was another great race last night. There was some buzz back in the pub afterwards which is always a sign of a good event. I'm gutted I wasn't running again. :-(

Big thanks to Peter and Louis who did an excellent job on laptop which meant that we had a seamless prizegiving.

Results are now up, please email for any queries.

Alice ClancyAug 1 2019, 10:53amThanks John and your excellent crew of volunteers for such a brilliant race last night!!! It’s a real obstacle course of a race but was marked and hacked in advance so well. And to those whose flies I collected as you flew past me. You’re welcome.
Paul GrantAug 1 2019, 11:05amThanks to John and all the volunteers for a great race last night. Very impressive work on the results Peter, Louis and Con, having them live by the time we got to the pub is really raising the bar!
Its a pretty crazy route but with with all the marshals and the really well marked course it was just about possible to stay on course - thanks for the great work. But please don't order so many flies nest year!!!
Alan AylingAug 1 2019, 11:38amWhere was the duck whistle to start the race this year? Very disappointed by the lack of adherence to that fine old Ballinastoe tradition :-(

Cracking route, great marking, much better pub this week too :-)

Oh and if anyone found my right contact lens on the dark descent beside the collapsed fence maybe you could return it to me? Would hate to be accused of littering.
Justin O'KeeffeAug 1 2019, 12:55pmCracking run , great marshalling, strumming & marking , what a final 2km, wow. Thanks to all the volunteers to making it happen. Still buzzing!
Dave DochertyAug 1 2019, 10:19pmJaysus that was a technical race, relentless. Nice one Eoin for the Marking. Cheers to John and crew for all the hard work. Particularly to the first aid man James who helped me to realise it was more than just a scratch. Three stitches in the clinic this morning. I spent the night paranoid I might become the Pestorius of IMRA. All patched up now. See ya'll next week.
John FitzgeraldAug 2 2019, 10:45amI sincerely hope you all enjoyed running the Ballinastoe obstacle course on wednesday evening.
Huge thank's to Eoin for his outstanding marking.
Thanks to Peter,Louis and Conor for your efficiency in having result's ready before we headed for the pub.
Thank's to James on first aid for taking great care of
the wounded.
Thank's to the seven marshall's out on the course and
to all the volunteers back at base -really appreciate
your great work.
Mary CollinsAug 5 2019, 5:42pmThanks John to you and all your volunteers for the ballinastoe race. Clearly needed a huge amount of work for such a technical and tricky route.
Dan GeelonAug 6 2019, 11:40amPhotos - another 180 photos added, sorry about the delay, technical problems