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Mikey Fry

Tasty flies we love you...

So boom and we’re gone off by johns where’s my fupping whistle father ted probably has it:) a little bit farther back from where the usual start line is for my liking around first bend Tim has see a free meal up for grabs and has legged it off Luke and David heading after him Luke to secure his league win and the usual suspects following wondering why there not as fast (sorry that’s just me:)))..left turn and the climb begins I tuck in behind warren and John feeling ok I pass warren a few trees to duck jump swing not as young as I used to be..the hill goes on John pulls away slightly having cat and mouse with Tim grummell we spread out a bit pass Becky and it’s onto the fun part it’s like a roller coaster mixed with a washing machine and a sand castle upside down I’m fading now my two bad sleeps catching up with me Peter bell introduces himself that he like to get past so I agree but he disappears off I’m just trying to get my groovy which I’ve lost... into the darkness more ducking and diving Peter disappears for the last time I know who’s coming behind unfortunately I pass David who’s injured his foot slightly and only jogging foot through the only hole in the bridge what a dork.. then I try push eoin into the bush don’t think he was to impressed valdas and bernad pass me up then we’re back into the dark woods up up I just can’t do it tonight I keep them in sight then to left turn and up back to the loop more up and downs back past patsy make it too Becky take right turn have a sneaky look and there’s Mr kitson not to far behind ahh crap it’s time for back up power so I push on turning up the gears just as well There’s a good down hill section which we came up I put everything into it thanks angels for letting me past at the fence where Pete was doing a bernad but was the wrong fence:)))
Hit the fire road didn’t look back till the home straight the kit Michael Knight was pushing hard only just about held him off super racing Brian thanks for the push....
Another great race thanks John for a super race eoin super marking I’ll bring the chainsaws next year:)
Well done to Tim luke then John (I still haven’t got new shorts)bell..
Also Luke for winning the league well done super running :)
Only one more report if your lucky..


Ps sorry for forgetting runners in my report just to tired to write it last night and a wobbler wonder today...