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stuart simpsonMay 12 2019, 8:41pmQuite like to head over to do race on Ireland's Highest peak. I see there's 2 Carrauntoohill races, what's the difference between them?
John J BarryMay 13 2019, 10:02amCARRAUNTOOHILL: Saturday 1 June, 2019
This is the Irish Championship race (steeped in Irish mountain running history) i.e. part of

The second one "CARRAUNTOOHILL CLASSIC" is a standalone race first hosted by the Munster branch last year.

One would suspect the Irish Championship race may attract a bigger/stronger field.

Two very different routes up the same mountain
Aleksandr KarnejevecMay 13 2019, 10:30amHi guys
Is this entry race sold already? I couldn't find it to purchase at the site? Pitty (
John J BarryMay 13 2019, 11:08amits not opened yet for entries.
Conor O'FarrellMay 13 2019, 4:17pmEntry will open this coming Saturday at 9am
Robbie WilliamsMay 13 2019, 4:38pmHi STEPHEN

The 2nd race as John said is on 7th July

This is a completely different route.
If you look at it on the maps, it comes from 2 different sides.
Both are tough races, i believe the July one is more of a “fast course” if there is such a thing there..and certainly easier to navigate.

The first as John said is part of the Irish Championships which would be part of the 4 race series.
Aleksandr KarnejevecMay 13 2019, 11:41pmThanks for that!
Justin PowerMay 19 2019, 12:31pmHave entries opened as mentioned on an earlier post?
Conor O'FarrellMay 19 2019, 5:38pmYou're already logged in. Click on "Purchase IMRA Products" to find out. It would have been quicker than posting on the forum. :)

Yes. Entry has opened. You can also use vouchers on the day to enter the race.
Justin PowerMay 19 2019, 7:14pmThanks Conor. I was looking to enter on the relevant event page. Good to know where to enter now !!
Conor O'FarrellMay 19 2019, 7:27pmNo worries. Thought that was probably the case. I was just having a little dig. :-)
Vivian O'GormanMay 23 2019, 1:58pmHi All!

Carrauntoohil is just around the corner - June 1st

Online entry has been open since last weekend. Please be aware that this will close on Friday 31st May at 2pm.

Volunteers are needed for both race registration and race finish.

Also a First Aid Person and Summit Marshall

I will post more information early next week
Vivian O'GormanMay 28 2019, 2:02pmHi Folks - Race Info

I am looking for a First Aid person and a Summit Marshall
Also a few more volunteers for race registration and car park.

The race starts at 1pm

Race Registration will open at 11am and close at 12.30pm SHARP.

If you have a voucher then just bring it along. If you don't then you must Pre Register BEFORE 2pm next Friday. If you have recently joined IMRA then you can collect you race number and or race voucher at race registration. Just have proof of purchase with you either on your phone or printout.

NO money and NO entries will be taken on the day.

The early start is at 12pm - just let me know.

The Kit Requirement: A longsleeved rainproof jacket ( mandatory) - Hat/Gloves - Bumbag with chocolate/biscuits whatever suits you - Water - Map - Compass - Whistle - Mobile Phone.

This is NOT a beginners race. Please do not make this your first mountain race. Try an easier shorter Wednesday evening type race first.

This race is also NOT suitable for Juniors.

There is absolutely NO parking on the road. We have use of a car park for €3.00 per car. It will be clearly marked. You can carpool from the Climbers Inn.

Prizegiving will be in the Climbers Inn.

Don't forget Pre Entry closes at 2pm next Friday.
David NoonanMay 28 2019, 10:06pmHi, if you are still looking for a summit Marshall I am available on Saturday was thinking of doing the race but will get a workout doing summit Marshall! If you need me give me an email on with the details
Vivian O'GormanMay 29 2019, 9:30amCould the webmaster please accept me as RD for Carrauntoohil...

I still need a First Aider...

Conor O'FarrellMay 29 2019, 10:04amAll done Vivian

Apologies, I didn't realise that you weren't accepted.

Mikey FryMay 29 2019, 11:23amI’d be weary about that Vivian lad :))))
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2019, 1:46pmReminder...

Online Registration closes tomorrow - Friday - at 2pm.

There are NO entries on the day.

Otherwise if you have a voucher you can use that or if you are an IMRA member you can borrow a voucher from someone.

Just don't forget...
Brian FureyMay 30 2019, 7:11pmHi Vivian,
Will I be able to collect a new voucher card at carrauntouhil which I just bought?

John MaherMay 30 2019, 8:42pmIs the online entry working? The race is not coming up on my list of purchases.
David NoonanMay 30 2019, 9:07pmHi Vivian, sorry to be annoying you but I haven't heard back from ye are ye sorted for summit Marshall or do ye need me.. you might let me because if ye don't need me I'll just go ahead and register for the race myself...
David NoonanMay 30 2019, 9:08pmHi Vivian, sorry to be annoying you but I haven't heard back from ye are ye sorted for summit Marshall or do ye need me.. you might let me because if ye don't need me I'll just go ahead and register for the race myself...
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2019, 9:25pmYes Brian no problem collect your voucher on Saturday...

John the race is still on "purchase imra products" I have just had a look!...

A couple more volunteers wouldn't go astray - running or non running...
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2019, 9:28pmDavid I have sent you an email. My number is 087 4150398...
Kevin O'RiordanMay 30 2019, 11:02pmHi John,

It looks like you're already entered for Carrauntoohil

Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2019, 8:47amLast Reminder...

Online entries close today at 2pm.

If you have to collect your race voucher bring proof of purchase either on your phone or print out.

We could get wet tomorrow so bring the kit listed on the forum note. Rain = Mist on Carrauntoohil!!

See you all tomorrow...
Mícheál O'MullainJun 1 2019, 9:07pmA sincere thanks to Vivian and his team on Corráin today. A masterclass in RD as always and a great outing.
Robbie WilliamsJun 2 2019, 10:08amThanks Vivian & co for yere volunteering and time. In fairness, a savage Distance and time commitment when your not running in it.

Another great year.
Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2019, 12:14pmI would like to thank everybody who was at Carrauntoohil yesterday.

Admittedly some had a race while others had an adventure!!

I would particularly like to thank my volunteers. David Noonan - our Summit Marshall. He saved a number of runners from going on "safari" after leaving the top! And still put others on the right track on his way down.

Then there was Nora - Eoghan - Linda and John. And finally Eoin - Daniela and Oisin for laptop and first aid. Then Conor came along and between himself and Eoin the results were online before the prizegiving was finished!! Fantastic!!

Lastly thanks to John for the use of his yard and the Climbers Inn for the pizzas afterwards...
Brían O'MearaJun 2 2019, 2:09pmEchoing what Robbie said, thanks to Vivian & team. Cracking race as always.
Brian KitsonJun 4 2019, 8:37pmI posted a report. What a Great Race.
Louis MulleeJun 4 2019, 10:44pmIf anyone is wondering what the route is like on a clear day, here is a video of the 2014 race, maybe next year we will get a view!