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Conor O'FarrellApr 11 2020, 11:17pmHi All

Given that this year's Killiney Charity Relay has been postoned due too the COVID-19 emergency, we have decided to run a virtual race for our chosen charity, St. Joseph's in Shankill. St. Joseph's is a dementia care centre that is already in severe danger of closing and is under etra pressure during these tough times. This is very much the brainchild of Emily Glen and Alice Clancy, so they have very kindly agreed to be co-Race Directors for this event.
Please enter the race as per normal. All the proceeds will go to the charity
This event is a virtual race. You may run the race anywhere; on the street, in a park, in your back garden, or at home on the treadmill. Submit your own time, honesty is a big factor here, so let's not knock off a few seconds to make ourselves look good and stay in the spirit of the event.
It is very much a bit of fun, for a good cause.
You must run on Wednesday April 15th, any time before 23:59.
It must be a single 2km distance, i.e. not picking out 2km in the middle of a 5km run.
Teams will be picked randomly on Tuesday 14th, once registration is closed.
Your race time must be submitted to by 23:59 on the everning of Wednesday 15th April (or before I wake up the following morning).
In your email (to, please include:
- Your 2020 race number.
- Your race time.
- A link to your run (Garmin, Strava etc.), if possible. I know not everyone uses the fancy GPS watches, but I thought it would be nice to share for this event if you have one that I could put in a race report.
Upload a photo of you doing your run in the event page.
Standard government guidelines must be followed during the current locakdown.
1. Run alone (unless with members of your household).
2. Must be within 2 km of your home.
3. 2m physical distancing to be strictly observed.
4. Anyone with any symptoms related to Covid 19, no matter how mild, should not run.
5. Anyone expected to cocoon (over 70s, people in high risk categories etc) should not run.
*On the 3rd point, we ask that everyone to think carefully about their route - try to pick something that'll make it easy to stay as well as away from other as possible. Members of the public out for a walk may not appreciate being passed by runners breathing hard - 2 m is the absolute minimum and we should aim to keep a greater spacing while running hard if possible. For the same reason, try to pick a quieter time if possible.
Niamh KellyApr 11 2020, 11:29pmGreat idea, signed up now to plan my route LOL
Rachel CinnsealachApr 12 2020, 12:01amFantastic Conor, Alice, Emily. I'm on for this, I'll register tomorrow... Yay some fun!!
Robert CostelloApr 12 2020, 1:50pmBrilliant idea. Will do mine in Kindlestown Wood.
Peter O'FarrellApr 12 2020, 1:51pmI have a lovely lovely route, 3km warm up and then a 40m descent in the first kilometre with just a few cows cheering me on in a field with a backdrop gentle hum of the M50 for company and then another net downhill kilometre (maybe another 20m) this time passing the occasional human.
I can safely say I am going to get a 2km pb and donate to a worthy cause too. Weyhey..
Great idea, well done to the creators and organisers.
Laura FlynnApr 12 2020, 2:39pmGreat idea Alice and Emily and thanks to Conor for co-ordinating.
S.M. GriffithApr 12 2020, 6:06pmThis is a brilliant idea! And what a great cause too :)

I am coming out of hibernation (kinda) for it. Sorry if this is explained elsewhere, but I wanted to buy membership and a race entry for Finn. How can I do this? Or is it by way of separate login? Can't remember how I did this for him before... Please and danke in advance
Alan AylingApr 12 2020, 8:25pmSorcha... need a separate email address for each registration, junior or not. Pol had a good suggestion at the end of this thread:
John MurrayApr 13 2020, 12:40pmGreat idea Alice & Emily!

Great to see the support for this charity not be dropped when they need it now more than ever!

Alice ClancyApr 13 2020, 2:36pmThanks for all your hard work getting this organized Conor! I’ve been missing IMRA like mad, really looking forward to this. Will see about organizing some sort of virtual raffle on Wed eve too!
Finn RiveraApr 13 2020, 4:21pmThanks Alan. Got that sorted now :)
Anne HodgeApr 13 2020, 7:07pmBrilliant idea!! I'm signed up. In the spirit of the Killiney Hill relay I'm going to find a hillock or two ... Phoenix Park is my local ...
Fíona CanavanApr 13 2020, 7:54pmHello!
This may be a silly question but can I enter if I don’t live in Ireland (I live in Scotland)? I’ve got an imra race number for this year as I was entered in MM, and whatever other races coincided with a visit home, but obviously not sure when I’ll be back for a visit in the foreseeable! I’d like to enter the relay if possible, and would happily adhere to the Irish social distancing rules (within 2km from home etc).
Conor O'FarrellApr 13 2020, 8:19pmHi Fiona

That doesn’t sound like a problem. It’s all for a bit of fun, so the international aspect brings a new element to this.

Barry MurrayApr 13 2020, 8:24pmWell done folks for getting this off the ground.

Assuming it will be a huge success...

and given in these unprecedented times we need to take unprecedented measures :

Could we make a Wednesday series of it to see us all through this current lockdown !??

We can keep everything the same, even keep with the relay since "we are all in this together

But maybe with some "progression" as follows:

Wed 22nd: : 4k (2 laps of your 2km route))

Wed 29th: 6k (3 laps of your 2km route)

I'll "RD" one of them even !!
Fíona CanavanApr 13 2020, 8:40pmGreat, thanks! Will go ahead and enter, might even include a hill in the route in the spirit of things :)
Alice ClancyApr 13 2020, 10:42pmFolks we're in urgent need of key volunteers for Wednesday. Firstly, if we don't have a tin whistle player, the event cannot go ahead.
We also only slightly less urgently need some people to request a waiting list once the teams are picked tomorrow evening.
John Murphy74Apr 13 2020, 11:20pmWhats it in miles for those of us not using them new fangled km thingies??
Pádraig DoyleApr 14 2020, 9:54am_______________________________

Just a few points in terms of volunteering...

- Tin Whistling role, can we please make sure the whistle player positions the facemask at the end of the whistle?

- I'm pretty sure I'll need a dedicated First Aid officer... can I please make this formal request?

@John. Would you do an interview with RTE?... "doc on 1" type exposé on the man who came down from the mountains with tales of long forgotten measurements, talking about how crows fly in yards and furlongs. Could be one for the history books ;)
Alice ClancyApr 14 2020, 11:22amHello All, thanks for all the enthusiasm !! There was a great take up on entries over the weekend - 73 registered as of this morning...good to think the charity getting a much needed boost. The teams will be announced tonight on the forum after 9pm.
A reminder to those who would like to participate and haven't yet registered - sign up online before entries close at 7pm this evening.

Thanks to @ Fiona C I think this might be IMRA's first international Charity Relay race.
@ Barry - lovely suggestion - let's see how this goes - even if it could operate in an informal way it might be a runner (excuse the pun)
@ John, the ever helpful google proposes that 2k=1.243miles
@ Padraig, we have developed a special facemask attachment for aforementioned whistle. Each participant will need to carry own first aid equipment and administer as required.
@ Finn welcome to IMRA. I hope this is the first of many relays you participate in.
@ Peter any perceived advantage to runners given by cheering support cows will be regulated.
John Murphy74Apr 14 2020, 11:48am1.243 miles? will you settle for 1.25??
John Murphy74Apr 14 2020, 11:49amAs for the documentary, ill get working on it..... now where will i send the tape??
Warren SwordsApr 14 2020, 2:49pmGreat idea.

Although it willbe weird to look behind me and not see Peter Bell or Mikey....or way, way off in the distance, Barry Murray.
Gordon PlaceApr 14 2020, 3:34pmThanks to Alice & Emily for the great idea, Conor and the committee for getting it set up. Ongoing virtual races would be good, even if 'unofficial' events. Great to see the creativity coming out to keep us going.
Warren, you could hang a picture of Barry behind you to spur you on, or a feather duster to mimic John Buckley's beard on the back of your neck. Any one got any other suggestions for the 4D race experience?
Nora LalorApr 14 2020, 3:51pmI entered to support the charity & for the raffle!!! my run will be actually virtual, no timing involved please don't lumber any team with a DNS/DNF
Conor O'FarrellApr 14 2020, 5:01pm@Barry, hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for virtual races. This race is obviously replicating the Killiney Relay.

Next up we will hope to replicate the Glacier Lakes, in the vicinity of your own home of course. There will be a few prerequisites for this race, not least of which is 3 bathrooms, one of which must be upstairs. It will be interesting to see if all of the "3 Lakes" are hit in this one.

Both Scarr and Djouce races will require a working high-pressure shower or hose and 2 full buckets of ice, you may throw in some gravel for good measure. You will obviously need a household/family member to assist here, preferably one that doesn't like you very much.

For the Ayling Abyss, you can just run straight down the wall of your house, 50 or 60 times. If you have a tree in the garden, feel free to hug it and cry for 30 minutes, after hitting it at speed.
Mikey FryApr 14 2020, 7:11pmToo late to Reg for a virtual race Conor “I’m going to run down my wall at 90 degrees just for you”???
Pádraig DoyleApr 14 2020, 7:20pm# 2 down. This virtual relay could be undone they say (8)


Obvious enough to anyone unfortunate to have self-isolated with a stack of cryptic crosswords. What are you looking at me like that for? There was a shortage of other paper. National emergency. #2 down. Aah.
Alice ClancyApr 14 2020, 7:29pmUnreally enough, registration remains open till 8 to catch any late staters!
Kevin O'RiordanApr 14 2020, 7:47pmIs there an early start for this race?
Martin BagnallApr 14 2020, 7:53pmAfter too many Easter eggs, I'm hoping for a short course!
Jeff SwordsApr 14 2020, 8:31pmCan entry be left open until the day given there's nobody turning up anywhere, and money can still go to charity?
Asking for, eh, a tardy procrastinating friend.
Warren SwordsApr 14 2020, 8:46pmYeah if there is a naked warrior dance or DNS, add me. Didn't realise it was closing tonight...
Mikey FryApr 14 2020, 9:34pmSure warren we could just meet for a bag of chips and maybe a 99er and them maybe a run:))
Emily GlenApr 14 2020, 11:09pmAn email is on its way to all those who registered before the 8pm cut off, it will contain the details of your team and how to register your time.

Race Briefing below from your two Rookie Race Directors & hero of a Laptop Operator:

Can you all hear us? Too bad.
Anyway, it's a classic 2k race. It's the same as last year except for a few dramatic changes. Start is pretty simple, head out the gate / door, take a left or go right or maybe straight ahead. Continue for 2k unless the route changes. Some might find the route quite hilly except for the flat bits. It's all marked except for the 2k that isn't marked but you know it so you can't get lost.
You've got 2k of state sponsored exercise to play with, so make it fast, the more isolated the better and get creative! Don't take any risks - there's enough going on without anyone actin' the maggot. There shouldn't be any surprises for yee out there today, except if you see any people on the course - then run away, fast.

Pól Ó MurchúApr 14 2020, 11:24pmI didn’t get an email...did I not get a team? :-(
Alice ClancyApr 14 2020, 11:49pmHello All,

There was a great uptake on the race - 41 carefully calibrated teams in all were formed this evening!

Everyone who registered before 8pm and who wanted to be assigned to a team has been sent an email (including Pól;).

In order to complete your race, please ensure you complete the Google forms link sent in the email to register your time before 5pm Thursday, and upload a photo of your route/you competing to the event page.

We will be posting the results here on Thursday night, together with some spot prizes for creative route choice etc.

Good luck to all competing tomorrow, and thanks for bringing some IMRA craic back into self-isolation!

PS if anyone didn't make the cut off, but still wants to donate to St Joseph's, it's possible to donate via their website:

PPS Warren, we simply couldn't fit a warrior dance in this time, hopefully next week RD Barry will be able to accommodate you ;-)
John Murphy74Apr 15 2020, 12:16amTo Emer Conroy and James Sharkey... lets go team 27!!!
Peter O'FarrellApr 15 2020, 12:34amPól,

Team 41
Costelloe Ronan
Hodge Eamonn
Ó Murchú Pól

See you tomorrow. Not :)
Jenny Uí ShéApr 15 2020, 6:18amHi all thankyou so much for organising.
I like Pól dont seem to have gotten an email with my team.
Ive checked junk folder,
Graham K. BusheApr 15 2020, 6:23am23
Syron Eoin
Úi Sé Jenny
Raleigh Mark
Jenny Uí ShéApr 15 2020, 6:26amJust checked my sons data and he had the email so all sorted- thanks.
So list went to his email.

Thanks again

ps thanks Graham
Simon McdowellApr 15 2020, 9:09amHi, I did not receive the email. Would it be possible to resend it to me.

John MurrayApr 15 2020, 9:40am@ Simon

Team 9
Gordon Place
Vivian O'Gorman
Simon McDowell
James SharkeyApr 15 2020, 10:35am@ John Murphy74: Best of luck to you and Emer!! Go 27!!
Andrew HanneyApr 15 2020, 11:30amThanks to Emily, Alice and Conor for making this virtual event and ensuring that the chosen charity didn't lose out when they need us more than ever. Well done to everyone for signing up too.

Its funny how the last few years of the Killiney charity relay hadn't got the best weather.... but look at that day out there.
Hopefuly we will get to run the real thing this year, until then enjoy!
Go team 16 (and 39)
John Murphy74Apr 15 2020, 12:14pmI will be out later to do my 1.25 miles or 4400 cubits to use the old biblical measure!
Mick HanneyApr 15 2020, 1:16pmGreat race. Lunch time races are the best!
Fergus OFarrellApr 15 2020, 2:31pmThanks guys,
I had some tough competition by just stayed in front for the 2km.
Brendan LawlorApr 15 2020, 3:04pmFergus, I see Matt Damon was waiting for you with the bag of cans at the line.. great photo !
Mike LongApr 15 2020, 6:45pmReally enjoyed the race today but worried about Barry's post above. Does this mean we are at marathon distance by mid September?
Niamh KellyApr 15 2020, 8:35pmI really enjoyed the race today, I even bagged a 2k PB yay I had my own Marshal in the form of the hubby on his bike for safe road crossings and making sure I was over the 2 meters from anyone while running hard LOL
Alicia Christofi-WalsheApr 15 2020, 8:46pmThanks for organising Alice, Emily and Conor. Really enjoyed it! Although I ran solo felt part of the wider community, which was lovely.
Conor NolanApr 15 2020, 9:16pmDrat! Just seeing this now. Maybe next time. Entry fee sent to St. Joseph's. Well done for organising.
Mikey FryApr 15 2020, 10:02pmBeastly well done:))
Brian KitsonApr 15 2020, 10:10pmThanks to Emily, Alice and Conor for organising this initiative. It is such a brilliant idea, well done for turning it around so well and so quickly..

In bits laughing at Gordon's funny. Well played.
S.M. GriffithApr 15 2020, 10:32pmSure that was just great craic altogether! Thanks so much to Alice, Emily and Conor for organising. What a fantastic idea. A mid-week (hopefully mid-pandemic) pick-me-up. I got a few funny looks as I passed some other walkers while heavy breathing like never before on the uphill (2 metres away of course). No doubt my home-made race number led to some confusion. But knowing there were many others out there doing the very same thing today was very uplifting. Mad, separately, but together :)
Martin BagnallApr 15 2020, 10:43pmThanks very much for organising, Alice, Emily & Conor. This must be the first IMRA race where the RDs have been able to run!
Linda RowdenApr 15 2020, 10:57pmThanks to Emily, Alice and Conor for organising. It was a great little mid-week boost. Solo but together with brilliant photos:)
Pól Ó MurchúApr 16 2020, 8:30amAre the results up yet?
Brendan LawlorApr 16 2020, 8:41amGreat event.. well done Alice, Emily and Conor for organising.. there was virtually noone around for my run in the beautiful sunshine by Roundwood lake.

For old time sake I called into Kavanaghs on the way home, pulled myself a pint, gave myself a raffle ticket, pulled out the lucky winning ticket and won a bottle of Cinzano Prosecco.. just like Pol !

Stay safe in these crazy times everyone
Mick HanneyApr 16 2020, 9:42amI don't see myself in the results?
I'm sure I finished just behind Gordon and a shirtless Paul Mahon.
Gordon PlaceApr 16 2020, 10:02amYou obviously weren't wearing your chip Mick, instant DNF!

Actually, did everyone have their mandatory jacket.....Paul was carrying his alright
Andrew HanneyApr 16 2020, 12:34pmIt just didn't feel right, doing an IMRA race without a bag of chips after.
John MurrayApr 16 2020, 1:00pmThanks Conor, Alice & Emily for giving us the chance to feel somewhat back to normal...if even for only 2km!

Felt great finishing first...or was that last and everyone was already gone home! Ah well, good to get out! :)
Avril ChallonerApr 16 2020, 1:48pmThanks Conor, Alice & Emily for giving a little excitement when everything else is being cancelled or postponed (all correctly, health comes first!). I'm liking the doubling the distance idea for every week however i'm also hoping we aren't limited to a 2km radius for long enough that it adds up to very far.
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 5:07pmThanks for a brilliant relay race yesterday everyone!
We raised a great donation for St Joseph's.

I loved seeing everyone's photos go up, it gave a little bit of the IMRA pre and after race craic that we've all been missing....

The results are being posted by Conor in the next few minutes....we will have a prize-giving of sorts via the forum this evening - from 8.30pm onwards the announcements will start!

PS the idea of increasing the distance next week is a nice one....!
Peter BellApr 16 2020, 5:26pmAnother brilliant race by IMRA, well done on organising it guys. Great idea.
Jason KehoeApr 16 2020, 9:23pmWell done lads, it was a great idea and the results compilation looks very well. I think we'll all be considering future property purchases close to the side of a hill / mountain!

Till we meet again!
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:22pmPRIZE-GIVING 1: First, Second and Third Teams*:
(*Subject to review for adherence to the route-see race reports for further details)

Well done to:

1st Place: Team 8
Pat (On road - fairly flat) Foley
Lorraine (jump some ditches and hedges) Doyle
Martin (Road and trail with a hill) Cullen

2nd Place: Team 2 AKA Podge and Hodge & Some Lad Called Ronan
Ronan (stamina sapping stint round Stannaway) Costelloe, Eamonn (Sallynoggin roundabout to Mounttown Road through junction to York Road) Hodge,
Pól (Spent days planning and looking for the fastest route with the most down hill) Ó Murchú

3rd Place: Team 19
Mike (As much downhill as I could muster within 2k of home) Jordan
Martin (One hill of a downhill!) Bagnall
Brian (Fishing hook shaped covid-friendly grass trail) Farren
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:31pmPRIZE GIVING 2: PHOTO AWARD

A special prize of a naked warrior dance by the inventor of this recent phenomenon goes for the best photograph.

The judges deliberated for a long time and decided that the inventor of the naked warrior dance needs a bit of punishment so awarded the prize to four photographers:

Gordon Place, Brian Kitson, Graham Bushe, and Fergus O'Farrell will each receive a socially distant warrior dance at some point in the next few weeks when out getting the shopping.
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:37pmPRIZE GIVING 3: The 'I' in IMRA actually stands for International Award

This special prize will be awarded to the following international runners but they will need to complete their volunteering duties this year in order to collect it:

Fiona Canavan, Scotland
Alan & Conor Hicks, Kentucky
James Sharkey, Jerusalem
Dave Docherty, Belfield

*Lovely to see ye all participating in exotic parts of the world!
Niamh KellyApr 16 2020, 10:41pmBrilliant well-done everyone! that was fun when is the next one
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:43pmPRIZE GIVING 4: Spirit of IMRA Award

Nobody really knows what the Spirit of IMRA is....but the judges awarded it to the following runners based on their race reports:

Brian Fennessey, Lorraine Doyle Fennelly, Richard Leahy, Vivian O'Gorman, Angela Flynn and Pól Ó Murchú (of the many fadas)
Pól Ó MurchúApr 16 2020, 10:43pmWoo hoo! As you all well know I never win anything so well happy with this second place finish for both my leg and team!
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:46pmPRIZE GIVING 5: Pushing the legal limits of the Spirit of IMRA award AKA Downhill Run Only Award goes to
Peter O Farrell with Rene Borg coming a close second
Pól Ó MurchúApr 16 2020, 10:48pmAnd race report winner too! All my dreams come true! I also won the aforementioned raffle that I held with just myself too although that seems much less impressive now!
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:52pmPRIZE GIVING 6: Socially Distant Butterfly award

This prize for finding a route with no others on it goes to 17 runners....Barry Murray, Brian Fennessey, Mick Hanney, Graham K.Bushe, Jenny Uí Shé, Aaron O Sé, Steve Griffin, John McCann, John Murphy, Liam Vines, Emily Glen, John Langenbach, Pól Ó Murchú, Finn Rivera, Richard Moriarty, Alice Clancy

We have cause for concern about one runner, a certain Stuart Scott who noted that he had encountered 10 billion others on his route. He noted however that he might have passed some of them twice. Needless to say we have notified the HSE.
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:56pmPRIZE GIVING 7: Post Pandemic Rising Star Award

It was great to see some (pretty nifty) juniors participating. Well done, and hope to see you in the real IMRA races soon!

Aaron Ó Sé (08.09)
Finn Rivera (10:20)
Paulina Hanney (10:45)
Alice ClancyApr 16 2020, 10:59pmFINAL PRIZE GIVING: Real Race Report Winner

Brendan Lawlor

Thanks all for the run and the fun! I've posted the route summaries in the race reports for the event......

We raised 1240 for St Joseph's - Thank you all for contributing to this.

See ye all soon
Jeff SwordsApr 16 2020, 11:04pmGreat craic, well done Alice and Conor, and all participants.
Miriam MaherApr 16 2020, 11:12pmAlice, Emily and Conor

The biggest thanks for bringing the forum back to life! And for giving us some much needed mid week diversion - together while staying apart.

And all in a very good cause - close to many of our hearts.

Míle Buíochas

Emily GlenApr 17 2020, 11:28amHey Gang,

Thanks to everyone who got involved! It was such craic to work on and I loved the club getting together again for our Wednesday night runs! I see a lot of people feel the same. So, on that note - What's next??

I know the Cmte are meeting next week and hopefully they will have some feedback for us on what's next. I know these are self timed "races" so even if we're not doing a formal league, it would be great to have organised runs once or twice a week. I'm sure club members more seasoned than me can put some thought into that. There are a load of people in the comments who are happy to "RD" races, I'm certainly happy to go again - so it doesn't have to mean a ton of new work for the committee. If the Cmte isn't happy to run, let us know? There is appetite enough that I think we could coordinate a "Definately not mountain runners" group on whatsapp or some other platform that might remove any liabilities from IMRA if there are concerns there.

It was so nice to have the push to do something this week that wasn't work, I really loved it. G'Wan IMRA!
Andrew HanneyApr 17 2020, 12:23pmsure the next obvious step would be a handicap edition for the teams who took part...... ;)
Tiarnan JohnstonApr 17 2020, 12:55pmThis was a great idea and it was great to be part of a group and team activity during these times of Social Distancing. I'd certainly be up for more similar races and happy to lend a hand in any way needed. I'd imagine it's a very different type of volunteering.
Alan HicksApr 17 2020, 2:29pmThis was a fantastic event, and even more fun to be involved from here in the US. My Dad was in St. Joseph’s in 2000s, so it's obviously a great cause!

Well done for organizing such an event & Id love to take part in a few more......

Mile Buiochas.....
Laura FlynnApr 17 2020, 6:31pmThat’s good to hear Alan, would you mind if I mentioned your father when we write to St.Josephs telling them about the event and the donation we will be making. You can email me directly on this if you
Two other IMRA members proposed St Josephs as their family members has been cared for their also. I’d like to mention all three in the letter to St Josephs.
Laura FlynnApr 17 2020, 6:46pmThat was great fun. Thank again to Alice, Emily and Conor for initiating it and following through with such success, particularly for St. Josephs.
The committee are in regular email contact with each other and will certainly be looking at Conor’s proposal for rolling out something similar over the coming weeks if possible. More on this anon.
Separately, we’ve also been in touch with Sarah McCormack and Paul Tierney of Missing Link Coaching and hope to start an online programme for members, starting Monday the 27th. The plan is that this will be in the nature of challenge so we recommend you get back training soon in preparation. We plan to publish more details next week so keep an eye on the website.
Mick HanneyApr 18 2020, 10:30am@ Andrew re: sure the next obvious step would be a handicap edition for the teams who took part...... ;)

No. The obvious thing - sadly for me - is for a follow up where everyone does their route in the opposite direction.
Gordon PlaceApr 18 2020, 10:55amGood idea Mick!!
Brian KitsonApr 18 2020, 11:32amHaha...very funny, Mick, love it!
Andrew HanneyApr 18 2020, 11:42amGraham Bushe thinks this is a terrible idea :) I mean... up the sugar loaf?
Mikey FryApr 18 2020, 11:44amThat means Brian you have to do it with skies on next time:)
Emily GlenApr 18 2020, 1:59pmThats all great news Laura! Thanks in advance for all your hard work and consideration!
Rene BorgApr 18 2020, 2:01pm@ Mick, I feel a niggle coming on for that next date...
Alan AylingApr 18 2020, 2:04pmAh, Mick, that's brilliant! :-)
Graham K. BusheApr 18 2020, 2:35pmWhat if I run down but backwards? : )
Brian KitsonApr 19 2020, 8:56amI've put up a bit of silliness in the race report section..

Thanks for nothing.
Brendan LawlorApr 19 2020, 10:32amBrian, you are turning into a dangerous Communist anarchist.. you need to give up the non snow cross country skiing, and go our for a run ...

Great report (or great non report) !
Rene BorgApr 20 2020, 3:30pmThanks for posting all the reports Alice. I knew I should have stopped running before writing that course description!
Graham K. BusheApr 20 2020, 4:33pmThanks Alice, Emily and Conor. A great idea. Gave us all something to share. Report in, albeit a little late... G :)
Santina Doherty FarinellaApr 27 2020, 9:23amA special race none of us will forget making me all the happier to report that it was my 100th result recorded! Who'd have thought??
Stuart ScottApr 27 2020, 10:53amCongrats Santina. No wonder you were looking so happy! Let's hope there aren't another 100 more lockdown runs!
Rachel CinnsealachApr 27 2020, 11:11amWell done Santina, We'll have to have a big celebration in the pub when you get your tee Shirt.. (Some time not to far away, I hope!).
Laura FlynnApr 27 2020, 7:07pmCongratulations Santina. We’ll get your T-shirt ironed and have it ready to present to you when we’re up and running again.
Santina Doherty FarinellaMay 10 2020, 2:33pmHi Laura thanks a mill to you and committee for sending out my 100 T-shirt! You’re very good to take the trouble. I was absolutely delighted to get it in the post. Thanks so much and here’s to the next 100, hopefully in a shorter time frame than the last set!
Laura FlynnMay 10 2020, 6:00pmYou’re welcome Santina. It was actually Angela who did all the work in delivering it so thanks Angela,
Santina Doherty FarinellaMay 10 2020, 6:10pmThanks a mill Angela!
Laura FlynnMay 29 2020, 9:50amI' happy to report that we have just made a donation of €2,640 to St. Josephs which they were delighted to receive. We raised €1,400 from the relay itself. The additional money came from the money we brought in from the Lockdown Challenge. We hadn't envisaged such an enthusiastic sign-up for this and, as we hadn't intended it to be a profit-making event, the committee decided, after paying Sarah and Paul's very reasonable charge, to donate any extra to St.Joesphs.
As I said before a number of our members have had family members compassionately cared for in St. Josephs over many years (Andrew and Mick Hanney's mother Marie; Karen Devaney's father, Paul; Alan Hicks' father Fred and Gavan O'Doherty's father and much loved and fondly remembered former IMRA member, Brendan). This is a small way for them and for us to say thank-you.
Finally, a big thanks to Conor, Alice and Emily for making it happen.
Hope to see you all at our next one in aid of our great friends in Mountain Rescue.
Gordon PlaceMay 29 2020, 10:17amThat's great Laura! Well done everybody
Laura FlynnMay 29 2020, 12:04pmI forgot to mention that there will be a small piece in the next edition of The Irish Runner on this also.
Alice ClancyMay 31 2020, 9:28amWonderful news Laura! It’s so good to hear that. Well done everyone. Roll on the next virtual relay...!