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Vir-2-al Relay Charity Race


Graham K. BusheBrian KitsonBrendan LawlorAlice ClancyJohn Murphy74


The announcement hit me a bit out of the blue… I mean, we were in lock-down, no racing until - whenever…

So, without any faffing around I immediately set about preparing. I had been planning on a long session over the weekend, that was shelved! On Tuesday morning I remembered that I should probably reccie a nice route, seeing that we had a little bit of choice in the matter…

I set off down the road about 2.5K (still within the “Radius” (bends and junctions) I turned and ran back, but somewhere in the back of my mind the little voice was calling. “Shouldn’t you be off road? You’ve no excuse really” It was right of course, so I went up onto the Sugarloaf with a new plan in mind.

Being given a ‘Carte Blanche’ in terms of a 2km route can be trickier than one might imagine at first. However, I did finally get a general sort of idea - that might just about be workable… and eventually got home. A 12.5km reccie for a 2km route!!

The day finally came. I could hardly believe it. My first race of 2020. On my warm-up I saw my pacer in the distance, Brown Hare. But, when I waved to him, he bolted, and haven’t seen him since.

I eventually made it to the starting area, took a furtive glance around to see what the opposition was like. Surprisingly (and reassuringly) the usual suspects were resting today or were otherwise engaged. There were a few disinterested sheep grazing up the hill. They were supposed to be marshalling the route for me but just couldn’t get them to spread out.

Going through the last-minute race details the excitement was palpable and tensions high. And as always (even though I was the one counting) the 3,2,1 seemed to catch me off guard. Within seconds my heart was pounding and my hamstrings seizing. About 20m in I was about to stop and ask for a re-start but decided to just keep going as things may not be any better the second time around. The first km was an out and back, reasonably flat, but a bit technical. As I tried to dash my way along avoiding jagged rocks, I began to question the sanity of my choosing this bit. Thankfully I made it safely and was delighted to hear my watch chime in the first km. I was vaguely aware that the ‘beep’ was slightly later than expected but was too much in the zone and really looking forward to the next section- a grassy descent. Determined to make the most of it, I dropped the hammer. The legs were just going to have to wait and make their complaints later. Down, down I went. Zoom, zoom. Then I remembered the stream! With a bit of a prayer and some stride adjustments I just about clambered across without too much damage.

Now dash for the finish! Sprinting on, listening keenly for that little buzz. Nothin’! “What?” keep going… oh no bit of a climb, still no beep. Oh crap, a twisty technical downhill bit, but still no beep…

Decision time… and I mean like now, quickly!! Do I look at the watch to see what the ^&%$ is going on? Or do I keep going, because it must end any second, right?

Considerations. If I try to look at my watch, I’ll surely go ass over tit down the hill. If I don’t, I could have missed it already and am pelting down here needlessly and will go ass over tit anyway.

Thankfully, while I was dithering over my options, the beep eventually came and put me out of my misery/panic.

I trotted off at a more careful pace down the rest of the hill to have breakfast and go to work. What a great way to start the day.

Thanks to Alice, Emily and Conor for a great event and to all my fellow IMRA members. I know I am luckier than most being confined to my 2km which happens to cover both Big and Little Sugarloaves.

I hope we all (and our friends and families) get through this safely. Mind yourselves and hope to see you all on the hills and trains soon. graham

The Importance of Being Idle

I’ve always believed that the world would be a much better place if we all had nothing to do. I’ve heard people say that they wouldn’t give up their job if they won the lottery. I’d have quit mine before the last winning powerball rolled down the chute.

‘But hang on just a second there, Brian’, I hear you say, ‘if we were all idle who would put out fires, or cure cancer, or make Love is Blind on Netflix?’. I’ve nothing against a bit of human endeavour but it should be restricted by law to only the most vital of services such as the examples above and everyone else should chillax.

If I was in charge, I would set up a new type of government that actually taxes people when they work but pays them when they’re idle. Genius.

Human endeavour may sound noble, but 57% of everything we do just ends up making things worse. We invent flying and take to the skies: we ruin the planet. We learn how to farm and cook food: we ruin the planet. We fall in love on a Netflix reality TV show and have kids: we ruin the planet.

This crisis proves the point. The facts, insomuch that I am being much too idle to research anything for this piece, are that after just two weeks of human inactivity the planet is flourishing. Balbriggan looks 43% more like Barbados, a couple of new dinosaur eggs are close to hatching in Donnybrook and Djouce has actually become 3,000 metres higher finally giving us a mountain we deserve.

Contrary to popular belief, our most cherished inventions were borne from idleness rather than necessity. Harry Ford invented the motor car because he didn’t want to have to walk round to his mate’s house. Ten years later, the telephone was invented in 1962 by a man called Alan Bell because he was so idle that he couldn’t be bothered to leave his house at all. Idleness leads to great things. Facts, people. Facts.

Then, this week we got to see the greatest idle invention of all. Three top quality IMRA stalwarts, Emma Glen, Alex Clancy and Colin Farrell sensed critical doolally levels among the IMRA collective and came up with the genius idea of not bothering to host a race at all. Now that’s what I’m talking about. They called it a ‘virtual race’ and as far as I can tell, nobody really did anything to make it anything happen and yet it was a huge success.

Nobody Race Directed, nobody route marked, nobody even really bothered to race but we embraced their wonderful idea and felt part of something (genuinely) good and we raised millions of euros for charity.

As Ronan Keeling once famously sang, ‘You Do It Best When You Do Nothing At All’.

Virtual Relay

I'd been excited about this race every since it was announced on the forum a week ago. Alice Clancy , fresh and sober from her recent birthday celebrations, and Emily Glen stepped in at the last minute to very kindly make sure the event went ahead, despite the dreaded lockdown, to raise much needed funds for St Josephs, who care for people with dementia.

The format was adopted to account for the mad crazy world we are all now living in, and the only thing that was missing was a Zoom simulcast of everybody's individual race leg.. something for the tech heads to ponder for the future I suppose.

I checked the carpool to see if anyone needed a socially distance observing lift to Roundwood, but there were no takers. I was nervous as a kitten to find that Roisin Long was my team captain.. she is a fierce taskmaster and would be expecting great things from myself and Stuart Scott, our leg 3 runner. But I had been doing some sneaky government measure approved training and I felt the conditions and course would suit me.

I spotted that a few of the early starters had had good runs earlier in the day, with Graham Bushe jumping for joy below the Sugarloaf and Fergus O'Farrell pipping Eliud Kipchoge at the line on his own run.

Fergus's new pal Matt Damon was waiting at the line with a super big bag of cans and Matt, Fergus, Eliot and the pace runners were spotted skulling the cans near the Dalkey Quarry later that day.. the guards were called , but all of them took off (at a fierce gallop by all accounts) before the squad car arrived (or so I'm told, and maybe that bit didn't happen ?).. Anyhow,..

I headed down to the start line, checking that I had everything with me
-Checklist - check
- Jacket - check
- Mobile phone- check
- Garmin watch - check
- Race chip - check
-sunglasses - check

Jees the checklist gets longer every week

I looked around and was pleased to see that none of my nemesis'es had shown up. I waited for Emily's virtual READY- SET- GO and then I set off at a fierce pace and passed nobody in the opening km, but hadn't spotted any of the race markings, so slowed a little to make sure I hadn't got lost, and then remembered what I was doing, and took off again.

I checked my watch and saw I had 200m to go, and made a great burst for the line. I got in just ahead of Fiona Cavanagh but couldn't catch Avril Challoner. I'd got in under 10 minutes, which wasn't too bad, took my photos and headed home. I looked longingly through the window of a closed Kavanaghs pub as I walked by and dreamed quietly of the next pint I might have in that fine establishment.

Thank you to Alice, Emily and Conor for organising this most unusual and enjoyable event.. a win-win-win in every sense

123 Race Reports

There’s something fishy about this relay route… seemed to vary widely. There is a suspicion that the route was not adhered to and potentially all 123 runners DNF'd
There will be a stewards inquiry in due course. In the meantime, for full transparency, we have included all runner route statements in order of swiftness:

Rene Borg 0:06:03
The Definitive Downhill Doping course - a drop from the edge of Paddock Hill Wood near Scarr to the Wicklow Way at Drummin townland with...(RD Note: Runner statement ends here. We have notified mountain rescue)

Jason Kehoe 0:06:08
'The Belgard Burner' starts on the Belgard Heights hill and hurtles you down the hill and past the fire station on the Belgard Road. The fire crew will gladly dose your smouldering runners at the end. 2km net downhill (-37m)
Found a hill, ran down it, not that creative although I did pass Lidl if I needed fueling and a fire station in case a first-aider was required.

Peter O'Farrell 0:06:23
I started on the outer limit, as high a road as I could reach within my 2000m range at 161m ASL. I started running, picked up speed and only when I hit maximum velocity did I press the start button. The first kilometre has a net descent of 40m and I was flying. The second kilometer has a mere 21m of descent and I started blowing hard. And then, finally,6m23s later, it was over and MARINE HECTOR took up the baton.

Mick Hanney 0:06:26
A nice stretch of downhill trail
An obvious route, given it was used previously for IMRA races. Bonus points for using an IMRA route?

Ruairi Long 0:06:30
A savage, technical course in the mighty plains of Bushy. Exposure, kids kicking footballs, teenagers definitely not social distancing, you name it, the obstacles were there.

Shane O'Reilly 0:06:36
Runaway train, (but) Running right off the track...
The quietest, loneliest route possible from home

Rian MacMaolain 0:06:39
Run down from Bray Golf Club for 2kms towards home.
Chosen for easy terrain

Ian McHardy 0:06:47
gravel trail going down, and nothing going up
very limited - look out the window to the hill, climb it & run down it

Pat Foley 0:06:50
On road - fairly flat
Best I could do and stay in my 2k radius (all on road)

Graham K. Bushe 0:06:51
Starting on a technical Section (awful rough rocky bits), Turning point (hard-left, HARDER-LEFT!) back on the rocks , Grassy descent (trying to keep up with gravity), stream crossing (the water jump) gorse slalom (ouch my legs) last little technical & twisty bit (keep the head - don't banjax it now!) Phew! all over
Had been going to just do the boring a geat mix of things on the 'loaf :)

Mark Raleigh 0:06:56
Loop of old college Maynooth, trying not to knock over priests and buggies
Route was more about finding somewhere quiet with a wide path

Barry Murray 0:06:59
2km road out n back

Mike Jordan 0:07:09
As much downhill as I could muster within 2k of home...Extremely Creative

Peter Bell 0:07:11
2 holes par/birdie.....Well it was all marked

Mikey fry 0:07:15
Horrible blast in some directions..Amazing creative hoping popping

John Murray 0:07:17
Boring Black Stuff
So far from being creative. A slight detour to capture a summit photo with the setting sun was the highlight.

Martin Cullen 0:07:20
Road and trail with a hill

Paul Sweeney 0:07:22
Out the gap, "mowed" down the Ballymoneen Rd, heading west while running down hill, down cappagh road to the finish line.
Not very creative, I live in a concrete jungle and went for the easier downhill option

Paul Gonnelly 0:07:22
From Cabra right down into Stoneybatter - yes it was a decline but was within my radius Very Creative, In my mind I was running doing the downhill of an IMRA run

Gordon Place 0:07:31
From Samuel Beckett bridge down to the tip of Sir John Rogerson Quay and back up

James Tucker 0:07:37
2k Tour de Tymon

Shay Foody 0:07:39
Two laps around pitches

Dave Docherty 0:07:39
Belfield Ball Buster

Stephen McCabe 0:07:40
Beautiful sunny trail downhill through ash and beech woodland and out into a field along the peaceful banks of the Liffey, I skipped along until the final 700m horrible uphill between two sun-baked fields, along a dangerously rocky steep path with dogs laughing at my red face.
Not very - just a 2km trail loop. 50m drop at the start and a killer 50m climb at the end

John Buckley 0:07:40

James Sharkey 0:07:43

Eamonn Hodge 0:07:43
Sallynoggin roundabout to Mounttown Road through junction to York Road
It was late at night so I just jogged about a kilometre and then ran the straightest route I could

Liam Vines 0:07:46
My field of dreams..

Avril challonerl 0:07:46
The 3.5 laps of the delighful Alfie Byrne Road football pitches. Flat but grassy and has a bonus obstacle course of people practicing golf, dogs, broken glass bottles and someone who have decided to dig holes on one half of the pitch to contend with.

Fergal Downes 0:07:47

Alan Hicks 0:07:48
Social Distancing friendly run through the mildly hilly & rolling footpaths of Boone Co. Kentucky, while avoiding people, pick-up trucks, snakes, deer, geese, & other wild animals
Fairly creative in that I let my fellow runner & son, Conor Hicks (2848), choose the route with social distancing in mind

Jason Dowling 0:07:55
Like being an extra in a dead or alive song. You spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby, right round round round. (Hope you have that song stuck in your head now)!!
Apart from jumping over the passed out junkies, tip toeing through a minefield of dog shit, avoiding acidic walkers giving out about runners and having empty cans of drink being thrown at me when I ran by a group of lads on each lap, it was very bland.

Dave McCabe 0:07:55
Royal Canalavirus out and back

Alan Maher 0:07:57
...bird song, blue sky, green fields, mountain view, floral scent, country road, the endless Royal Canal......quiet country road merging onto The Royal Canal...

Martin Bagnall 0:07:59
One hill of a downhill!
It was created for speed!

Luke Maher 0:07:59
Flat run along the canal path, lots of dodging others - early evening run

Matthew Sammon 0:08:03
Along Military Road, then a foray through the forest, a leap over the rapids of the Khyber Pass ravine and a sprint past the Magazine Fort.
Spectacularly Creative

John O'Donovan 0:08:03

Andrew Hanney 0:08:05
from the mountains to the sea
I creatively introduced as much negative elevation as possible.

Richard Moriarty 0:08:06
I'm afraid to say that my route was as unimaginative as a Donald Trump was out the door for 2km and turn back!

John Langenbach 0:08:06
An honest up and down. As close to running along the M50 as you'll get without going to Marlay Park. I only found this hill that is within half a mile of my house at the weekend.

Pól Ó Murchú 0:08:07
Registration on the patio of Ard Aluinn aka Tí Pól on what was a lovely sunny Wednesday evening in Almondstown. From there it was a short jog to the start line approx 100m uphill to “the field”. Looking around at the rest of the competition it looked like it was going to be a tough race! A couple of horses on one side and a field of sheep the other! Who was going to be the winner! And then we were off! From the start it was straight down the lane about 1km to the main road and a sharp turn left. Straight on for another 1km. The route was predominantly downhill with a 78m descent over the course and 2m ascent which felt like climbing Djouce at the time. A quick glance at the watch and it was 1.95...nearly there! Boom 2km. And then the realisation that it was all uphill on the way home set in...
Very Creative! I live at the top of a hill where 3 roads meet so faced with choices straight away! Spent days planning and looking for the fastest route with the most down hill.

Thomas Galvin 0:08:08

Aaron O Sé 0:08:09
Up lane near house - 4 houses on lane and field either side

Fíona Canavan 0:08:12
The exact opposite of an actual hill race - a flat out-and-back on an empty road
didn’t want to let down a team with a slower time faffing about, so chose the path of least resistance i.e. the widest, emptiest road from my front door. It’s very easy to avoid people while running if you can race down the middle of the road undisturbed.

Ronan Lynch 0:08:15
Around 2 football pitches - flat as a pancake!

John McCann 0:08:15
Nice downhill to start but left myself a killer of an uphill finish
Not too creative but it was on a quiet country road with only cows and sheep for company!

Ronan Costelloe 0:08:16
stamina sapping stint round Stannaway

Philip Cohen 0:08:17
Gentle climb out of Englishcombe village, wistfully dreaming of hills.

Mike Long 0:08:17
Did the Sportsworld Runnig Cub 2 km lap of Bushy Park, Terrenure
A bit boring to be honest but it was a nice grassy 2 km

Eoin Syron 0:08:23
School to bridge and back again

Kevin O'Riordan 0:08:24
Couple of laps of football pitches

Brian kitson 0:08:24
Southern Cross Road Bray

Patrick Kissane 0:08:26
Loop around the park

Michael O'Rourke 0:08:27
A short loop on trails in the Phoenix Park with climb up to the Magazine Fort
Unimaginably so

Imogen McGuinness 0:08:30
Forestry path at the top of my farm

David Connell 0:08:30
Narrow country road in co galway, relatively flat

Tiarnan hohnston 0:08:36
My 2km route took me out of my estate and round by Lucan golf club. Then into the demesne and along the Liffey to the area where the canoeists practice their white water slalom. There was a bit of slalom around walkers, cyclists and other joggers in this area.
I run this way regularly although usually continue a little further than today’s run

Aidan Fennelly 0:08:39
Sneaky run through the woods

Lorraine Doyle Fennelly 0:08:40
Virtually the greatest race of my life!
Had to jump some ditches and hedges to make sure I was in the 2km radius of my home a nice added bonus!!

Rory O’Toole 0:08:43
Significant amount of research to find a flat section of a local circuit: Elevation gain = 1m!

Padraig Doyle 0:08:47
Ran around Kilsharvan like Starvin Marvin chasing a caravan of Parma Ham.
Not at all creative. Finish is practically at my front door. But my style of running would make a blind man weep.

Fergal Buckley 0:08:52
Straight, right, left, wobbly, right, straight, right, straight-ish, right, straight, right, wobbly, right, straight, right, straight, finish!
I closely copied the parkrun route so I was very creative!

Marcus Davies 0:08:54
Lollipop shaped loop followed by a lollipop in the back garden
Massively creative (in order to find the flattest route...)

Emily Glen 0:09:01
Flat road but with a great view of the Knockmealdowns.
An out-and-back

Simon Mcdowell 0:09:02
Started at The Scalp Nursery on the Enniskerry Road and headed down the hill past Kilternan Village and the famous Blue Church (Always looks it's best on warm sunny days like today!) finished at the Golden Ball Pub (for some reason the doors were closed!) Shame, I will be back one day!

Róisín Long 0:09:02
Despite being Rathfarnham AC members for many years, myself and Mike shamefully opted for the predefined 2km route that Sportsworld AC have set up in Bushy Park. Their information sign is lovely in fairness.Please note the Garmin link is to Mike’s run, I ran the same loop but just a little (*coughs*) slower.
Creative? Only Sportsworld can answer that question.

Brian Farren 0:09:02
Fishing hook shaped covid-friendly grass trail

James Heggie 0:09:05
Start from the house up round Ladychapel Church round by the stud and return to base .
I have not got much choice around where I am living at moment within 2km radius so scenic as possible from house . The cross roads were famous for dancing in times gone by I believe and the stud round bend has had a few winners I believe !!!

Val Jones 0:09:08
3 laps of local green, 14M climb
Not very creative, wanted to run in a cabbage field but there was a tractor spraying there today

Alan Ayling 0:09:10
Grass mainly. What I was running on and what the local howayas were smoking by the smell of things
Yeah boi, fukn mad creative so it was

Conor Hicks 0:09:11
Social distancing approved neighbourhood run, rolling footpaths, avoiding all contact with the human species
Fairly creative, given that I chose it to avoid the usual busy main neighbourhood thoroughfare, as lots of people out walking.

Gerry McGuinness 0:09:13
Shanganagh 'park run' route.

Keith Mulvey 0:09:14
Singing in a literal bad pitch -
"You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round!!!"
Barr me outrunning cows it was the only safe place to run on anything slightly resembling off-road.

Bianca van Bavel 0:09:15
the course meanders along the Meath gold coast, over ripples of shaped sandy beach, the tide crawling back in, with a colony of seagull supporters.
there were a few close encounters with the sea itself as some tidal pools were deeper than expected!

Paul Mc Redmond 0:09:17
It was like the rest of my life; mostly downhill.

John Murphy 0:09:17
A fast out and back after a 7 Mile warm up and a bit of a chase from a farmers dig

Ben Conroy 0:09:18
Started in Phoenix at the base of the Magazine Fort hill. Torturous climb to the summit followed by a run along the side of the 15 acres cutting across and making a bee-line for the papal cross but not quite making it in 2K.

Noel Barron 0:09:21
As the crow flies
Out to the top of the road and took off

S.M. Griffith 0:09:27
1 km up the hill, 1 km back down the hill
Not creative whatsoever

Louis Mullee 0:09:32
Aimless route no plan, Route Strategy, turn any time I see a walker/cyclist!
it was Spontaneous!

Brendan Lawlor 0:09:38
Trail beside Roundwood lake ( I wandered lonely as a cloud)

Miriam Maher 0:09:42
bridge to bridge - flatter than flat :)

Fiona Sheerin 0:09:48

Pat Cadogan 0:09:58
Straight 2 km flat. The baby budda reappearing due to lack of runs. Eat to much while cocooned.

Joseph Boyle 0:09:58
Trail route at sea level through sand dunes with a view across the bay to Killiney (almost)
Similar to a mountain trail without the initial climb.

Alan Barry 0:10:04
Left into the country, Left before the Garda check point and straight onto morning.
It wasn't Blue steel - but I'd say more Magnum

Jenny Uí Shé 0:10:06
Out the door turn left turn up lane and run up lane which is about 400m long a few times!
As creative as you can be with current restrictions!

Chris Willoughby 0:10:08
A figure of eight around Killincarrig Woods - up, down, steep up then back down again!
Limited by the 2km, but still managed some trails and hills

Niamh Kelly 0:10:09
Scenic country roads and a nice hill to get my warm-up on before heading back for the 2 k race taking advantage of a downhill start!! I know breaking the tradition of an uphill start
it was the best of a bad lot but with in my 2k radius so go me !!

Alicia Christofi-Walshe 0:10:10
Forestry fire road--downhill, then up, then down, a bit up and down to finish
Not that creative, but it is where I started trail running...

marine hector 0:10:11
Great route, beautiful view, fully marked as expected. Good job as always. Well done !!
The creative practical

Igor Gonzalez-Guridi 0:10:12
Commute early morning run through the village

Justin O'Keeffe 0:10:15
A loop of the block in Delgany
Almost as poor as my fitness...I really miss the camaraderie and hills

Dan Geelon 0:10:17
started from my house, finished 2k away.

Finn Rivera 0:10:20
1km up the hill, 1km back down the hill

Karen Devenney 0:10:23
As creative as it could be in 2km of home & Conor calling the shots!!

John Shiels 0:10:23
nice run along the edge of Blackrock park

Lorcan Farrell 0:10:26
Night Running Deserves a Quiet Night..... and a slightly uphill non-technical ending
As close to a straight line as I could manage dodging all the imaginary trees furze and rocks

Daniela Boehm 0:10:26
School to bridge and back

Gill Mc Loughlin 0:10:28
Out the door, up 'the hill', across, down 'the hill' (by 'hill' i mean the biggest rise within my 2km)

Paulina Hanney 0:10:45
from the mountains to the sea
my Dad chose it!

Anna Musial 0:10:47
chasing shadows while being on a short leash from home
just about to avoid other human beings

Laura Flynn 0:10:54
Lap of Bushy Park with 9m elevation gain

Seb Szm 0:10:55
following the social distancing guidelines, Kipchoge's pace is out of the question
I went for run flat stay low

Anne Hodge 0:11:14
Flat first 500m beside football pitches with a few detours around deer, around Magazine fort, avoiding the occasional sunbather, down steep hill (dodging small dog and large owner), up VERY VERY steep hill and final downhill to finish.

Emer Conroy 0:11:15
Forest Trail - 50m elevation to start then down hill swallowing lots of flies
..lovely forest run that start just out the front of the house !

Conor O'Farrell 0:11:15
Warm-up, followed by a 2km loop of Griffeen Park. Pulled calf before I got to complete the first km, so my time is an amalgamation of the warm-up and the bit I ran before I had to pull-up

Vivian O'Gorman 0:11:21
A BIG bump - left - a small bump - downhill finish! thank God!!
No choice really. Ran from the town. All on footpath then road...

Stuart Scott 0:11:29

Santina Farinella 0:11:49

Gavan Doherty 0:11:50
not remotely hilly, on the beach from Blackrock to Booterstown
Dublin Bay hasn't been used by IMRA since the Foot & Mouth Dollymount hill run (2001, 0m climb)

Steve Griffin 0:12:17
Swords Sprint

Aisling Corkery 0:12:23
1km up Lovers Leap Lane and back (with a slight detour for a nice summit aka Dargle Valley photo)

Rachel Cinnsealach 0:12:31
Wreckless Ratoath Run (that wasn't really wreckless at all!)
Oh very creative!!!

Angela Flynn 0:12:39
Left down the hill. Finished it

Karen johns 0:12:43
Over hill and dale (poppintree park)

Alice Clancy 0:12:50
I found me a hillock and a sort of a quarry and some semi-interested cows and ran up and down and around and into and around and about and back around again until I hit 2k. Lots of up and down and little climbs....but nothing like the real thing!
somewhat creative. The cows didn't seem impressed

Linda Rowden 0:13:23
Wheezy 2km in my favourite park. 2 puffs of ventilon to try and open my airways and off we went. Had to stop twice, once to pick up a dog shite and once to look for said dog. Had I left her on her lead she could have pulled me along and I would have won the race!!

Fergus O'Farrell 0:14:07
Run up a bit, turn left, run some more then turn left again.
Very creative by not cheating. All climbing, no downhill or flat. Elevation Gain 187m

Richard Leahy 0:14:22
Do I get a bonus for running the actual race route?
had to fly the flag on top of the hill considering it's within my 2km zone

Brian Fennessy 0:16:48
Went out my door turned left up into the fields beside me for 2k came home still breathing through my arse ;-)
I let my kids pick the route and let my dog set the pace for the first 2m

Maike Jurgens 0:17:02
Lidl and back
10+1 turns

John Murphy 09:17

After a nice 7 mile warm up accompanied by Eoin Keith( on podacast), I took on my 1.25 mile or 2km course as an out and back from my estate. The first section was slow but the pace picked up when the farmers dog decided to race( or maybe chase) me after that i had a nice finish but the last 100 metres i thought i had a challenger but i invoked the 2m rule to keep them behind me and claim the win!
I am calling for a stewards enquiry into the race being long as it measured at 2.01km!