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Jackie OAug 12 2008, 11:47amIs there a Grid Reference for this race start?
Brendan LawlorAug 12 2008, 11:54amStart is off the N11,just before the Glen of the Downs, opposite the Glenview Hotel

Grid reference is O 025 120 approximately
Rene BorgAug 12 2008, 12:50pmThanks Brendan, now added to the even description as well.
Marcus GeogheganAug 12 2008, 1:21pmBrendan said "Grid reference is O 025 120 approximately"

but if one were to use one could get the grid reference exactly...

Rene BorgAug 12 2008, 1:49pmHi Markus, we actually have that system build into every Event page (another of Justin's new innovations). Unfortunately, it only works if the people with access rights (including myself), know where the location is to be found on the map (as it takes quite a long time to try at find it by guessing and you run the risk of picking the wrong spot).
Jackie OAug 12 2008, 1:55pmSorry Brendan
Should that be 250 120?
025 would have us over in West Wiclow Sorrell Hill area no?

Using the website Glen Of the Downs seems to be 264 103, if it is where I think it is! But I am not, thus asked for GR!
Sorry to be awkward guys!
Jackie OAug 12 2008, 1:58pmPS Great tool! :)
Brendan LawlorAug 12 2008, 2:05pmApologies

The grid ref should read O 255 120
Mick HanneyAug 13 2008, 9:33pmI took the 1 lap option this evening :-) Event details posted here mirror that of last year. If this was a 2 lap race the distance would have been well over 10K and would have had slower finishers completing their race in fading light through the Glen forest. I thought Douglas was joking when 2 laps were announced at the start.
Justin ReaAug 13 2008, 10:44pmThe two lap comment was a misleading one. I assume Doug was confused as to how best to describe the shape of the course.

Nice trail though. We were lucky the rain held off.
Mick HanneyAug 14 2008, 10:57amIts an enjoyable route alright and the 2 lap option could be used for a future event perhaps. For those that ran the 3 league races I expect a consolidated result for last night will be needed? Those that did the long course were pretty much the leaders of the race, from what I could tell, so could a single result be produced on that basis, with adjustments as needs be by exception?
Lindie NaughtonAug 14 2008, 4:28pmA few points from last night for future trail series:
- a small group is needed to organise, not just one hard-pressed individual
- MTB course marking would be easy
- junior entries should be encouraged
- hi-viz marking is needed. Where have the previous markings vanished to?
Anyone interested in a Saturday morning trail series for, say, November?
Paul WhyteAug 14 2008, 9:46pmMick, there was talk in the pub afterwards of re-running this race on Wednesday 20th August. Expressions of interest were to be got from the forum. This would allow a winner of the league to be selected. Looking at the league standings it looks like only those that did the 'long course' were counted as having done 3 races.
Lindie, agree with your comments regarding what is required to organise trail races. On average in excess of 100 people took part in the 3 races. Having helped on Earl's drive I can appreciate the amount of work involved.
It is a very enjoyable series of races.
I would be interested in a Saturday morning trail series in November.
Mick HanneyAug 14 2008, 10:25pmIs there a precedence for a race rerun? A race rerun is of course an option particularly if the league outcome is too close to call from the results, if skewed, last night. Ultimately the decision is with the league director with the input of those that are in a position to run the 3 league races of which I ain't one.

Races in November would be welcome. A trail outing in Avondale would be an option. I'd be happy to help / organise such a run.

Colm Mc CarthyAug 14 2008, 10:34pmHi, a pity about the confusion on Wednesday night. The map on the website was hard to understand I thought with junctions etc so having never ran the course the usual tactic of following the runner ahead applied and once Ryan and co. led the field into lap 2, as suggested by the starting instructions I think most of us in the first bunch followed suit. An exception would seem to be Greg Byrne who was ahead of me at that point I think but seemed to take the one lap option, and duly came in a few minutes ahead in that race.
Another note regarding the map on the web and the stated 7.26km - there is no scale, so to a newcomer to the course, being told that 2 laps is what is required is perfectly plausible, until your quads hit that hill for the second time and you know there is something wrong!!
My first ever IMRA runs were this series. It's been a brilliant 3 weeks running and alot of credit is due to the organisers. More obvious route markings or a marshall at tricky junctions however are the only improvements I could envisage.
Douglas BarryAug 14 2008, 11:49pmWhile I would like to put on another trail race this month, I'm tied up and can't do it.

That said, to clarify the Trail League, there has never been a formal structure to it other than having three trail races at the end of the offical Leinster league. We never say who is the winner and there are no end of league prizes. However, I do give out a substantial portion of the entry money taken for the first couple of races in prizes and spots, and give out even more for the final race, as per last night.

However, we did have a formal Irish Trail Running Championship (one race) in the past and perhaps this could be revived. We could use Lindie's idea of a November series on Saturday mornings, but have the last race as the big one - the Irish Championship. Over to you......

Justin ReaAug 15 2008, 10:04amWe could run a Irish Trail Running Championship Race on National Trails Day 28th Sept:

But this would involve moving the Lug relay.
Rene BorgAug 15 2008, 10:50amI think moving Stone Cross to Lug is not feasible (we've had this discussion on the Committee), but I'm not sure they are competing events.

One caters very much for traditionalist hill runners and seasoned veterans of the hills while a Trail Running Running Championship would suit more cross-country style hill runners as well as being a good place to start for novices.

We still have all the old details of the route for the Irish Trail Running Championships. I also know Mick Hanney has proposed a possible trail run around Devil's Glen? (correct me if I'm wrong Mick on this, as I may remember this wrong)

In theory this could be dug up and used by anyone interested in arranging such an event. Personally, I think the idea of an Irish Trail Running Champs is appealing, but I know the original event was cancelled due to low numbers.

However, in conjunction with a National Trail Day, what better vehicle for promoting it?
Niamh Ni CholmainAug 15 2008, 11:01amAvondale would be a fantastic venue for a trail championship race. I think it was previously held there.

I would guess that there won't be many more than 15 or 20 running on the Saturday in the relay due to the nature of the race (comparable to Nav Challenge races), so to have the trail race the next day shouldn't be a problem.

Mick HanneyAug 15 2008, 11:07amHi,

Both Avondale and Devils Glen have trails well suited for any such race. I believe Avondale staged the last such once off championship race - and given the planning involved it may be preferable to consider such an event for next years calendar.

Speaking of next year's calendar I've a potential route, possibly for a winter league race consideration, in Annacurra. If someone involved in compiling next year's schedule would be interested in a recce please let me know.


Paul O'GradyAug 15 2008, 1:34pmSo has a decision been made on the overall Trail League's standings - are only those people who ran the additional lap being credited with the result?
Pol O'MurchuAug 15 2008, 5:45pmI think Lindie's Idea of some more trails in November would be great there doesn't appear to be much happening around October/November so I as a new member would definitely love to see some more runs around that time of year.
Rene BorgAug 15 2008, 6:28pmJust as a historical and practical note, the current reason why their are few races in Oct, Nov and Dec is partly safety (not relevant for hill runs), and partly to give volunteers and organisers a time of the year when they can recharge their batteries for the new season.

For the serious runners, the Winter is also oftne a period off racing where they focus on building strength for the new season after the trials and tribulations of a long season.

It doesn't have to be dormant for those who want to race year round, however, as there is a very active cross-country scene. Having done much of it last year, I can see its very enjoyable. It's fast furious (often dirty!) and overall a very useful experience for hill running.

There's plenty of races around from Oct-Feb in the cross-country regime and even more if you join a club as this provides you access to the Novices, Intermediates and Seniors series running in that period.

This is not meant to deter anyone from organising an autumn trail league, but I imagine, given the workload on volunteers from January to September, that it would be non-IMRA, unless a new subcommittee could be formed without the "usual suspects" (if they can stay away!).

This is a wholly personal opinion, btw, if an organiser should want to go ahead with this, Lindie (or others), I would recommend writing straight to the Committee, as the forum wouldn't be suitable for actual formal organisational talks (e.g. committee members may not read it).
cormac o ceallaighAug 15 2008, 7:13pmyes Avondale on the 29th would be perfect for trail champs, superb facilities and stronghold of Parnell AC
Fergal NooneAug 15 2008, 8:42pmJust to throw my name in if there was to be November Trail League. I'd be more than happy to volunteer to help out. Take Rene's point that many people need to recharge the batteries etc but it's a long time till the winter league comes around again for those of us not in clubs. To make it more relevant to IMRA could we do some laptop training and the like in a non pressure situation?
Lindie NaughtonAug 16 2008, 5:00pmGlad to see interest in a November trail race series, which I would be prepared to help organise, since committee members must be given a break.
The idea of the series would be to entice people to run off road; also to provide an outlet for those who can't manage the rougher hill races, are not members of athletics clubs and have no plans to start cross-country running (though the BHAA winter races come highly recommended). I would suggest routes where we can have a lap - juniors could run one lap.
Marlon DaviesAug 17 2008, 1:56pmThis was my first season with IMRA and I completed the Leinster League ...and I love the idea of a november trail league I for one would like to help out in any way I can -honoring those who need a break after putting together a great season. Who should I go about contacting?