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Glen of the Downs




Take a hard look at these results and let me know (imra at if you think anything looks wrong.

Anyway the ways of mice and men gang oft astray as the Scottish poet Robbie Burns once declaimed. Some people were misled by their elders (me, I'm afraid) & did too much last night - two laps instead of one.... In trying to sort of the confusion at the end, we might got a position or two wrong. Please check.

I'd be obliged if someone could write a report on this race and email it to me at the above address. Also if anyone would like to write a report on the Earl's Drive race that would be great. Difficult to see all the action on these loop courses, but we can but try, so get writing!!

Thanks again to everyone who helped out - Lindie Naughton, Una Coghlan, Nick Davies, Mary Healy, Brendan Doherty, and to Myles and others who helped sort out the numbers beforehand! Douglas