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Leanne CookeAug 14 2008, 9:40amHi,

Just wondering if a map of the route will be posted? Is the route easy to navigate?

Rene BorgAug 14 2008, 10:01amHi Leanne, Tony has provided me with three maps (it's too big to be on one). I'll try to get them up sometime this week.<br />
<br />
There'll be no marking as specified on the event description, so people are advised to recce the route over the next 1.5 months and should have at least rudimentary navigational skills.<br />
<br />
Like for other classical events, minimum kit should be carried to ensure personal safety: windproof jacket, whistle, compass, map, water and preferably also a minimum of food.

There are some pretty visible landmarks to go by, but there are also several places where mist could make micro-navigation an absolute necessity, particularly the area from Duff Hill over Mullaghcleavaun (the latter mountain can turn into a complete tundra in bad weather with no distinguishable features).
Paul NolanAug 14 2008, 5:06pmIt's great that the Lug Relay is back after a break of 8 years. For anybody tempted to give it a go you'll need to answer one question. Are you happy to run and navigate by yourself for 2 to 4 hours over largly trackless open mountain?

If the answer's yes, great you'll love it. If the answer's maybe, then try the Navigation Challenge series which starts shortly. You'll have a chance to sharpen the skills you'll need and maybe find some like minded souls to be your team mates for the Relay.
Rene BorgAug 14 2008, 9:15pmMaps are now up for this event.
Mick HanneyAug 14 2008, 10:08pmHi Rene,
Not all maps up and all the links aren't working?
Rene BorgAug 14 2008, 10:11pmHi Mick, I just received an email from Justin with the details earlier. I won't have time to fix this tonight, but will look into it again tomorrow.
Rene BorgAug 19 2008, 9:46pmAll map links now working for this and event page cleaned up (somewhat!).
Chris MieskeSep 2 2008, 12:09pmDoes anyone do this race solo? The cost would be !0 x 3? Anyone available to offer a ride from the finish to the start line or vice-versa?
Tony KiernanSep 2 2008, 12:54pmNo problem running solo, however I would like to see your experience todate on similar self-navigation, open mountain long distance 50K+ events, you should detail this on your entry e-mail to me.

Entry fee is €10.00 for a single runner who needs IMRA membership on the day.

Dont forget folks E-mail entries to, entries close Mon 15th Sept.

Shane EnrightSep 6 2008, 12:41pmMyself, Shay Foody and Kevin O'Riordan planning to recce the whole route over two days at a reasonable pace. First half (finishing top of Gravale and coming down to the military road) on Wednesday 10th, leaving city centre around one o'clock. Second half (starting where we left off and going to the finish) on Saturday 13th.

Anyone interested in coming along give me an email at
Daniela BoehmSep 9 2008, 11:41amHi,
just wondering if anyone is interested in putting together a 'slowish/just for the fun of it' kind of team for the Relay or is looking for a runner of that kind :)
You can email me at boehm DOT dan AT
Thanks, Daniela
Greg CahillSep 9 2008, 4:17pmHi Tony,
Just want to get confirmation that no runner will leave without their team mate finishing their leg? If time is running late would this rule be changed?
Tony KiernanSep 9 2008, 4:38pmSorry Greg,
With the nature of this race it is paramount that no runner is left out on the hills. Without the safe arrival of a runner the stage marshal will not allow the next leg runner to start.
Tony KiernanSep 10 2008, 11:42pmFolks two important updates for the Race :

Cut-Off times :
Due to the fact it will be dark by 8pm Iv decided to set cut-off times for each of the Legs to ensure all teams will complete within 12hrs total,7pm :

Leg-1 7am to 10.30am (3.5hrs)

leg-2 10.30am to 2.30pm ( 4hrs)

leg-3 2.30pm to 7.00pm (4.5 hrs)

Change to Finish :
In case of bad weather and to ensure a bit of atmosphere at the finish, the race will now finish at Fenton's Pub (Glen of Imaal)this will add about 1k to the overall distance.
This will allow runners get a change of clothes and have a well earned pint while waiting to cheer-in the rest of the pack.

***** To date I have 6 teams entered, keep them coming ! ******
Paul JoyceSep 11 2008, 12:58pmHi,
I'm another runner in search of a team. Currently training for the Dublin marathon, so would prefer to run the last, longest leg. If this suits anyone, please email me at joyceart AT gmail DOT com.
-Paul Joyce
Tony KiernanSep 12 2008, 9:14am8 teams now entered, looks like it'll be a cracker of a race.

Iv extended the entry date a week to Monday 22nd Sept.

Race entry fees are payable on the day.

Melanie WalshSep 12 2008, 12:36pmHi Tony. Can you clarify the start point (Leg 1). The grid ref. you give O-075-205 and directions, 2km from Stone Cross, indicate that the start is the first forest entrance after the stone cross. However the angle of the forest road marked on the map for Leg 1 indicates that you should start at the second forest entrance, about 2.75km from Stone Cross and grid ref. O-07352-20091. I have walked some of leg 1 and started from the second forest entrance and this follows exactly the direction of the blue line marking the Leg 1 route. However, this is wrong according to the grid ref. you give so if you could clarify which it is that would be great. Also I have a question about footwear! I want to wear runners so that I can make the most of the runable ground but from corrig on its v boggy, uneven terrain more suited to hill walking shoes esp. if weather bad and out for 3 hours (and a bit!). Other Legs difficult also, what would you recommend? I can imagine elite runners not considering boots but as I'm not elite I am considering a tougher shoe than I would wear hill running...
Tony KiernanSep 12 2008, 9:58pmHi Melanie, The race starts at the 1st Forrest Gate the same start as the Corrig race and from there you can take whatever route you like up onto Seahan and then onto Corrig and so on...

As for footwear, the whole course will be boggy sh*te all the way, id vote for Walsh'es or a similar trail shoe, your feet will get wet from the very start in whatever shoes you wear, running in walking boots I think is not really an option and may slow you down to much. A slim trail shoe is less likley to stick in the bog and come off your foot !

Caitlín BentSep 14 2008, 4:34pmHi Tony,
The original Lug Relay Races started at The Stone Cross taking in Ballymorefinn and then onto Seahán. The original Lug Walk took in Sliabh na Bawnóg. Lough Firib was also a visiting point before heading south for Conavalla. The race ended at the foot of Camára hill so I suppose extending it to Seskin will make up for the changes.
Go néirigh an 'bothar libh'.
Caitlín Bent.
Tony KiernanSep 14 2008, 7:48pmCaitlin,
I tried to find a route from Stone Cross up to Sliabh na Bawnóg but over the last couple of years its being planted and the young forestry is now impassable, (you could possibly crawl on your belly through the last 150mt to the summit but that's not on so early in the race :)..

Lough Firib is still on the course as its on the general route from Turlough Hill across to Conavalla.

Thanks, Tony

Melanie WalshSep 15 2008, 12:03pmHi Tony,
Thanks for clarification of start point. I will do my next recce from first car park, happy not to be crawling through forest on my belly as I don't think there is a shoe for that! Tks for the shoe advice also, its a great help.
Thanks, Melanie.
Kevin O'RiordanSep 15 2008, 12:46pmThe map links are broken again. Can't seem to browse the directory either (this worked the last time).
Moire O'SullivanSep 15 2008, 1:15pmHi Tony, you might want to clarify about Leg 3... on the event route description it says 1) Turlough Hill carpark Communications Hut (Grid-Ref : T-063-983) 681m and then 2) Conavalla 734m ... no mention at all of going to Lough Firrib in between as in your post to Caitlin. Can you let us know exactly the required control points for the leg and what is up for grabs in terms of route choice? Thanks.

Also, FYI for all you leg 1 runners out there, if you had the joy of running the NC Eagle's Nest yesterday, you'll know that it is a serious bog out there on the saddles between those hills - remember to tie your laces on tight and bring your snorkel!
Tony KiernanSep 15 2008, 2:47pmMoire,
In general terms you must reach all summits, the next summit after the start of Leg-3 is Conavalla, how you get there is your own choice !

Cutting the corners off Turlough Hill access road and tracking a course from the top of the road out to link up with the Communications Hut and Lough Firrib is your own choice.

What is not on is heading across from Turlough Hill via the 3 lakes to pick up the ditch upto Table Mountain, you must visit Conavalla first.

When the website maps are back up you can see from the Blue Route marked on Leg-3 that is follows the high ground from the end of Turlough Hill access road accross to Lough Firrib and then onto Conavalla.

It goes without saying that anybody entering this race should be studying the maps and recee'ing the routes to understand the best route choice.

**** Up to 11 teams now !

Brendan LawlorSep 17 2008, 1:12pmFor people looking for guidance on timings for the Lug relay in terms of handovers here are the archive results from 1989 and 1994

The 'expected' winning time for each leg based on the history books would be

Leg 1 : 1:30 to 1:40
Leg 2 : 1:40 to 1:50
Leg 3 : 1:40 to 1:50

However the wet boggy conditions we can expect might affect these predictions (negatively) or the overall improvement in average hillrunners could impact the other way

Perhaps some veterans from this era might want to comment?

Lug Relay 23/6/89
LEG 1 (Team)

1. Wally Young 1.35.40 (2)

2. Seamus Murhpy 1.39.32 (1)

3. John Barnwell 1.51.21 (3)

4. Aidan Burke 1.54.46 (4)

5. Frank Murphy 2.00.31 (7)

6. Billy Jordan Sen. 2.11.59(5)

7. Tom Behan 2.11.59 (6)

8. Martin Flanagan 2.36.37 (8)

LEG 2 (Team)

1. Ciaran Young 1.53.46 (1)

2. Andrew O’Mullane 2.14.14 (3)

3. Pat Healy 2.16.42 (2)

4. Paddy Wayne 2.29.32 (4)

5. Danny Toye 2.51.09 (7)

6. Bill Jordan Jun. 3.05.40 (5)

7. Eddie O’Reilly 3.07.31 (6)

8. Rodney Forde DNF (8)

LEG 3 (Team)

1. Aongus O’Cleirigh .58.31 (2)

2. Paul Smith 2.06.17 (1)

3. Gavan Doherty 2.18.27 (3)

4. Jonny McEvoy 2.22.15 (6)

5. John Stokes 2.22.40 (5)

6. Leonard Stokes 2.23.08 (4)

7. Martin Flynn 2.45.01 (8)

8. John McElhinney 2.55.47 (7)

Lug Relay 94 Leg 1


Leg 2

Leg 3


Rene BorgSep 17 2008, 1:18pmRecords for the course are also up on the team page, courtesy of Paul Nolan.
Brendan LawlorSep 17 2008, 1:25pmI've just realised that the statement 'the overall improvement in average hillrunners could impact the other way' should say 'the overall improvement in hillrunner numbers entering our events could impact the other way' slight on previous record holders or participants intended - time , as the man says, will tell
Turlough ConwaySep 17 2008, 5:02pmThere is a place available for leg one of the Stone Cross to Lug relay.

If interested and not familiar with the route there will be a recce this weekend.

Please mail turlough dot conway at iadt dot ie

Paul NolanSep 18 2008, 10:09amThe place Turlough refers to above has been filled.
Melanie WalshSep 19 2008, 12:37pmFor Leg 1 runners and others with knowledge they are wishing to share. Have done my recce of this Leg and crossing from Seefingan to Kippure was a nightmare, now I don't mind bog, getting wet etc..but thoughts of sinking without a trace did cross my mind...more than once (I know I'm a whimp its not like it's Barnacullian). I stayed a bit left to avoid the open bog but didn't really avoid it... Can anyone with experience of this area sugguest the best way to cross? I am thinking of avoiding it by dropping to the right a bit as I don't think i'll loose any more time than it took to pick my way safely (just) accross the saddle...may try that on my next recce unless anyone has a better idea (Now, that doesn't involve wet gear and a tank!)
Melanie WalshSep 23 2008, 10:21amIn reply to my own question above (in case anyone else was interested), stay right of bog.
Thanks Melanie!
Oh your welcome.
Rene BorgSep 23 2008, 1:36pmThe maps to this event have been down, but have now been brought back up.
Stephen DoorlySep 23 2008, 2:39pmThanks Melanie
Stuart ScottSep 24 2008, 12:21amHi all,

Any first leg runners heading from the Foxrock Church / N11 / Sandyford direction and able to offer a lift on Saturday? Not much public transport at that ungodly hour :-)

If so, please contact me on scottst1 at


Jason ReidSep 24 2008, 10:31amHi

I am also wondering if anyone is able to offer a lift from South Dublin to the start of Leg 1 on Saturday..? Any assistance would be much appreciated, happy to contribute to fuel costs etc.

I can be contacted on or 0857 157 167.


Colm HillSep 24 2008, 3:08pmHey guys

I was just wondering about how we confirm that we reached the summets? Will there be controls at the top or am i acting like to much of an orienteer. . .

Kevin O'RiordanSep 24 2008, 3:12pmHi Colm,

All the summits we encountered on our recces had cairns or similar rock features marking the summits.

Tony KiernanSep 24 2008, 3:24pmThe Lug Relay is run on a Gentleman’s / Gentlewoman’s ! agreement, you are expected to reach each summit, all as far as I know are all marked with a cairn (pile of rocks or similar), there will be no control points or summit marshals.

If you decide to cheat and bypass a summit that up to you but could you live with your conscience …..
Moire O'SullivanSep 24 2008, 4:07pmJust wanted to raise a quick query about compulsory gear - map, compass, whistle, energy bar / energy gel, rain jacket I'm all grand with.

Mobile Phone with IMRA emergency number & Race director number keyed-in - the majority of the areas up there that have no coverage at all. Also, I've water damaged so many mobile phones out on runs (even when they were in plastic zip lockbags) that I'm really not for carrying a phone.

1lt of water - but sure, isn't that what the streams are for?

A lightweight hat - This should be a personal decision - never been requested on any fell run in Ireland / UK I've been on.

Foil Emergency Blanket - Rain jacket covers this need.

Therefore, I appeal to the Race Director that we follow the rules with respect to the NC challenges, namely map, compass, whistle, spare food, rain jacket. Anything else is just superfluous and adding weight!
Rene BorgSep 24 2008, 4:13pmHi Moire,I'll leave this to the race director to decide, but just a comment on the hat.

Given that it takes up no space and little weight, I'd recommend this as it's the most effective heat protection you could hope for if anyone goes wrong.

"In air, most heat (20 to 40 percent) is lost through the head; covering the head and neck is quite important in reducing the likelihood of hypothermia."
Paul JoyceSep 24 2008, 4:22pmRegarding the Foil Emergency Blanket, making it compulsory only three days before the event will leave it very difficult for many living outside a metropolis to procure. Surely a rain jacket (and hat?) would suffice?
Gavan DohertySep 24 2008, 4:41pmfoil blanket? don't see that anywhere... moire - stop scaremongering!
Kevin O'RiordanSep 24 2008, 4:57pmIt's on the front page article:
Shay FoodySep 24 2008, 5:49pmI too am looking for a lift to start of Leg 1. I live close to Smithfield, so could meet anywhere in the city. If you could help me out I'd be very grateful. My email address is shay_ie AT
Tony KiernanSep 24 2008, 7:32pmRe the Mandatory Equipment :
Mobile Phone : I got plenty of coverage when I did the Wicklow Round, coverage may not be perfect in all places, but it stays on the list.

Hat: Most light weight jackets don’t have a good enough thermal hat, this is required in case of emergency where a runner is down on the mountain in very bad weather.
Most of your heat is lost through your head or so they say, it also stays on the list.

Water : Who knows what’s in the bog waters or slow running streams, drinking from high mountain fast moving streams is probably ok, but once again it stays on the list.

Foil blanket, OK this should have been on the list from the start so I'll concede on this one albeit it is highly recommended.

All this equipment is generally only used if the weather is bad and in case of emergency, Iv ran many a race in France and this amount (and more)of kit is the norm. The legs are of similar length on marked trails with crystal clear rivers but you still had to carry water. I even had to carry a thermal hat in the Gobi Desert !

Please don’t argue with Leg Marshals on the above kit.
Thanks for your co-operation
Tony KiernanSep 24 2008, 8:13pmTeams are below in text format. Remember unregistered runners must complete a registration form before they start. Volunteers are needed (first aid, leg handover officials, finish times, and volunteers who could assist in any search or rescue). Contact gerry.brady at asap if available.

Team, Name, Leg 1, Leg 2, Leg 3
1, One, Shay Foody 277, Shane Enright 285, Kevin ORiordan 98
2, UpSet, Aidan Coffey 118, Philip Brennan 336, Moire OSullivan 9
3, Three, Stuart Scott 270, Daniela Boehm 167, Brendan Arthurs 214
4, Four, Denis Patterson, Greg Byrne 276, Grainne Connor 318
5, Set-2, Tony Doolin 340, Terry Lawless, Jim Mulrooney
6, Six, Ronan Hartnett 30, Adrian Tucker 265, Kevin Grogan 139
7, Found on the forum, Brendan Lawlor 52, Niall McAlinden 228, Paul OGrady 418
8, AJAX, Peter Kernan 662, Andrew McCarthy, Mike Long 62
9, GEN 127, Alan Ayling 36, Gavan Doherty 124, Joe Lalor 34
10, GEN 149, Stephen Doorly 1337, Isabelle Lemee 717, Mick Kellett 332
11, GEN 89, Martina OKearney 335, David Healy, Margaret McCarthy 392
13, CNOC, Niall Ewen, Seamus OBoyle, Colm Hill
14, Lugging it home, Jason Reid 162, Jacqueline OHagan 112, Paul Joyce 639
15, The Walshs, Melanie Walsh 607, Colin Walsh 27, Eileen Walsh 1260
Paul CullenSep 24 2008, 10:32pmIf I can make it, I'd like to watch and cheer somewhere along the route. Any idea of a good place to watch people go by, at a reasonable middayish hour?
Stuart ScottSep 25 2008, 11:37amIf you're looking for foil blankets, try your local pharmacy. Most of them stock first aid equipment.
Tony KiernanSep 25 2008, 6:32pmThe IMRA emergency number is 087 261 7599. Please put it into the mobile phone you are carrying with you in the race. Make sure your team members have each other's numbers also! IMRA number will NOT work for text messages.
Mick HanneySep 25 2008, 8:24pmGerry,

Can you confirm to me again (and for leg 3 finishers) the exact finishing point, as what you said to me on the phone doesn't correlate with the finishing point as marked on the map on the forum? Is it right up towards the junction with the 'yellow' road near Fentons.

I'll be manning the finish for the 1st 2 hours of finishers or thereabouts.


Tony KiernanSep 25 2008, 9:13pmRace finishes at the road junction beside Fenton's pub not at the bottom of Camara hill.
All runners should have worked out exit strategies (nearest road or forest path) at different points on their leg in the event that there is a heavy mist down and they have to abandon the race e.g Glenmalure hostel track, or Cloghernagh and zig-zags later on third leg. You should also know what areas on your leg to stay away from (wet bog, steep cliffs on Lugnaquilla etc.). All runners must complete the sign-in sheet before they start, and unregistered runners must complete a registration form.
Jonathan SpringJun 16 2009, 10:41pmI'm planning to participate in the Lug Walk on Sat. I notice on the new registration card that there appear to be fewer check-points thyan when I last did this. Does any nice person out there hava a list of the way-points please?

Cheers, Jonathan