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Brendan LawlorJun 4 2009, 10:41amI need a few more helpers for Scarr race. You can volunteer by logging into MyIMRA.

Vivian O'Gorman has kindly offered to act as Deputy Race director

Mobile Oh 87 -Too 432 79 Ate
Brendan LawlorJun 4 2009, 4:15pmScarr race will start and finish at T 153 998 (2km South of Oldbridge,turn right up narrow lane on Wicklow Way - Near Roundwood ).

There will be limited parking at this location and runners will need to carpool from the Coach House in Roundwood.

Carpoolers are asked to make a small contribution to the 17th Roundwood Scout Troop, as one of the troop leaders, Mrs Nicky Gaffney, provide us with the use of the parking field.

Lisa O’Brien of Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team has kindly volunteered to act as First Aid officer at the race.

Vivian O Gorman will be Deputy Race director
Anthony MaloneJun 10 2009, 11:03pmHi there, I had not expected to be at this race but now I will be. I would like to offer my help if needed. However, I hope it is not inconvenient but I plan to run also. Please contact me on 0872four886zero2.
Brendan LawlorJun 11 2009, 8:47amThanks Anthony. No problem if you want to run, just get over reasonably early and you can assist with registration and again after the race with collecting numbers and tidying up.

I still need a few more helpers in particular a summit marshall
Brendan LawlorJun 11 2009, 9:45amJoe Laloe has volunteered as summit marshall
Brendan LawlorJun 11 2009, 9:45amJoe Lalor has volunteered as summit marshall
Colm KennedyJun 11 2009, 1:34pmWell Brendan, I just offered to apply to volunteer there next week . If possible would like to run also but no panic if not
Brendan LawlorJun 11 2009, 1:56pmThanks Colm, Joe and others - we probably have enough now
John ConnorJun 16 2009, 9:48amIs registration at the Coach House or at race start ?

Can anyone give directions from the Coach House to race start as i would like to run the course tonight ? Is it anywhere near lough Dan Scouting area ?
Justin ReaJun 16 2009, 10:30amAs mentioned in the 'Getting There' section of the event. This race starts (and registers) on Wicklow Way, where it turns up lane south of Oldbridge and Lough Dan.

From Coach House (Main St) turn up road at Roundwood Inn, follow main road left at next intersection and right at next. At 'T' junction, turn left and follow road for 2.5km through Oldbridge and look out for WW sign directing you to right up lane.
Colm KennedyJun 16 2009, 10:32amWell, I am volunteering as a helper tomorrow - what time are we to be there at?
Brendan LawlorJun 16 2009, 10:41amCould all volunteers meet at either
a) The Coach House at 5.45 and car pool from there or
b) At the registration area (Nicky and Brian Gaffneys House) at 6pm

087 2432 seven98
Shane EnrightJun 16 2009, 3:03pmI've offered seats for the carpool for Scarr but I'm not receiving emails whenever anyone books. So if you've booked (or intend to) please email me at my firstname dot lastname [at] gmail dot com as well.
Daragh MuldowneyJun 16 2009, 8:44pmHi there,
Do you still need volunteers for Scarr? If so I'd be happy to muck in.
Marlon DaviesJun 16 2009, 9:13pmHi all...just wondering if anyone else might be able to pick up from any of the dart or LUAS stops at around 6-6:30. My email is mdavies2 at hotmail dot com. I am keep my eye on the carpooling page.
Ronan HickeyJun 17 2009, 10:29amLikewise is there anyone I can catch a lift from to get to Scarr tonight? I am working in the centre of town so I can get to a DART station or Luas stop or get a taxi to a meeting point if it's close.


Ronan HickeyJun 17 2009, address is rdhickey -at- gmail dot com and mobile is 085 7460181

John BarryJun 17 2009, 12:48pmI can pick up at Windy Arbour Dart at 5:45. 087 6058095

Ronan HickeyJun 17 2009, 1:04pmHi John,

That would be brilliant. I assume you mean Windy Arbour Luas stop rather than a Dart stop? That's brilliant! I'll see you there at 5:45. I'll be wearing a grey goretex(kinda) jacket and jeans and carrying a blue and black backpack. Do you want to mail me your phone number so I can contact you?

Thanks again! Need to make my seven races :-)

Ronan HickeyJun 17 2009, 1:04pm*sigh* sorry saw your telephone number just now :-)
Rene BorgJun 18 2009, 10:32amClub results now up in the Race Report forum.
Rene BorgJun 18 2009, 10:58amOverall results for the Club Competition now updated on the Leinster League main page.
Jim FitzharrisJun 18 2009, 2:52pmI just wanted to say thank you to Brendan Lawlor and his team (especially, the REAL race director, Vivian .....) for organising a great race at Scarr last night. Brendan, you obviously put out the correct Child of Prague this time, unlike last year. Special thanks also to Joe Lalor and helpers for the welcome drink of water at the FINAL summit - any chance of a cuppa tea next year??

Do any of the GPS-toting runners have an accurate distance for last night's run and also that for last year? I would be curious to know how much longer this year's version was. I felt I ran faster this year but my time was marginally slower than last year's.


Pol O'MurchuJun 18 2009, 3:01pmLast year I made it 7.79km and this year 8.1km so about 300 meters more roughly.
Rene BorgJun 18 2009, 3:49pmHi Jim,

You can see a comparison of the last three year's route lengths and ascents in my race report (not the club report). Basically, this year was approx 500m longer than last year, while last year was 400m shorter than 2007.
Jim FitzharrisJun 19 2009, 5:20pmThanks Pol and Rene - much appreciated.

I am curious about the different readings. Pol got 7.8k last year and Rene got 7.5k - quite a difference. Both are closer this year: 8.1k vs 8.0k. I am also puzzled that Rene's elevation for this year was NOT the highest which was what I would have expected as this year's was the longest route and started further down the road although I think the 2007 race started even further down the road (I did not run it that year). I appreciate that an individual's slight route variations would make a difference although surely not that much?



Brendan LawlorJun 22 2009, 1:38pmGareth Stingemore, treasurer of the 17th Roundwood Scout Troop writes:
'Thank you to the runners who donated €290 to park in Nicky and Brian Gaffney's field for the recent Scarr hill race, and also thank you to Nicky and Brian for the use of the field - we hope to have more of our Cubs at next years race'