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Niall McAlindenJun 15 2009, 10:17pmHi

Just a quick clarification... Is this race run in the same way as the stone cross to Lug relay? Ie you must visit certain "peaks" and the route between them is up to you? Or is it a stricter you must follow a certain path? In either case I’m confused about the section between Pine Forest and the start of the Kipure race. Is the mountain top we must visit Glendoo Mountain (Spot height 586m) or is just the highest point of the path over Cruagh Mountain? I’m hoping to do a recce of this section in the coming weeks and would like to make sure I have the correct route.


Rene BorgJun 15 2009, 10:49pmHi Niall

You're visiting the highest point of Cruagh itself. It's marked with a small metal pole. You'll find it by breaking right off the upper path in Cruagh Wood shortly after the road has bend left. There's a rocky fence here you can follow. On a clear day you'll see the pole on your right quite easily.

The Glendoo summit would take you much too far West of the route. From Cruagh summit you find your own fastest path through the heather to the trail going South towards the R115 with Killakee on your right.

You'll find Cruagh summit in 521m. Glendoo will be in 582m if that's any good to you.
Rene BorgJun 15 2009, 10:51pmI should also say that going back, it's easy to make the mistake and follow the trail you are running on to Glendoo instead of Cruagh as they look alike and the Y-junction that splits the trail towards Cruagh (left when running North) and right (Glendoo running North) is very hard to notice when running.

Myself and Bob Boles made that mistake and ended up in Johnnie Foxes. At least they were still serving...
Joe LalorJun 15 2009, 11:00pmNote summit of Cruagh no longer has pole, cairn only
Joe LalorJun 15 2009, 11:09pmAn earlier reply re Dublin Peaks from me seems to have got lost.

The Dublin Peaks Race on 1st August starts inside Ticknock Wood. Runners must visit the summits of Fairy Castle, Tibradden, Cruagh and Kippure(out and back) by any route of their own choosing. As race director I dont know where the description on event page comes from. When I find my original posting with the grid references of above summits I will replace it. By the way the summit which will be manned on race day is very easily missed. The recommended map for this race is the new East West map of the Dublin Mountains.
Mick HanneyJun 19 2009, 3:12pmI got that map by next day delivery from Its available in selected outdoor stores too I believe.

Zoran SkrbaJul 19 2009, 5:55pmIs this race on the 1st or the 2nd of August?
Joe LalorJul 19 2009, 6:37pm1st August, as aready apologies for there are a few references in forum postings to the 2nd (which are wrong)
John CostiganJul 23 2009, 10:15pmIs anyonr planning a recee this Weekend?
Caroline ReidJul 24 2009, 10:34amHi John,
Can you drop me a line at to let me know what day/time you are thinking of heading out for the recce?
Many thanks
Rene BorgJul 27 2009, 1:32pmHi all, a map of a possible route (probably the most obvious) has been uploaded for this race along with a profile courtesy of Adrian Tucker.

The route only shows the out details, not the out-and-back but you can work that out easily ;-)

The statistics tally as 31.5k distance and 1768m ascent.
Rene BorgJul 27 2009, 4:16pmMy ascent figure was wrong, the real figure is 1280m. 879m of ascent and 401m of descent on the way out and viceversa on the way back.
Daragh MuldowneyJul 27 2009, 9:37pmHi there,
Do all the summits need to be bagged on both the outward and return journey?
Pat QuillJul 28 2009, 11:01pmHi, Trying to work out how much water to bring with me. Is it permitted to drop a cache of water bottles on the route?
Rene BorgJul 28 2009, 11:22pmThere are no restrictions against placing water (or food or most anything else for that matter) on-route in IMRA races as long as anything left behind picked up again after so it doesn\'t litter the landscape. Hide out of sight though!
Joe LalorJul 29 2009, 12:53amThere will be a water station at the start of the OLd Bog Road for Saturdays race.
Rene BorgJul 29 2009, 1:01pmA higher resolution map of the route has now been published. Again thanks to Adrian for providing this.
Mary jenningsJul 29 2009, 11:07pmCould someone help please? On a recce I thought I had got to cairn at top of Cruagh but I turned left off upper path and went up a load of sleepers sign said Cruagh mt access top approx 150 mts in front slightly to right was a very little cairn but I couldn\\\'t find a path down so left it.Decided to try from Kippure today went in entrance straight across from Kippure which I now know is wrong kept going left across heather until I found what I think is the correct path but I still couldn\\\'t find the cairn, not even the little one I found before. Brian\\\'s car was broken into and window smashed; it was parked beside the path up to Kippure. He was only away from it for a short while as he ran out to meet me coming back.
Joe LalorJul 30 2009, 9:30amDublin Peaks Race Saturday 1 August 12.00

Final Instructions

Due to the current unsettled weather and the likely time to complete the course I am making it mandatory to carry a rain jacket.
Runners will also be required to have a map, there will be a small number available at registration.
There will be a car at the start of the Old Bog Road with water and snacks available.
Personal items may be left in it before the race start. Anyone wishing to retire may get a lift back from here once the last runner has gone through. Anyone turning back here will be credited with doing the short version of the race.
There will be four manned checkpoint which must be visited out and back

For safety reasons and to limit the time marshalls have to spend out in the elements I am imposing two conditions.

1. I am reserving the right to refuse an entry to anyone unknown to me who fails to convince me that he/she know where they have to go or can manage the distance.
2. Anyone who fails to reach the Old Bog Road checkpoint by 2.15 will have to turn back. I hope runners see the need for this rule and respect it.
Phil MurphyJul 31 2009, 1:55pmHi Joe,

I am on a visit from Australia, would love to join you guys and run this one. I am in final training for Mont Blanc. Is it possible to enter tomorrow? Note I am not a member of IMRA. I am also not familiar with the course but could tag along with some runners for safety? Have heaps of trail running experience, so fitness should not be a problem.


Phil Murphy
Joe LalorAug 1 2009, 6:21pmResults of Dublin Peaks Race 1/08/09

1. Greg Byrne 3:12:55
2. Daragh Muldowney 3:14:49
3. Adrian Tucker 3:15:08
4. Brian O’Meara 3:18:00
5. Bernard Fortune 3:24:45
6. Cormac O’Ceallaigh 3:41:33
7. Pat Quill 3:48:35
8. Damian Kelly 4:00:56
9. Eamon Hodge 4:04:55
10. Joe Lalor 4:07:30
11. Philip Murphy 4:07:35
12. Mary Jennings 4:10:44
13. David Brady 4:40:35
14. Don Mackinnon 5:30:50

Short Course

Jessica Robson 3:29:00

Split times later

David Brady is the winner of the overall Long Distance Champs.
cormac o ceallaighAug 1 2009, 8:47pmsuper race.well done Joe for organising it.special thanks to summit marshalls,brendan doherty,charlie o connell, nora-water and sweets!I have not seen kippure so wet, pure muck and bog,very hard to get going on the ascent and descent as feet liable to go any was excellent after the week we had-i think its official now, we have had the wettest july on record.route choice played a part as one certainly had plenty of options to try and save time.
super event,no marking on the course,plenty of exposed mountain, the \'real mccoy\' ! A must for the calendar next year.
Joe LalorAug 1 2009, 8:53pmDublin Peaks 1/08/09 for Split Times see link below
Eamonn HodgeAug 2 2009, 12:09amSuper race Joe and marshals. It looked pretty darn cold on those summits. The sweets from Nora were superb. I had more food in the bag but those really hit the spot. I followed Joe up \"The Directors Cut\" through the trees to Cruagh but couldn\'t quite find the same way back and ended up going down the boardwalk.

Hopefully there will be another Long Distance Championship next year. If there is I\'ll block book the dates (friend\'s weddings be damned).

Caroline Reid was really looking forward to this race but unfortunately got injured doing a recce. Niamh O\'Ceallaigh was also injured unfortunately.

My Garmin says I ran 33.66k today. Took a bit of a shortcut with Joe on the way up but probably added a little extra on the way back on account of not being able to find the way.

And I got a top 10 finish! Phwoaar!
damian kellyAug 3 2009, 9:35amJoe many thanks for organising a great race on saturday and as mentioned in previous posts a special thanks to the summit marshals.When you get a chance can you change my result to Damian kelly no 21.


Damian kelly
Sinéad RocheAug 3 2009, 1:49pmHi Damian,

That\'s corrected now on the results page.


damian kellyAug 3 2009, 3:06pmThanks Sinead



Phil MurphyAug 5 2009, 8:41pmHi Joe/Guys,

Thanks for the opportunity to run this race last weekend. It was great to meet Mary and Dave and be \"guided\" for the outward trip to Kippure.I loved the mudfest on the way up and even more so on the way back. Too much fun.