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Rene BorgApr 21 2010, 10:23amNow now, what's this all about. A 21.1k plod. Something eerily familiar about that distance...
Rene BorgMay 3 2010, 9:06amJustin Rea has courteously provided more information on this race and we've shared some of that at MST:

There'll be more coverage of this event coming up.
Anne-Marie HealyMay 18 2010, 6:13pmHi, I'd like to volunteer as a helper for this race. Thanks.
Paul MahonMay 18 2010, 11:52pmSomething quite familiar abotu the route too .................... ti being a regular Sunday Plod route for many during the year.

It is a super route and a great chance to participate in the event promoting the valued work done by the Dublin Mountains Partnership in developing our nearby recreational resources.

More Info at
Alex AndelJun 3 2010, 6:50amI am going to be on holiday in the area at the time of the race and would like to compete. I am from the US and I am unfamiliar with rules and regulations related to entering a race in Ireland. Are there any special requirements, club affiliations or other details I should be aware of prior to entry?

Thank you very much.

Alex Andel
Justin ReaJun 3 2010, 4:10pmYou can register and enter the race online from the <a href="">runireland website</a>. You would need to enter as a new IMRA member and sign a membership form on the day.

Depending on numbers we may still have registration open on the day. To avoid disappointment we recommend you pre-register.

This is a pretty onerous course, with 2500 feet of climb/descent, but it goes through some spectacular scenery and all within a few miles of Dublin City.
Alex AndelJun 7 2010, 6:00pmJustin:
Thank you for the information. Looking forward to the course, the scenery and the experience of running and racing in Ireland. The more onerous, the better!

Best Regards,
Alex Andel
Justin ReaJul 3 2010, 4:00pmThe race will be started by Irish Olympian and twice winner of the Dublin Marathon, Jerry Kiernan. Asked about the race Jerry said ‘There have been great improvements made in the Dublin Mountains over the last few years and this event is a terrific opportunity for people of all abilities to get out there and enjoy themselves. Speaking as someone who still trains every week in the Dublin Mountains it is simply a wonderful place to be with amazing views down over our city’.
Mark LoaneJul 3 2010, 8:30pmI've done 6 IMRA races so far this year and I keep meaning to ask someone (anyone) who has their MyImra account up and running to invite me so that I can get a password and get mine up and running too so that I can volunteer and offer lifts... buuuut I just keep forgetting (head like a sieve - what can I say?!). Can someone help me out here please?
Mick HanneyJul 3 2010, 8:50pmHi, You need to post your mobile no. to get your password texted to you..
Kevin O'RiordanJul 8 2010, 2:07pmI've entered this but won't be able to make it. Are there any IMRA runners who'd be interested in taking an entry off my hands?

suzanne kennyJul 8 2010, 11:58pmkevin i havent entered yet but was going to so perhaps I cud?
henny brandsmaJul 9 2010, 1:24pmJustin if still looking for stewards for this race give me a call on 087-7604825
or send e-mail to
Regards Henny.
Kevin O'RiordanJul 9 2010, 1:26pmCool, Suzanne. I'll let Justin know that you'll be taking my entry.

Paul WhyteJul 11 2010, 7:07pmHi, Is there kit requirements (or likely to be) for this race? Thanks.
Justin ReaJul 12 2010, 6:25pmBring along a long sleeved top in case of bad weather.
Justin ReaJul 13 2010, 3:02pmCan Anne-Marie Healy and Susan Seager please contact me by email on justin at online dot ie to help coordinate responsibilities for the day.

We can still do with non running volunteers to help with registration, finish line and road sections. Please put your name on the volunteer list even if you can only manage an hour or two.
Barry MooreJul 14 2010, 9:27amI would like to volunteer, could someone sign me up to myIMRA, 086 2068867
connor rennicksJul 14 2010, 9:51pmHi all
i was thinking about entering this race. im 29 and train 3/4 times a week in the gym including probably two spining clases. i would do one 10k run a week. I used to play Gaelic up untill this year, and would stay fit. I used to be a long distance runner. Do you think i could complete the course. i think i could but havent done long distance in a long time, id like to give it a go, but need a bit of a confidence boost!
paul kevilleJul 14 2010, 10:18pmhey i can volunteer for this race as a non running volunteer.if someone could invite mobile number is 0863547433
John LangenbachJul 14 2010, 11:22pmconnor, you'll be fine. You won't win and you might not enjoy all of it, but it sounds like you're more active than several of the regular IMRA runners (except that they do run up and down hills). Take it very easy on the uphill from the start, remember that walking some sections can be a good strategy, enjoy the views up at the top and be careful on the downhills. Brush your teeth because you'll be smiling a lot when you finish and don't even consider comparing your time to anything you may have done on the flat. (you wanted encouragement, right?)
Kevin O'RiordanJul 14 2010, 11:31pmOr you could just do the upcoming Trail league races which are similar style races but over more manageable distances (~9km). Starting the Wednesday after the Plod, routes to be announced.
Gary CondonJul 15 2010, 10:03amHad hoped to run this fab course, but have recently picked up an injury. (reg fee going for free if anyone wants it, if transfers are allowed?). Do you need any more non-running volunteers? Have recced the course three times, so know the route pretty well. myIMRA account seems to have disappeared.
connor rennicksJul 15 2010, 8:25pmThanks John, but im supprised i wont win!!

connor rennicksJul 15 2010, 9:04pmAlso, is there any preparation i should do, or anythin i should do in advance?

what do you eat / drink the morning off?
James HigginsJul 16 2010, 7:40amJustin,

Are we doing the lap of Marley before we head out on to the road?

Also what time do you want the volunteers to meet at?

Denise MathersJul 16 2010, 9:30amWill you be taking entries on the day?
Geraldine O'SheaJul 16 2010, 12:21pmJustin
I entered online but am not going to make it. Just letting you know to free up a spot for someone else.
Deirdre CaseyJul 16 2010, 12:34pmHi All,

I'm a qualified Sports Therapist and I'll be on hand after the race offering post event massage.
The massage is 15 mins for €10 and helps aid athlete's recovery as well as reducing post exercise soreness.

There's no need to book - i'll be taking people on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions or want to find out a little more about me or sports massage please feel free to visit my web site or drop me an email

Best of luck!


Anne-Marie HealyJul 16 2010, 1:43pmHi Justin, sorry to pull out at the last minute but I am no longer able to volunteer at this event.
Justin ReaJul 16 2010, 4:11pmPre-registration has now closed, but as we are under our limit for the race we will allow registrations on the day. Please get there before 9:00 if possible as parking will be limited, and late comers will be sent around to 3rock rovers hockey club (10min walk).

See you Sunday. Bring a rain jacket!
Mick HanneyJul 18 2010, 2:07pmWell done Justin and helpers. Great race and good to see the imra people out in force.
Arjan ter HuurneJul 18 2010, 3:58pmThanks everyone for putting on a great race! It was fantastic
Jim FitzharrisJul 18 2010, 7:54pmJust a quick note to thank Justin and his trusty volunteers for a great day out this morning. The race was very well marked and marshalled, and the organisation was first rate. All concerned should take a well earned bow! This is a fine route and the event deserves a permanent place in the calendar.

Two small issues: (i) surely walkers/slow runners should be encouraged to start early to spare marshals a long lonely sojourn in the hills plus I suspect the Gardai will also want to restore the road to normalcy sooner rather than later; (ii) IMRA need to remind participants that NO headphones are allowed. This would earn you an automatic DQ in triathlon! I saw two runners with headphones today. One was in Massey's where the sound of the rushing stream was music to most people's ears. The other was on the Tibradden board walk and he had not got a clue that I was on his tail. As Eoin once rightly wrote, why, oh, why do people wear them in the hills?.


Ronan MerrickJul 18 2010, 10:30pmLikewise I'd like to congratulate the organisers, who did a great job.

Just on Jim's point about walkers/slower runners starting early, it would have been a nightmare and even dangerous in some places where faster runners would have been trying to overtake these people who set out early. If it was on the roads yeah it would be a good idea
Eamonn HodgeJul 19 2010, 12:23amWell done Ronan - great win. I agree that starting walkers early would be too dangerous. Possibly for next year there could be a separate walking event on the Saturday with the running race on the Sunday?

By the way I was the marshal sprinting after you at the end. Man! You move at some speed at the end of a tough slog in the hills!

A couple of cars blocked the race route onto the final grass section in Marley Park for the first 30 or so runners causing some confusion for weary runners. Next year we'll have some extra marshals at this section to ensure a simple finish to the race.
Caoimhe MuldoonJul 19 2010, 10:00amBrilliant run - I really enjoyed it and it was really well organised!
Id like to add in on the earphones. People cant hear others behind them and the same happened with two on the sugar loaf.
Apart from that it was great!
Brendan RothJul 19 2010, 11:18amBig thanks to the organisers and all the volunteers yersterday, it was great.

Again with the headphones, maybe it should be noted somewhere on the IMRA site, I can only remember one race (Howth i think) where it was mentioned that they're not allowed. I got elbowed twice yesterday by the a guy with headphones on as I tried to pass.

Also does anybody know what the exact distance ended up at yesterday? Cheers...
Damian kellyJul 19 2010, 8:06pmHi There,

If anyone found a black pair of Inov 8 In the carpark in Marlay yesterday,please contact me at


Philip NarteyJul 19 2010, 9:09pmJust a quick line to say thanks to all for a great day yesterday in "The Plod" my first mountain race and really impressed with the organisation, route and all the marshals, helpers & Garda who made it a top class event.

Well done
Justin ReaJul 19 2010, 9:11pmThanks for the great feedback folks.

The team had a good time too, and were well up to their respective duties. Special thanks to Paul Mahon for his experienced eye marking, Mark D'Alton for mobilising the whole gamut of recreational users for marshals, Karen Woods of the DMP for the lend of their marquee and rangers and to Dermot Murphy for pre-entering everyone on the Computer and manning it for the whole day.

The Brew Crew did a great job with not only refreshments but power for the laptop. The Marlay Park staff were really helpful and understanding of our needs. Parking marshal found space for everyone.

The Order of Malta wasn't overworked thankfully, but reassuring to have them around. The Garda turned up in force and made the road sections compatible for plodders.

My immediate helpers Susan, Barry, Gearoid, Gordon, Karol and Eamonn put in real efforts as well, somewhat extended from normal IMRA events. A last thank you to Brian and Brendan who saved a broken loop at the start ;-)
Kevin ByrneJul 20 2010, 8:47pmAnother Hip Hip Hurray for Justin and crew. A great event.

And....if any happened to find a small Lowepro camera case I'd be grateful for its return.


Mary CollinsJul 20 2010, 10:19pmThanks Justin for a wonderful event last Sunday--and to all your hardworking volunteers.
It was so well organised, excellent marking everywhere along route and plenty of cheerful marshalls.
Route and terrain very varied throughout--and clearly a lot of hard work to put it all together and no doubt dismantle again at the end.
Many thanks to you all.