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John Kelly71Sep 27 2011, 5:32pmI'm on
John Kelly71Sep 27 2011, 5:33pmSorry just remembered i can't make this race so can't volunteer!
Mick HanneyOct 10 2011, 9:24pmIs the date for this set in stone? Race clashes happen and generally its up to the individual to make the hard choice which is fair enough. Here is another one. It could be avoidable if the race could be moved to the next weekend perhaps? It clashes with the mountain rescue moonlight challenge which I did last year and which I'd recommend to all. The races were 2 weeks apart last year if memory serves. Doing both on the same day is a task for the likes of Zoran and Brian but a bit too much for the rest of us. The moonlight challenge can't be moved, unless they can move the moon :-)
Dermot MurphyOct 11 2011, 10:29amHi Mick - the committee considered the request to change the date, and we have decided that it will stay as it is. The date for the Powerscourt race has been set for quite a while, and some people may have already made plans around it. Also, we have the AGM on the same day, and putting it out by a week will make it more difficult for the incoming committee to organise things for 2012.
robbie williamsOct 11 2011, 12:38pmlooks like it will be a great double...............
Paul O'GradyOct 14 2011, 10:00pm+1 to Mick - from someone who has sailed close to needing mountain rescue and would like to thank them in advance!!
Sophie MatabaroOct 17 2011, 2:51pmHi Dermot, I would like to take part in the powerscourt Nov trail. How do I become a member of IMRA? Thanks
Mick HanneyOct 17 2011, 3:01pmSimply come along on the day. If you fill in the application form (see the FORM link on the home page) in advance that will help. It is normally €10 to register and €7 for each race, but as this race is close to season end they'll probably do an all-in €10 fee?
Sophie MatabaroOct 17 2011, 3:05pmThanks for the info Mick, I just came across IMRA, hope to do a few races in 2012 also.
Geraldine O'SheaOct 19 2011, 10:42amHi Vivian, will there be a short course option this year ?
Vivian O'GormanOct 19 2011, 8:41pmYes Geraldine the short course is to Maulin -- up the usual way by the forest ride and back on the Wicklow Way. There will also be an early start at 11.00 for those who want it. The early start is not for those whose results are within 160% of winning times in previous races. I think thats right but is open to correction.
Vivian O'GormanOct 25 2011, 4:11pmI am just looking for a few more volunteers --

1. Laptop Operator
2. First Aid Person
3. Two or Three Course Marshalls
Gareth LittleOct 25 2011, 5:03pmHi Vivian, I have given Diarmuid the loud speaker to give to you on race day.


Jean O'NeillOct 26 2011, 10:58pmI am loooking forward to this race! I browsed through the forum and found that there was a short race, which I didn't know about. I would not have done the long(full) race. Perhaps this should be listed with the event details so that others are aware?
Dermot MurphyOct 27 2011, 8:48amI have amended the route description to include the short course option.
Donal TroddynOct 30 2011, 10:46amAm I right in thinking that the course normally crosses this bridge: ? There might be some wet feet.
Ann DevenishOct 30 2011, 1:10pmThe foot bridge which crosses the river Dargle has been swept away during the recent floods. You can still easily cross the river a little further up from where the bridge was.
Ernest AsensioNov 3 2011, 2:35pmHi guys,
a friend of mine just told me about IMRA and checking their website, i saw your race.

How much does this race cost? and how can i sign up for it?


aidan roeNov 3 2011, 3:55pm@ Donal

have you ever finished with dry feet? if so, where???:-)
Vivian O'GormanNov 3 2011, 6:03pmHi Ernest,
Please see Mick Hanneys insert above regarding your query.
Thanks --
John WalshNov 7 2011, 6:05pmHi. I plan to do this race , I have not done an IMRA race before, so looking forward to it. It was recommended to my by the guys at the Glendalough Trail run this weekend. One question..... am I allowed do this race for charity ? i.e. open a fundraising page on and ask people to sponsor me to run this race ? I assume it's fine as it's all above board but thought I'd ask. many thanks
Mick HanneyNov 7 2011, 6:38pmJohn,if you want to run this race for yourself or for your own charitable interest thats up to you and not really a concern of the organisers to the honest. Just turn up, register to run and you're good to go. Cheers, Mick
John WalshNov 7 2011, 8:31pmThanks for the clarification Mick, much appreciated. I am told that this is a tough run, so I think I might angle to be one of the early starters :-) Cheers
Vivian O'GormanNov 7 2011, 9:49pmHi All --

I am still looking for a Lap Top person, a First Aid person and a Marshall for Djouce.

Don't forget to bring a map of the race route and a compass with you. The map can be downloaded from this site.

Longsleeves - hat - gloves and bumbag also required.

The bridge on the river is almost in the river and is therefore uncrossable!!
So when you get to the river from the Maulin side cross on the rocks about 20 yards to the right and surprisingly these will be on your left on your way back from Djouce!
Also you do not run down Djouce. At the top turn left and run down to the boardwalk and turn directly left again.

For those who may be thinking of a three hour race talk to me and start at the early start time of 11.00am or else do the short course - but let me know first.

Race registration will open at 10.00am in Crone Wood car park.

Please car pool from the Glencormack Inn.

Prizegiving will be in the Glencormack Inn directly after race.

Don't forget the AGM at 3.00pm upstairs in the Glencormack Inn.

Hopefully we'll get a clear day and have a good run - bridge or no bridge!

Donal TroddynNov 7 2011, 10:15pm@ Aidan - I think I might have gotten away dry on Djouce Woods last year, maybe. Point taken, though.

Vivian, I would really like to run this race, but if you're stuck, I'll do Laptop Operator.
Sam ScrivenNov 7 2011, 10:36pmVivian,

I'm not able to run this weekend, but can help out as a non-running volunteer if needed. Only thing is I haven't done Laptop Operator before, and to be honest I'd struggle to get up Djouce because of injury.

Keith HorganNov 8 2011, 12:37amHi all , I only signed up recently and my first run was the Dublin mountain rescue in fairy castle, am heading on sat but don't have a clue where am going yet, anyone travelling from the north side of Dublin ? I'll drive ??
Thanks Keith
Paul O'GradyNov 8 2011, 7:26amHi Keith

Best thing to do is to head to the Glencormack inn on the n11 - we will be car pooling from there and you'll definitley pick up a lift or find someone to follow to the start there.
Angus TynerNov 8 2011, 8:12amAt this moment I don't think we can assume the Dargle will be 100% safely crossable on Saturday.
There is rain due on Friday. This could be enough to raise the Dargle to dangerous level considering proximity to Waterfall.
Adrian HennessyNov 8 2011, 9:54amHi Vivian,
I can do Djouce summit marshall on Saturday.
Vivian O'GormanNov 8 2011, 7:46pmI take your point Angus and others. The weather between now and Friday is plenty of rain, rain and more rain!!

and so to plan B --

If on Saturday it is not possible to cross the river safely the race will be run to Maulin and back.

The final decision will be made on Saturday.

It is my intention to have a look at the river early on Saturday. So if anybody wants to walk, jog or bike and have a look please let me know. Otherwise I will do it myself.

Please don't forget to download map and bring a compass.

Sam could you ring me on 087 4150398 - thanks

Thanks to all the volunteers - I have enough now.
Brendan LawlorNov 8 2011, 8:10pmVivian

What about Plan C - up to the top of Maulin, down other side to the river, back up to the top and home? Similar hardship to Tonelagee and the lake and that seems to get rave reviews..just a thought?
niamh o ceallaighNov 8 2011, 8:21pmor plan D -
Maulin to Djouce via Tonduff, War Hill.

Colm HillNov 8 2011, 9:18pmNiamh.... your sick!

That would be an awesome hill race!
Keith HorganNov 9 2011, 12:30amThanks paul

Is 10am on sat early enough to meet up at glencormack inn ??

Thanks keith
Ronan HickeyNov 9 2011, 10:09amBrendan's suggestion seems like the best option to me. We get as much of the route done as we can without the need to issue a new route map (some people might have printed the existing one off before and might not log back in to the website before it)

But maybe it's more because a route that Mr. Hill describes as "awesome" is probably a route that comes with plenty of extra helpings of pain! :-)

Angus TynerNov 9 2011, 10:21amIs there a possibility the bridge will be crossable. Isn't the moonlight challenge due to travel this route on Sat night? Perhaps there's a special effort to accommodate this. Perhaps this is just fanciful thinking :)
Paul O'GradyNov 9 2011, 10:33amAh come on!!!

Can we not just add to the adventure on the day and all jump into the river?? It should only be knee high - it's not as if anyone was planning to wear their runners for the rest of the day - or even bring them into the house afterwards!!

It will be lycra shorts next!!
Vivian O'GormanNov 9 2011, 11:33amOk Guys enough plans!!

The final decision will be made on Saturday.

This bit hurts though! After all these years I have to agree with Brendan! His idea of down to the river on the other side etc sounds good. Niamhs idea would make a great Irish/Leinster Champs race by the way - but not for Saturday - sorry!

But Paul is right we've run through rivers in other races. So we'll have a look and see early on Saturday.

Mountain running in lycra - no answer to that - a must see!

Its still hurting!!
Jeff FitzsimonsNov 9 2011, 11:44amVivian, if it makes things easier for planning leave the route as described on the site, add water wings to the mandatory kit list and add a new lifeguard volunteer role to the race requirements. Bingo!
Brendan LawlorNov 9 2011, 12:19pmHa ha Vivian! You've been agreeing with me secretly for years - this is the first time you've had to admit to it!

Bring your swimming togs boys and girls, I predict we'll be crossing that river
Jeff SwordsNov 9 2011, 4:39pmSo if a compass is required I'm assuming you need decent navigational skills, this would rule a good proportion of league regulars out. I can read maps and follow basic compass headings but I don't even item a compass. It's this mandatory kit ?
James CaseyNov 9 2011, 5:31pmhi, re mick hanneys question above, is that a definite €10 all-in for non-members?
Vivian O'GormanNov 9 2011, 6:27pmJeff - bring the compass with you - chances are you won't need it but just in case. The weather for Saturday is looking good. So fingers crossed.

The entry fee will be the usual €7 etc for members and as this is the end of the season a once off €10 for new or non members.
Jeff SwordsNov 9 2011, 8:08pmCheers Vivian. Caught the weather myself this evening, looking clear for Saturday, just cold but we'll be well warm before the first bend up through the forest.
Niall O'LoughlinNov 9 2011, 8:34pmany tips on getting to crone car park,coming from M50 to Enniskerry. Niall.
Niall O'LoughlinNov 9 2011, 8:43pmOh and also do I need a compas and map for this one? I dont have either but can get them is i have to.
Justin ReaNov 10 2011, 10:37am@Niall You are best getting off the N11 at Kimacanogue and either dropping in to the Glencormac Inn to carpool or following <a href=",+Ireland&daddr=Crone,+Ireland&hl=en&ll=53.158918,-6.176376&spn=0.05486,0.169086&sll=53.165299,-6.215086&sspn=0.013713,0.042272&geocode=FYZFKwMdel2i_ynHZR4CFaZnSDGACjKXqccACg%3BFXgrKwMdqgyh_ynH676sTKFnSDFwu-U3qccABQ&vpsrc=6&mra=ls&t=m&z=13">these directions</a>
Jason KehoeNov 10 2011, 11:22amWhat time on Saturday for volunteers Vivian?

Brendan LawlorNov 10 2011, 11:38amMyself and Ed Daly were over the course this morning and there was no trouble crossing the river - even if rains a good bit I think we should be ok -cancel the swimming togs. Might be no harm having a river marshall however
Aidan RoeNov 10 2011, 3:36pmRiver Marshal? A great idea Brendan. make sure hes equipped with a camera.
Paul O'GradyNov 10 2011, 5:43pmLove it - John Shiels for river marshall!!!
Vivian O'GormanNov 10 2011, 5:59pmIf all volunteers could be in Crone by 9.45am for registration to begin at 10

Thanks -

Karl MaguireNov 11 2011, 8:08pmas usual IMRA, your location maps are shite!!!
Donal TroddynNov 11 2011, 8:49pm - the green arrow is the start. Car pooling is from the Glencormac Inn.
Karl MaguireNov 11 2011, 9:01pmthanks donal. that's more like it!! should be standard.
John AnonNov 11 2011,'s a bit rich criticing when you do little yourself to improve the situation. A google maps search for crone would get you right to the start.

In the age of digital mapping and the internet do people really need to be spoon fed directions to the start of a race. There is so much information on the internet that you have no excuse for needing to be given turn by turn directions to race start.

Brendan LawlorNov 12 2011, 8:28amKarl

The organisers instructions for this event are more than adequate. You need to have a map (and be able to use it) and there is a grid reference provided for the race start point. You yourself have run from here at the Maulin winter race, perhaps you forgot?

If you volunteered at a race you might understand what goes into putting these things on and be a bit less critical, rude and profane in your forum postings
catherine halpinNov 12 2011, 5:44pmLads,

that was an absolutely fantastic race today. well done to the organisers. The weather was perfect and it's such a lovely route.
Warren SwordsNov 12 2011, 5:49pmGreat race today. Thanks to the volunteers and marshalls out on the course. What a super way to end an IMRA season! It was a like a summer's evening out there today.
Mick HanneyNov 12 2011, 6:05pm+1 Warren. Great race. Thanks to the volunteers who gave up on their running day so we can have ours.
Dolores GillilandNov 12 2011, 6:14pmThanks to all the organisers and volunteers who were out on the mountain or at the start. So well organised. This was my first mountain run/walk. Really enjoyed the event. Very well done to all the prize winners.
Brendan LawlorNov 12 2011, 7:09pmThatks to Vivian and all the marshals and helpers, great race, great weather, great soup and sandwiches.

Poor Don Short taking over 9 days to finish the race - shome mishtake shurely!

Get well soon Scott and congratulations to the new committee!
Justin O'KeeffeNov 12 2011, 8:03pmGreat run today, great job on the weather Vivian, felt like summer. Sincere thanks to all the volunteers especially the fellas down at the river !
Don ShortNov 13 2011, 12:28amMy time in the results is a bit off. Should be approx 130 mins.
Tough race.
Karl MaguireNov 13 2011, 1:28amBrendan/ John,

Constructive criticism is what this is!! I'm suggesting the maps are sh*te because they are sh*te, it's not an attack on anyone on a personal level. The fact that i'm highlighting that there is an issue with the Location Maps on the IMRA events means i am doing something about it.

As regards digital mapping and the internet, people don't need to be spoon fed directions but wouldn't it be more usefull to simply highlight the exact start point on the 'Getting There' line as " - the green arrow is the start" as Donal T has kindly done, rather than display a screen-shot of a Google Maps satellite photo of a field system in the Maps tab. That's not going to lead anyone to any start line. From posting a link such as the one above people can then punch in their location and bam, the directions to where the race starts appears. That's hardly spoon-feeding. With respect, the Profile 'Map of Route' is an excellent addition to advertising the runnung route.

As far as Volunteering goes, i appreciate the time and effort that goes into organising these events. For myself, having ran only 10 races out of a potential 135 races during 2010 and 2011, i'm hardly reneging on responsibilities!!

Thanks for your time.

Mick HanneyNov 13 2011, 10:37amI'll supply an updated route map and directions overview map that can be used for next time around. Maps are poor for this event and they wouldn't have been useful for printing to use on the event. Its easy to be critical. Much better to be critical and provide a solution and/or a helping hand.
Turlough ConwayNov 13 2011, 4:40pmKarl.

IMRA is an association of its members. YOU are IMRA.

It seems you have been to Crone Wood for the Powerscourt Ridge race last year and also for the Maulin Winter race all starting from Crone Wood. The start location is mentioned 3 times between the event details and maps page. OK the location map isnt great in this case but there are another two maps with the start location clearly mapped. If you somehow had forgotten all orientation from your previous visits to Crone Wood, you could easily find the way to Crone by a couple of seconds on the internet (or map) with the information provided. The fact that you didnt, and could only muster an unpleasant, unhelpful insult, shows either an incredible amount of laziness or more likely even more incompetence.

Spoonfeeding is probably unfair: spoonfeeding a goldfish is more apt in your case.

Paul O'GradyNov 13 2011, 6:53pmTurlough - that's a bit harsh
Karl MaguireNov 13 2011, 7:20pmCheers Mick.

Turlough, relax, i think you're missing the point here! It's about what information is useful and what isn't.

For example: = useful = useful = not useful = not useful

Regarding the other two Maps, both of which are excellent, neither are going to get me there from Sligo for example!

I accept i conveyed my message in a slightly forward manner, where some might take criticism as an insult (and some might tend to be a bit more sensitive)..

Turlough ConwayNov 13 2011, 7:28pmKarl.

The point is you had the name, address, grid reference and local maps of the race start location. Also you had attended 2 races at that EXACT location in the previous 12 months. You were unable with this information to find a way to the race start location. All you could do was utter an immature disrespectful comment.

Please explain how you were unable to locate the race start location with the information above. Its either laziness or imcompetence. Or have you another explanation?
Stuart ScottNov 13 2011, 8:17pmJust wanted to thank everyone who helped me yesterday, first fall in however many years! Especially the mystery runner with the first aid kit, Sam (I think) for the jacket and Jason for walking me back. All very much appreciated even if I protested at the time. Main casualty is the running trousers which have finally used up their 9 lives and met the hospital incinerator :-)

Apologies to everyone for missing the AGM too, especially Dermot for the extra workload that ensued. Glad it went well.

Re the map issue, yes the maps aren't the best but most hill runners can manage with an accurate grid ref. Those who can't post on the forum and are quickly given an answer. System works well I think!
Brendan LawlorNov 13 2011, 8:47pmKarl

Useful.......'Wouldn't it be more usefull to simply highlight the exact start point on the 'Getting There' line as " - the green arrow is the start" as Donal T has kindly done, rather than display a screen-shot of a Google Maps satellite photo of a field system in the Maps tab. That's not going to lead anyone to any start line. From posting a link such as the one above people can then punch in their location and bam, the directions to where the race starts appears. That's hardly spoon-feeding. With respect, the Profile 'Map of Route' is an excellent addition to advertising the runnung route - AS I HAVE RUN 10 RACES BUT HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO VOLUNTEERING AT A RACE YET AS I SHOULD HAVE(BUT I INTEND TO SOON) I AM OFFERING TO DO THIS JOB FOR WHATEVER RACES I AM ABLE TO FOR 2012 OR TO ASSIST WHOEVER ON THE COMMITTEE HAS THE JOB OF DOING THIS - IS PROVIDING THIS SERVICE FEASIBLE AND HOW CAN I GO ABOUT HELPING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN?'

Not useful.....'IMRA maps are sh(#e !!'

I hope you can see the difference

You have also inadvertently highlighted a very important wider issue which was discussed at the AGM on Saturday - the level of expectation of service/ races/results/photos etc which several members of IMRA have become used to but don't seem too interested in helping with - the wider issue deserves a thread of its own which I'll stick up in the next day or so.
Robbie WilliamsNov 13 2011, 9:23pmThat was a savage race yesterday. Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers.
Really excited anticipating the 2012 calendar , when is that usually posted up ?
Looking forward to nxt year already .....
Karl MaguireNov 13 2011, 10:13pmIMRA,

'Wouldn't it be more usefull to simply highlight the exact start point on the 'Getting There' line as " - the green arrow is the start" as Donal T has kindly done, rather than display a screen-shot of a Google Maps satellite photo of a field system in the Maps tab. That's not going to lead anyone to any start line. From posting a link such as the one above people can then punch in their location and bam, the directions to where the race starts appears. That's hardly spoon-feeding. With respect, the Profile 'Map of Route' is an excellent addition to advertising the runnung route - AS I HAVE RUN 10 RACES BUT HAVEN'T GOT ROUND TO VOLUNTEERING AT A RACE YET AS I SHOULD HAVE(BUT I INTEND TO SOON) I AM OFFERING TO DO THIS JOB FOR WHATEVER RACES I AM ABLE TO FOR 2012 OR TO ASSIST WHOEVER ON THE COMMITTEE HAS THE JOB OF DOING THIS - IS PROVIDING THIS SERVICE FEASIBLE AND HOW CAN I GO ABOUT HELPING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Right, well it looks like i've firmly landed myself in it head first, so yes, let me know if, how and when i can volunteer for the 2012 season!!
John AnonNov 13 2011, 10:47pmNo need to change the current system for finding race starts. Surely people have enough cop-on to be able to use digital maps to find their own way to race starts from whatever direction they are travelling, or go buy a road map, Ordanance Survey map or East-West map.

Next people will be looking for guides to run the races with them !

I think Karl needs to go back and discover the meaning of 'constructive criticism'. It shows a complete lack of regard and appreciation for all the hard work of the completely voluntary IMRA.
Paul JoyceNov 13 2011, 10:56pm
Karl- I thought your initial criticism of the maps was a bit harsh, but you've redeemed yourself totally in my eyes by asking how you can volunteer. Have a read of this section for now, and then sign up for some of the 2012 races once the new calendar is published. IMRA is the best sports organization in Ireland, wholly down to the hard work of volunteers, and wholly worthwhile. The suggested ratio is one volunteer for every ten races, but no one ever got frowned upon for volunteering too much :)
joan stapletonNov 13 2011, 11:16pmHi Vivian,
I enjoyed race yesterday, thank you. My time was 72.42 if it's possible to correct results.
Best regards, Joan
Brendan LawlorNov 14 2011, 10:07amFair enough Karl, when you are at this a while like Turlough, Mick and myself (and probably John Anon) you get a bit cranky and sensitive!
Brian O'ShaughnessyNov 14 2011, 1:14pmWell done IMRA on another great day out and 2011 generally - thanks to the volunteers and marshals you put a lot of the 'professional' road races/events to shame. Looking forward to 2012!
Gordan WoulfeNov 15 2011, 1:52pmHey, would just like to say well done to the organisers and volunteers - was a really great experience doing my first IMRA event. Hope to se you more in 2012.
Turlough ConwayNov 15 2011, 2:02pmHi Folks. left an OMM smock (pullover black waterproof jacket) just at a sign about 10metres up the retail from the start/finish barrier. If anyone has found it please send me a text: o87 7five2seven662

Just to echo Gordon. A great day out: thanks to Vivian and crew and the weather and mountains obliged!
Ronan HickeyNov 15 2011, 2:23pmAny race reports out there? Looked like a great race. Were there any cameras on the course?

Mick HanneyMar 3 2012, 9:16pmPhotos uploaded. Better late than never.
Brian FureyMar 4 2012, 8:43pmFair play for uploading them Mick. Great quality photos from John Shiels as usual.
Mick HanneyMar 4 2012, 9:06pmActually Jimmy Synott.

The photo upload is an exercise in patience.