Wednesday 16 May, 2007
7:30 PM
6 (2,2,2) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, 6Km - 10Km
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
Leinster League
Race starts 20m past forestry gate. Straight for a couple of hundred metres up track until T Junction. Take right, proceed for another couple of hundred taking RIGHT as the road turns left and climb up a (not bad) quality narrow trail. Climb for a few minutes up and take right at T junction with forestry road. Continue on this road. After 400 m. take a left fork on the good quality forest road. Climb a little bit. Keep an eye out to the right for markers that will bring you down through the trees. Follow the markers and continue down past the ending of the trees onto a rough vehicle track through felled trees (new from last year). Climb over wire fence and turn left on path up main climb to Seahan. At the Trig point on the top of Seahan turn right for Corrig which hopefully will be visible about 1.0km away, along what is initially a rather faint track. Of the two routes marked in this general direction, you take the one to the right. At the trig point (biggish stone) on Corrig turn back towards Seahan and return to the Seahan trig point. Then turn around and continue along a very clear path in a direction slightly to the left of the route you earlier took towards Corrig. Follow this track as it turns slowly to the left and descend eventually towards a fence near the edge of the forest. Continue along this fence until you reach a point about 1.5km from the top of Seahan where there is a fairly good track to the left down through trees (don?t take the first, earlier track, also a good quality track). After you turn left the descent becomes steeper. Ignore a tempting left turn onto a good quality forest road further down. Keep on the trail, slightly to the right as it deteriorates and eventually twists and turns, and eventually goes left through the trees as a narrow path. This path leads onto a good quality forest track. Run along this track until you turn left at the original T junction back to start/finish. If you can remember all that, you are way better than me!! But the route will be marked, so don?t worry.
Signposted from Stone Cross, Ballinascorney, Co. Dublin Gr. O 073 200. Please try to carpool!! Please park on one side of the road and leave a gap every 8 cars or so. Road is very narrow.
People MUST carpool from Scholars pub. To get to Scholars Pub(Tel 4516757), take the Firhouse exit of the M50 (Junction 12), heading towards Firhouse/Tallaght. Go straight through two roundabouts and at the next roundabout, Scholars Pub is on the left hand corner. If you are approaching from the Firhouse Road( going South) turn left at the Old Mill and Scholars Pub is at the next roundabout. For those that are driving, please arrive with four or five people in you cars. Take the R114, (Firhouse road) towards Brittas. After about four km take a turn to the left. It will be sign posted here. The start is about 2km down this road on the LHS. G.R. O 076 208. Please park on one side of the road and leave a gap every 4 cars or so. The road is very narrow. There will be an early start at 7.15 pm.
Scholars Pub,Old Court Centre, Parklane Rd, Firhouse- Carpool here


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