Black Mountain (IMRA / NIMRA Challenge)

Sunday 4 May, 2008
12:00 PM
8 (3,3,2) - Difficult Terrain, >500M ascent, 6Km - 10Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked
Leinster Championship, North/South Challenge
The route will be an out and back course. Junior girls will turn back at the forest end. Women, Junior men, and M60+ will turn back at a very large cairn (9,7km). Senior men, M40 & M50 will go to Black mountain (14.8km). Due to conditions only short route was run on the day.
Car Park (Lumper's Pub)

Leave the motorway at the Ballymascanlon roundabout and take the road towards Carlingford. Turn a sharp left at a green and white chequered painted wall. Turn right at a t-junction at the end of this road and the pub is on your left after around 1200m.

Scoring System. Seniors (6 points for 1st senior man/woman to finish, 5 points for 2nd,... and 1 point for 6th). For categories under 19 m/w, m/w 40, m/w 50, m/w 60, m/w 70+ (3 points for top finisher within category/sex down to 1 point for 3rd finisher).

Race information sheet

Tain Bo Cualnge
Start at the forest entrance near Lumpers and follow the Tain Way for around 2.5km. Leave the forest at a stile and head for the middle reentrant onto the ridge. Short course turns back at a large cairn. Long course goes to summit near mast.



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