Wednesday 13 July, 2005
7:30 PM
Men - 52:11 (Paul Nolan, GEN) Women - 62:00 (Beth McCluskey, Crusaders AC)
Leinster League
Race will be on a similar circuit to last year with shoe sucking mucky ride, low tree branches and ankle twisting rough ground in places. Route has been improved by use of some bike tracks in preference to some of the darker forest and fire road sections Something for all mountain runners to enjoy
Start: G.R. O 196079 There is a severe parking shortage, so please carpool as much as possible. Leave cars in Roundwood and combine for trip to start. If you do park on the road, only park on one side and leave a space every five or six cars for passing.
If you think you will be significantly slower than the rest of the runners, please plan on starting early. If enough people are interested we can have an official early start at 7 so we can time it properly. It would be your responsibility to be registered before 7.
Kavanaghs (Vartry House) in Roundwood
There will be a junior route which is about half the climb and about 7 km.


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Driver NameLocationPassing ThroughDepartureSeats AvailableSeats AcceptedBook
Declan ByrnePortobelloDundrum, Enniskerry17:3022
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