Two different loops of the forest around Carrickgalligan
Wednesday 9 June, 2004
7:30 PM
Men: 22:47 (Paul Nolan, GEN), Women: 26:00 (Beth McCluskey, Crusaders AC)
Leinster League
Start: Scalp Kilternan, Gr. O 215207

Race 7 takes place on the Scalp with the altered start of last year. With the pressure of numbers start takes place on track at TOP of forest, finish as usual at the bottom of the wood by the main road.

We are very lucky to have been given permission to use the overflow parking of the Kilternan Sports Hotel. However this permission comes with strict conditions, we are restricted to overflow car park only so spaces are quite limited and are reminded not to block access to tennis courts as we did last year. Palmers have also given permission for people carpooling to leave cars there. However in order not to swamp their regular customers car-pooling from the city (or Dundrum) makes more sense. Don’t forget the 44 bus passes by the venue. Runners are asked not to approach Kilternan Hotel, and should do their warm-up and ablutions in the forest. Only runners in full cars are welcome to park in Kilternan Sports Hotel, there is no parking available on the main Enniskerry Road.
Palmers (Golden Ball) Kilternan



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