Circuit of Glenmacnass

Sunday 15 June, 2008
12:00 PM
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Route not marked - Route not marked
Men - 01:45:47 (Simon Fairmaner, DSD) Women - 2:11:26 (Joan Flanagan, Ajax)
Leinster Championship
Start TICode
Race starts 1km north of Laragh on Military Road where Wicklow Way crosses road. Gr. T 140975 Please note, there is no parking at the race start so please park in Laragh village and jog/walk up to the start as your warm up please!! This race at 19 km long and over some open mountain terrain should not be taken lightly. Appropriate clothing should be carried. The route is not marked. Runners must report to the official at the half-way stage, Glenmacnass waterfall car park, where it is possible to retire if necessary. There will be water available at this point & some food if required.


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