Leinster Championship 2017

Races run on Sundays, mainly in Wicklow. These races are longer than the very popular Wednesday night league races and tend to be run on open mountainside. As a rule they are not marked and runners would be expected to be able to find their way from a published route.


Best 3 races to score

Sat Apr 2212:00 PMTonelagee and lap of the LakeTTL570m9.50km8
Sat Jun 1712:00 PMMount LeinsterMTL635m13.80km9
Sun Jul 212:00 PMFraughen Rock GlenFRA770m10.10km9
Sat Jul 1512:00 PMCarlingford - Fox's RockCFR800m16.00km9
Sat Jul 291:00 PMLog na CoilleLUG718m10.46km8

Current League Standings

Runners with 3 Races to Score

1Bernard Fortune4M40211--
2Dermot Murphy11M4013335-
3Gerard Maloney12M50822--
4Mick Hanney25M401456--
5Donal Linehan30M50-12711-
6Padraig Doyle35M40-151010-
7cathy wyse49F40181813--
8Paul Smyth55M5024-1417-
9James H Cahill56M5033201620-
10Connie Dottino100F4048-2527-
11Patsy McCreanor101M7049-2428-

Runners with 2 Races to Score

12Alan Ayling8M40-4-4-
13Greg Byrne14M40410---
14Peter Bell15M11-4--
15Zoran Skrba17M10--7-
16Con Halpin23M9--14-
17Brian McGuckin29M4017-12--
18Stuart Scott32M-1715--
19Syl Ivers36M50-1917--
20Laurence Briody37M40--1918-
21Michael Maughan38M4030-8--
22John McCann7239M40--1821-
23Vivian O'Gorman56M603224---
24Yvonne Brennan60F4614---
25Maike Jurgens62F39-23--
26Halpin Dave71M5047--24-

Runners with 1 Race to Score

27Colm Murtagh1M---1-
27Adrian Hennessy1M1----
29Pete Grant2M50---2-
30Dale Mathers3M50---3-
30Jason Kehoe3M3----
32Mike Jordan5M--5--
32Neilus Healy5M5----
34John Bell6M6----
34Gordon Place6M40-6---
34Johnny McCabe6M50---6-
37Daniel Whittaker7M40-7---
37Pat Foley7M407----
39Thomas Dunne8M-8---
39Donal McMorland8M---8-
41Padraig O'Connor9M40--9--
41Padraig Muldoon9M50---9-
41Angus Tyner9M40-9---
44Martin McDonald11M60-11---
44Liam Vines11M40--11--
46Laurence Quinn12M12----
46Matthew Sammon12M---12-
48Derek Cullen13M-13---
48Denise Mathers13F50---13-
50Mark Walker15M4015----
50Fergus Scott15M---15-
52Jarlath Hynes16M50-16---
52Becky Quinn16F4016----
52Turlough Conway16M40---16-
55conor lyons19M19----
55Jonathan Dolan19M40---19-
57Joe Lalor20M6020----
57Fergie Maughan20M40--20--
59Cormac O'Ceallaigh21M4021----
59Nauset Gonzalez21M--21--
59Liam Cannon21M-21---
62Brendan O'Connor22M50--22--
62Paul Morrissey22M40---22-
62Ian Harrison22M22----
62alan hall22M-22---
66Fergal Downes23M40---23-
66Catherine Devitt23F23----
66Kevin O Leary23M-23---
69Louis Mullee25M40-25---
69James Morrissey25M25----
69Shane Colgan25M40---25-
72Michael Parks26M50---26-
72Michael Carroll26M-26---
72Robert Carney26M26----
75Laura Flynn27F5027----
75Henny Brandsma27M60-27---
77Aidan Buckley28M28----
78David J Hynes29M4029----
78David Rouse29M40---29-
80Tricia Flynn30M50---30-
81Daniela Boehm31F31----
82John Langenbach34M4034----
83Gill McLoughlin35F4035----
84Noel Farrell36M36----
85Niamh O'Ceallaigh37F37----
86Andrew Hanney38M4038----
87Justin Rea40M5040----
88Orla McEvoy41F41----
89Lorcan Farrell42M42----
90Keith Mulvey43M4043----
91Clare Quigley44F44----
92Lindsey Heppenstall45F4045----
93Greg Robins50M5050----

Runners with 0 Race to Score

94Michael McMahon0M-DNF---
94Karen Devenney0F----DNF
94Conor O'Keeffe0MDNF----
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