Calendar of Events for 2018


Mon Jan 110:00 AM****Registration Details 2018*...IMRA Race0m0.00km3
Sun Jan 1411:00 AMCorrin HillMWLIMRA Race260m6.60km6
Sun Jan 1411:00 AMHowth WinterWSLIMRA Race255m5.71km6
Sat Jan 2011:00 AMHellfire SpringWSLIMRA Race240m6.40km4
Sun Jan 2111:00 AMCastlecomer Discovery ParkSELIMRA Race140m9.00km5
Sun Jan 2811:00 AMCratloe WoodsMWLIMRA Race200m8.70km4
Sat Feb 311:00 AMTicknock WinterWSLIMRA Race330m7.80km7
Sun Feb 411:00 AMCarrigbyrne Hill (Wexford)SELIMRA Race210m7.00km6
Sun Feb 1111:00 AMTralee (Tonevane)MWLIMRA Race200m8.00km5
Sun Feb 1112:00 PMMullaghmeenWSLIMRA Race423m10.80km6
Sat Feb 1711:00 AMTrooperstown HillWSLIMRA Race380m9.70km7
Sun Feb 1811:00 AMCrohaunMWL, SELIMRA Race300m6.00km6
Sat Feb 247:00 AMGlendalough Clover (Solo)IUCIMRA Race3000m80.00km10
Sat Feb 248:00 AMGlendalough Clover (Relay)IMRA Race3000m80.00km10
Sat Mar 38:00 AMSlí Gaeltacht Mhúscraí Ultr...MLDIMRA Race2140m71.50km10
Sat Mar 311:00 AMMaulin Winter League RouteWSLIMRA Race538m7.50km7
Sat Mar 312:00 PMSlí Mhúscraí Half-MarathonMHMIMRA Race600m21.10km8
Sun Mar 411:00 AMJohns Hill, KillbrannishSELIMRA Race400m10.50km7
Sun Mar 1111:00 AMBallinaboolaMWLIMRA Race300m10.00km6
Sun Mar 1112:00 PMAnnagh HillWSL, SELIMRA Race400m9.50km9
Sun Mar 1811:00 AMWoodstock TrailSELIMRA Race170m9.50km6
Sun Mar 181:30 PMClaragh MountainMWLIMRA Race340m7.00km6
Sat Mar 2412:00 PMCollege Champs - CamaderryIMRA Race552m8.50km7
Sat Mar 242:00 PMU18 Cup Trial RaceIMRA Race300m5.00km3
Sun Mar 258:00 AMWicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)IUCIMRA Race1783m42.70km10
Sun Mar 258:00 AMWicklow Glacier Lakes (Relay)IMRA Race1783m42.70km10
Sun Mar 2511:00 AMGlanageentyMWLIMRA Race400m9.50km6
Sat Mar 3111:00 AMKnockmealdown HalfMHMIMRA Race1350m21.10km10
Sat Apr 79:30 AMMaurice Mullins UltraIUCIMRA Race1940m51.00km10
Sat Apr 712:00 PMMaurice Mullins HalfIMRA Race971m25.50km7
Sat Apr 78:00 PMIMRA Spring SocialIMRA Social8200m127.00km10
Sun Apr 812:00 PMSlievenamonMWL, SELIMRA Race645m9.70km8
Wed Apr 117:30 PMDjouce (Earl's drive) trailTLIMRA Race118m7.48km4
Sun Apr 1511:00 AMCurragh WoodsMWLIMRA Race220m7.00km6
Wed Apr 187:30 PMDevil's GlenTLIMRA Race283m8.50km5
Sat Apr 2112:00 PMTonelagee and lap of the LakeLCIMRA Race570m9.50km8
Sun Apr 2211:00 AMSilverminesMWLIMRA Race230m7.40km6
Sun Apr 2211:00 AMBrandon Hill (Kilkenny)SELIMRA Race410m13.50km7
Wed Apr 257:30 PMGlen of the DownsTLIMRA Race285m8.00km5
Sun Apr 2911:00 AMClonakilty TrailMSLIMRA Race80m6.70km4
Wed May 27:30 PMKilliney Hill Relay Charity Ra...IMRA Race129m2.50km3
Sat May 56:30 AMBallyhoura Trail Ultra Maratho...IUCIMRA Race1850m58.00km10
Sat May 58:30 AMBallyhoura Trail MarathonMLDIMRA Race1400m42.00km10
Sat May 510:30 AMBallyhoura Trail Half MarathonMHMIMRA Race750m21.10km8
Sat May 512:00 PMBallyhoura 10kmIMRA Race250m10.00km3
Wed May 97:30 PMKillaloe (Ballycuggaran)MSLIMRA Race300m8.20km6
Wed May 97:30 PMBray HeadLLIMRA Race290m6.00km6
Sat May 122:00 PMSlieve DonardICIMRA Race840m8.85km8
Wed May 167:30 PMScalpLLIMRA Race212m5.80km5
Sat May 197:00 AMWicklow Way RelayIMRA Race3500m104.00km7
Sun May 2011:00 AMNire Valley - ComeraghsMSL, SELIMRA Race540m8.00km6
Wed May 237:30 PMHowth SummerLLIMRA Race376m8.00km6
Wed May 238:00 PMMarlogue WoodsMSLIMRA Race50m5.00km3
Sat May 267:00 AMTicknock Tick TockIMRA Race2400m75.00km7
Sun May 2711:00 AMBlackstairs MoiuntainSELIMRA Race500m6.00km6
Wed May 307:30 PMCarrick MountainLLIMRA Race427m6.00km6
Wed May 308:00 PMTountinnaMSLIMRA Race250m6.50km5
Sat Jun 21:00 PMCarrauntoohilMC, ICIMRA Race1137m12.50km10
Wed Jun 67:30 PMPrince William's SeatLLIMRA Race317m7.58km6
Wed Jun 68:00 PMGlenanaar - Canon Sheehan LoopMSLIMRA Race130m7.00km4
Sat Jun 912:00 AMWicklow Way RaceIUCIMRA Race3000m127.00km10
Sat Jun 911:00 AMSilvermines-Killoscully HalfMHMIMRA Race750m21.10km8
Sun Jun 1011:00 AMSliabh Bui (Wexford)SELIMRA Race390m12.50km7
Wed Jun 137:30 PMScarrLLIMRA Race383m8.25km7
Wed Jun 138:00 PMMt. HillaryMSLIMRA Race320m8.80km6
Sat Jun 169:00 AMInternational U18 CupNon-IMRA Race300m5.00km3
Sat Jun 1612:00 PMMount LeinsterLC, SELIMRA Race635m13.80km9
Sun Jun 171:00 PMMangertonMCIMRA Race700m9.60km7
Wed Jun 207:30 PMGlasnamullen and an anti-clock...LLIMRA Race410m10.20km6
Sun Jun 249:00 AMGalty CrossingMLDIMRA Race1500m32.00km10
Wed Jun 277:30 PMTrooperstown HillLLIMRA Race430m9.00km6
Wed Jun 278:00 PMLough CurraMSLIMRA Race400m7.50km6
Sat Jun 301:30 PMMweelreaIC, CCIMRA Race766m10.70km9
Sun Jul 112:00 PMNephinCCIMRA Race736m5.30km7
Wed Jul 47:30 PMSorrell HillLLIMRA Race392m9.45km6
Wed Jul 48:00 PMLisvarrinaneMSLIMRA Race275m9.00km5
Sun Jul 811:00 AMClonmel TrailMSL, SELIMRA Race300m10.00km7
Wed Jul 117:30 PMBrockaghLLIMRA Race443m11.00km7
Wed Jul 118:00 PMKilworth WoodsMSLIMRA Race100m6.00km3
Sat Jul 1412:00 PMCarlingford - Fox's RockLCIMRA Race800m16.00km9
Wed Jul 187:30 PMSeefinganLLIMRA Race486m8.74km6
Wed Jul 188:00 PMMurroe (Slieve Feilim Way)MSLIMRA Race230m8.60km5
Sun Jul 221:00 PMCarrauntoohill EastMCIMRA Race1100m15.00km10
Wed Jul 257:30 PMBallinastoeLLIMRA Race490m12.00km8
Wed Jul 258:00 PMSlievereagh (Kilfinnane)MSLIMRA Race300m8.80km5
Sat Jul 281:00 PMLog na CoilleIC, LCIMRA Race718m10.46km8
Wed Aug 17:30 PMDownshill - End of League BBQLLIMRA Race340m10.13km6
Wed Aug 18:00 PMRochestown WoodsMSLIMRA Race180m5.60km3
Sun Aug 51:00 PMSeefin (Comeraghs)MC, SELIMRA Race600m12.00km8
Wed Aug 87:00 PM12 O'Clock HillsMSLIMRA Race250m5.60km5
Wed Aug 87:00 PMKippure HandicapIMRA Race305m9.27km7
Sat Aug 1111:00 AMGaltee Half-MarathonMHMIMRA Race1000m21.10km10
Sun Aug 1211:00 AMCircuit of AvonbegLCIMRA Race1345m25.50km10
Wed Aug 157:30 PMWarrenscourt Forest (Kilmurry)MSLIMRA Race100m8.00km4
Wed Aug 157:30 PMMountain Rescue Benefit RaceIMRA Race250m8.00km6
Sun Aug 191:00 PMGaltymoreMC, ICIMRA Race1100m11.50km10
Sun Aug 2610:30 AMNav Challenge 1NCIMRA Race600m19.00km8
Sun Aug 2611:00 AMKeeper HillMSLIMRA Race550m13.00km7
Wed Aug 298:00 PMClare GlensMSLIMRA Race190m9.60km5
Sat Sep 18:00 AMStone Cross to Lug SoloIMRA Race2170m54.00km10
Sat Sep 18:00 AMStone Cross to Lug RelayIMRA Race0m53.00km9
Sun Sep 210:30 AMNav Challenge 2NCIMRA Race600m17.50km8
Sun Sep 21:00 PMMt BrandonMCIMRA Race700m9.00km8
Sun Sep 910:30 AMNav Challenge 3NCIMRA Race975m17.00km8
Sat Sep 158:00 AMGlen of Aherlow Ultra Trail Ru...IUCIMRA Race1500m63.30km10
Sat Sep 1510:00 AMGlen of Aherlow Trail MarathonMLDIMRA Race1000m42.20km10
Sat Sep 1512:00 PMGlen of Aherlow Trail Half-Mar...MHMIMRA Race500m21.10km8
Sun Sep 3010:30 AMKilfinane HandicapIMRA Race270m10.50km6
Sat Oct 610:30 AMDublin Mountain Half MarathonIMRA Race300m21.00km3
Sat Oct 611:00 AMNagles Half-MarathonMHMIMRA Race650m21.10km9
Thu Oct 257:30 PMCurrabinny Woods Halloween Rac...IMRA Race70m5.00km3
Sat Nov 310:30 AMPowerscourt RidgeIMRA Race920m16.00km9
Sat Nov 32:00 PMIMRA AGM 2018Social1m1.00km3
Thu Dec 2711:00 AMChristmas Run - The Sugar BowlIMRA Race400m7.30km3
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