Irish Mountain
Running Association

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Calendar of Events for 2016


Fri Jan 110:00 AM****New Registration Details 2016****WicklowIMRA Race0m0.00km
Sun Jan 1710:30 AMHowth WinterWSLDublinIMRA Race255m5.71km
Sun Jan 1712:00 PMCorrin Hill Trail RaceMSLCorkIMRA Race300m5.00km
Sun Jan 3111:00 AMHellfire SpringWSLDublinIMRA Race240m6.40km
Sat Feb 68:00 PMIMRA Formal SocialWicklowIMRA Social1m1.00km
Sun Feb 71:00 PMClonakilty TrailMSLCorkIMRA Race300m6.00km
Sun Feb 1410:30 AMBrockagh BurstWSLWicklowIMRA Race200m6.00km
Sat Feb 2710:30 AMTicknock WinterWSLDublinIMRA Race330m7.80km
Sat Mar 510:30 AMTrooperstown HillWSLWicklowIMRA Race380m10.60km
Sat Mar 1212:00 PMAnnagh HillWSLWexfordIMRA Race630m11.15km
Sun Mar 1312:00 PMGlenanaar (Ballyhoura)MSLCorkIMRA Race200m10.00km
Sat Mar 1910:30 AMMaulin Winter League RouteWSLWicklowIMRA Race538m7.50km
Sun Mar 2012:00 PMColleges Champs CamaderryWicklowIMRA Race522m8.50km
Sat Mar 269:30 AMMaurice Mullins UltraLODWicklowIMRA Race1940m51.00km
Sat Mar 2612:00 PMMaurice Mullins HalfWicklowIMRA Race971m25.50km
Sun Apr 36:30 PMClaragh MountainMSLCorkIMRA Race340m7.00km
Sat Apr 98:00 AMWicklow Glacier Lakes (Relay)WicklowIMRA Relay1783m42.70km
Sat Apr 98:00 AMWicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)LODWicklowIMRA Race1783m42.70km
Sat Apr 98:00 PMSpring SocialWicklowIMRA Social1m1.00km
Wed Apr 137:30 PMGOAL Relay Race - Killiney HillDublinIMRA Race129m2.50km
Wed Apr 207:30 PMBray HeadLLWicklowIMRA Race290m6.00km
Sat Apr 2312:00 PMTonelagee and lap of the LakeLCWicklowIMRA Race570m9.50km
Sun Apr 241:00 PMMangertonMSLKerryIMRA Race700m9.60km
Wed Apr 277:30 PMHowth SummerLLDublinIMRA Race376m8.00km
Sat Apr 306:30 AMBallyhoura Mountain UltraLimerickIMRA Race1850m58.00km
Sat Apr 308:30 AMBallyhoura Mountain MarathonMLDLimerickIMRA Race1400m42.00km
Sat Apr 3010:30 AMBallyhoura Mountain HalfLimerickIMRA Race750m21.00km
Wed May 47:30 PMCarrick MountainLLWicklowIMRA Race427m6.00km
Sun May 812:00 PMBallybraidLCWicklowIMRA Race700m15.80km
Wed May 117:30 PMScalpLLDublinIMRA Race212m5.80km
Sun May 151:00 PMGlanageentyMCKerryIMRA Race500m10.00km
Wed May 187:30 PMGlasnamullen and an anti-clockwise lap of DjouceLLWicklowIMRA Race410m10.20km
Wed May 188:00 PMCratloe WoodsMSLClareIMRA Race200m8.00km
Sat May 217:00 AMWicklow Way RelayWicklowIMRA Relay3200m127.00km
Wed May 257:30 PMScarrLLWicklowIMRA Race383m8.25km
Wed May 258:00 PMSilverminesMSLTipperaryIMRA Race320m9.00km
Sat May 282:30 AMWicklow Round Challenge - Paul O'CallaghanWicklowNon-IMRA Race6500m120.00km
Sat May 2812:00 PMTrials for Europeans and YouthsWicklowIMRA Race648m10.51km
Sat May 282:00 PMSlieve DonardIC, KoMDownIMRA Race840m8.85km
Sun May 2912:00 PMFraughen Rock GlenLCWicklowIMRA Race770m10.10km
Wed Jun 17:30 PMTrooperstown HillLLWicklowIMRA Race430m9.00km
Wed Jun 18:00 PMLisvarrinaneMSLTipperaryIMRA Race275m9.00km
Sat Jun 43:30 AMWicklow Round Challenge - Adrian HennessyWicklowNon-IMRA Race6500m120.00km
Sat Jun 41:00 PMCarrauntoohilKoM, MC, ICKerryIMRA Race1137m12.50km
Wed Jun 87:30 PMSorrell HillLLWicklowIMRA Race392m9.45km
Wed Jun 88:00 PMKilworth WoodsMSLCorkIMRA Race100m6.50km
Sat Jun 1112:00 AMWicklow Way RaceLODWicklowIMRA Race3000m127.00km
Wed Jun 157:30 PMDjouce (New Route from Djouce Woods)LLWicklowIMRA Race580m9.80km
Wed Jun 158:00 PMKeeper HillMSLTipperaryIMRA Race500m13.20km
Sat Jun 182:00 AMWicklow Round Challenge - John Ryan PrestonWicklowNon-IMRA Race6500m120.00km
Sat Jun 189:00 AMWorld Long-Distance ChampionshipsAbroadNon-IMRA Race2800m42.20km
Sat Jun 1810:00 AMWest Dublin PeaksLCWicklowIMRA Race1000m21.00km
Sun Jun 191:00 PMSlievenamonMCTipperaryIMRA Race570m8.00km
Tue Jun 218:00 PM12 O'Clock HillsMSLClareIMRA Race300m6.00km
Wed Jun 227:30 PMBrockaghLLWicklowIMRA Race443m11.00km
Sat Jun 2510:00 AMInternational Youth CupAbroadNon-IMRA Race580m4.70km
Wed Jun 297:30 PMTibradden/Sliabh Thigh BródáinLLDublinIMRA Race365m11.23km
Wed Jun 298:00 PMCurrabinnyMSLCorkIMRA Race500m2.00km
Sat Jul 29:00 AMEuropean Mountain Running ChampionshipsAbroadNon-IMRA Race10m12.00km
Sun Jul 39:00 AMGaltee CrossingMLDTipperaryIMRA Race1500m32.00km
Wed Jul 67:30 PMBallinastoeLLWicklowIMRA Race490m12.00km
Wed Jul 68:00 PMKillaloeMSLClareIMRA Race300m8.20km
Sat Jul 91:30 PMMweelreaCC, IC, KoMMayoIMRA Race766m10.70km
Sun Jul 1012:00 PMCroagh PatrickCCMayoIMRA Race826m7.00km
Wed Jul 137:30 PMThe Sugar Bowl - BBQLLWicklowIMRA Race400m7.30km
Wed Jul 138:00 PMTountinnaMSLTipperaryIMRA Race500m10.00km
Sat Jul 1612:00 AMSnowdonAbroadNon-IMRA Race1000m16.10km
Sat Jul 1612:00 PMCarlingford - Fox's RockLCLouthIMRA Race800m16.00km
Sun Jul 171:00 PMCarrauntoohill EastMCKerryIMRA Race1093m15.38km
Wed Jul 207:00 PMKippure HandicapDublinIMRA Race305m9.27km
Wed Jul 208:00 PMKilleagh WoodsMSLCorkIMRA Race200m5.00km
Sat Jul 231:00 PMLog na CoilleIC, KoMWicklowIMRA Race718m10.46km
Wed Jul 277:30 PMGlen of the DownsTLWicklowIMRA Race285m8.00km
Wed Jul 278:00 PMMurroeMSLLimerickIMRA Race300m9.00km
Sun Jul 311:00 PMComeraghsMCWaterfordIMRA Race418m7.60km
Wed Aug 37:30 PMDevil's GlenTLWicklowIMRA Race283m8.50km
Wed Aug 38:00 PMThe Paps (An Dá Chích), Derrynasaggart MountainsMSLKerryIMRA Race580m9.00km
Wed Aug 107:30 PMDownshill Trail RaceTLWicklowIMRA Race340m10.13km
Sun Aug 1411:00 AMTrials for Worlds and British and IrishWicklowIMRA Race667m6.25km
Sun Aug 141:00 PMGaltymoreMC, ICTipperaryIMRA Race1340m12.60km
Wed Aug 177:30 PMMountain Rescue Benefit RaceWicklowIMRA Race250m8.00km
Sun Aug 2110:30 AMNav Challenge 1NCWicklowIMRA Race500m19.00km
Sat Aug 2710:00 AMWMRA World Masters Women and M55-M75AbroadNon-IMRA Race810m6.55km
Sun Aug 289:00 AMWMRA World Masters Men M35-M50AbroadNon-IMRA Race1445m11.03km
Sun Aug 2810:30 AMNav Challenge 2 - Glenmacnass WaterfallNCWicklowIMRA Race600m16.00km
Wed Aug 317:30 PMHellfire Charity RaceDublinIMRA Race400m6.00km
Sat Sep 38:00 AMStone Cross to Lug SoloLODWicklowIMRA Race2170m54.00km
Sat Sep 38:00 AMStone Cross to Lug RelayWicklowIMRA Relay0m53.00km
Sun Sep 119:00 AMWMRA World Mountain Running ChampionshipsAbroadNon-IMRA Race1468m12.70km
Sun Sep 1110:30 AMNav Challenge 3 West Dublin HillsNCWicklowIMRA Race600m17.00km
Sat Sep 178:00 AMGlen of Aherlow Trail Ultra-MarathonTipperaryIMRA Race900m63.00km
Sat Sep 179:00 AMBritish and Irish under 17 and 20 ChampionshipsAbroadNon-IMRA Race713m5.00km
Sat Sep 1710:00 AMGlen of Aherlow Trail MarathonMLDTipperaryIMRA Race600m42.00km
Sat Sep 1712:00 PMGlen of Aherlow Trail Half-MarathonTipperaryIMRA Race300m21.00km
Sat Oct 110:30 AMDublin PeaksDublinIMRA Race0m30.00km
Thu Oct 277:30 PMCurrabinny Woods Halloween RaceCorkIMRA Race70m5.00km
Sat Oct 295:00 AMIAU Trail World ChampionshipsAbroadNon-IMRA Race4500m85.00km
Sat Nov 510:30 AMPowerscourt RidgeWicklowIMRA Race920m16.00km
Sat Nov 52:00 PMAGMWicklowSocial1m1.00km
Sat Nov 58:00 PMIMRA End of Year Social & Prize GivingWicklowIMRA Social1m1.00km
Sat Dec 102:00 AMWicklow Round Challenge - Liam VinesWicklowNon-IMRA Race6500m120.00km
Tue Dec 2711:00 AMChristmas Turkey Trail Run (Djouce Djog)WicklowIMRA Race120m8.00km
Sat Dec 3112:00 AMIMRA Yearbook 2015WicklowIMRA Race0m0.00km