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John LangenbachFeb 14 2013, 3:00pmWill this one stay on the road (Boo!) or go to the top of the hill?

Is this a change to the original Spring League calendar?
Brian FureyFeb 14 2013, 4:45pmYes we had to cancel the Sliabh Bui race this year. Kilmashogue is the replacement.
ROute information will be updated soon.

Jeff FitzsimonsFeb 14 2013, 5:31pmI love and hate the sound of this in equal measure. Very interested to see what the route turns out to be!
Peter O'FarrellFeb 15 2013, 4:28pmThere will be zero tarmac on the course.

This is a beginner friendly event of 6km starting on the fireroad just beyond the second barrier (about 100m up from the Kilmashogue carpark) and run up the fireroad for 3km, turn around and run back down again.

The turnaround will be marked clearly.

I hope to mark a 1 kilometre and 1 mile downhill segment (both physically and on Strava) so you can self time your splits for those distances.

As always at events a laptop operator volunteering would be a great help.

kind regards,
Nicola BurkeFeb 20 2013, 1:52pmDoes anyone know if there is a bus I could get to the area? I'm sure there are buses that go to Marlay Park but if anyone has any advice on which one would be best to get that would be great! Thanks :-)
Jeff FitzsimonsFeb 20 2013, 2:09pmNumber 16 would get you to Marley, it's just a walk/jog from there.

Or maybe the 161 or 61 but I think they are less frequent.
Nicola BurkeFeb 20 2013, 2:43pmThanks for the advice Jeff - much appreciated! Looks like the 16 is the best option for me :-)
Jim FitzharrisFeb 21 2013, 12:42pmPeter,

I will do laptop at this race.

Grizzled veteran I can accept.

Hardy hillrunner? Not so sure.

Disdainful sniffing: never at anything that involves physical effort!

I have "fond" memories of that deceptive but relentlss incline up fom the barrier at the start of the WWR.


henny brandsmaFeb 22 2013, 10:54amHi Peter.
Still recovering from a broken hip,but would beable to give you a hand
at registration and maybe at the finish,will be still on crutches so it
has to be a sitting job.
Regards Henny
Peter O'FarrellFeb 22 2013, 12:10pmThanks Henny (and Jim and John and Orla and Ken and Brian)


With a dash of serendipity someone may have abandoned a sofa there for us on the day!

I'll get the exact elevation of the course this weekend.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 27 2013, 12:12pmCarpooling or using public transport/cycling is vital for the viability of this venue in the future.

This route is deceptively hard for a trail run.
3km up Kilmashogue Lane, then back.

2.2km of steady climbing followed by 800m of pleasant undulations brings you to the turnaround point.
On the return leg there is a stone pillar to the right of the track, this is the start point for a one mile descent should you wish to self time your mile time.
(There is also a strava segment for this mile descent)

The finish line chute will be quite long as runners will be moving at speed! Please stay in line to assist the finish marshalls do their work.

The location for registrations will be updated soon.
Emmet Ó BriainMar 1 2013, 3:14pmHi folks,

Would road runners be okay on this?

Jeff FitzsimonsMar 1 2013, 3:36pmHi Emmet, road shoes would be grand.
Peter O'FarrellMar 4 2013, 11:06amRace Registration will be at Taylors 3 Rock pub.
Registration opens at 10am and closes at 11.30am sharp.

(The almighty laptop requires time to digest the entries, as this is a very short fast race registration must close 30 minutes before the start)

The race start is about 2km from the registration area.
There is no parking at the race start.
The closest available carpark is in Marlay Park.

Tea and sambos and prizegiving will be at Taylors 3 Rock afterwards.
Sarah Ni RuaircMar 4 2013, 11:29pmI still have the RD kit from Maulin, so if someone wants to collect it from me please let me know. You can email me on

I noticed on Saturday that there were no pens in the RD kit. Clearly they went awol at a previous event. Therefore the RD might to make a major investment for IMRA and buy a packet of 10 or 20 pens.

Peter O'FarrellMar 6 2013, 1:03pmThe first mother across the line on Sunday will get a prize.
For the day dat's in it!

Stuart ScottMar 6 2013, 4:50pmDo the mothers have to carry their children across the finish line?
Daniela BoehmMar 7 2013, 9:05amHi Peter,
do you still need helpers (running or not) for Sunday or are you all sorted? Will be heading that direction for some training anyways, so could just as well make myself a bit useful if there's any need ;)
Peter O'FarrellMar 7 2013, 9:10amHi Daniela,

Thank you, two or three more helpers would be a brilliant help.


For those mothers bringing children the junior course will be 4km and the turnaround marked by the 2km sign.

There may not be enough volunteers for marshalls at the turnaround points so if you find yourself at a barrier and some tarmac you have gone too far :) turn around and come back!
Peter O'FarrellMar 7 2013, 11:13pmThe Irish Championship box of uncollected T-shirts will be at Kilmashogue on Sunday. I'll have them for a week if you wish to collect them give me a shout on peterofarrells at gmail dot com.

Also on display are the Club 100 T-shirts (well done Joan Stapleton), The yearbooks, social tickets and of course the small matter of the race!

Dónall FlanaganMar 7 2013, 11:53pmI'll help as a running volunteer...
Cian FrielMar 8 2013, 12:11pmPeter, if your still looking for helpers for sunday, I'd like to be a running helper/volunteer if needed.
Warren SwordsMar 8 2013, 2:59pmWhat time do you need volunteers for? 10am?
Peter O'FarrellMar 8 2013, 3:21pmHi Warren,

Can all volunteers please aim to be at Taylors 3 Roc at 9.50am.

Could any of the volunteers who did not get an email from me earlier in the week please email me at peterofarrells at gmail dot com for de sending on of de speadsheet.

thank you,

Peter O'FarrellMar 10 2013, 8:00pmMother of the day..........Karen O'Hanlon :)

Some fantastic race reports are up on the event page courtesy of the next generation. Well done all to the juniors who made up an impressive 10% of the field. Another 4 mini juniors were a great help to the finish volunteers.

In the battle of the current Irish Internationals Ian Conroy proved strongest on the day on the longer course, Brian Furey was second and in one of the two performances of the day Sarah Mulligan was 3rd overall. The young master Eoin Richards was the first runner home and would would have bearded many a senior if allowed out on the long course!
All 7 juniors did fantastically well with Ailbhe Kelly flying the flag for the girls two days after international womens day.
Fergal DalyMar 10 2013, 8:47pmHi,

Thanks Peter for organising that race.

Quite a few people said that the 3km turnaround point felt more like 5km. It's now my favourite IMRA race - as that was my first ever IMRA prize of any kind (incl'd spot prizes!) after 7 years of running and raffles. IMRA life begins at 40! :)