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Dave DochertyMay 14 2019, 12:44pmFolks. Could do with a few more volunteers for this race. And the Leinster League in general.
Thanks in advance.

Dave Docherty
Dave DochertyMay 16 2019, 8:06amLast night’s Bray head race was a huge success with stellar work done by the RD and volunteers. The Ice creams at the finish line where a particularly nice touch.
There were a few little glitches in our system that need to be ironed out, which will require a good bit of vigilance from the volunteer team but more importantly cooperation from runners.
There were a number of runners who ran without a chip or ran with an unregistered chip. I myself was surprised when my chip was checked and was not registered, despite having ran a number of races this year with the chip timing system.
So for the next LL race at Three Rock and probably most races going forward please make sure your chip is registered to your current race number at each race registration. This is as important as signing into the race. If you don’t sign into the race at registration, you are essentially not in the race and can be DNF’d, the new chip system will require each runner to digitally sign into the race at registration as well as manually.
This is a new system that the committee have spent a lot of time and anguish to get up and running and is a will require somewhat of a culture change, but with help from all members, it will vastly improve the organisation at races and publishing results in a timely manner.
Not everybody reads the forum, so spread the word folks.
Aleksandr KarnejevecMay 17 2019, 7:45pmHi folks,
I'm just wondering if I can collect and pay the voucher on the same day of the race?
Gordon PlaceMay 17 2019, 8:44pmHi Aleksandr, you collect the voucher card at the race but must buy it online beforehand. Go to the Purchase IMRA Products tab, and then bring your payment confirmation email to the race
Alan AylingMay 17 2019, 9:54pmNow if this little process of beeping a chip at registration were the ONLY process, that'd be cool. Let it create the race entries in the laptop. No more paper. Less queuing. No more stressed race volunteers trying to decipher the pathetic illegible scrawls that some people see fit to put on the sign-on sheets.
Down with duplication of effort!
Can it be done?
Phil behanMay 17 2019, 10:19pmJust a small observation from my side to make things easier for the reg at Threerock. Last week at Bray lots of new runners didn't know their race number. Before coming to the race please check the Imra website and note your race number if you don't have it yet. This saves time for all at the reg Thanks
Aleksandr KarnejevecMay 17 2019, 11:24pmThanks Gordon,got it ,will do!
Dave DochertyMay 17 2019, 11:33pm@Alan. I believe this is the ultimate goal of the of the new system. However, even that could have its flaws when someone decides to change their runners last minute based on the weather or terrain. I look forward to the day of mandatory chip implants at the first race of the year. And who might be the official IMRA implanter administrator?
Dave DochertyMay 20 2019, 4:48pmJust to note. There will be a junior/short route for the Three Rock race, 3.1km with 150m climb. Please spread the word to help us get the young uns into the mountains. Thanks again to Warren Swords for being race marker/inventor.

The long route also published on the race page.
Tim ChapmanMay 20 2019, 5:05pmWarren Swords as race marker !?!?! With his form for getting lost! We will all be up there till Thursday....
Dave DochertyMay 20 2019, 6:11pmI think we have enough Volunteers for the race now. You might look at the rest of the league, see how they are fixed.Thanks
Chris MarkMay 20 2019, 7:42pmHi folks,

If anyone is likely to have an empty at heading in from Marley Park Centra, let me know? Bus will get me that far but no further... (; 0852863273)

Chris MarkMay 20 2019, 7:43pmSeat, not at...
Chris MarkMay 20 2019, 7:43pmSeat, not at...
Chris MarkMay 20 2019, 7:43pmSeat, not at...
Chris MarkMay 20 2019, 7:44pmSeat, not at...
Colm MoranMay 21 2019, 2:38pmHi,
Has the course been changed in the last day or two? Quite liked the look of the route which went down the boneshaker and back up the tough climb to the masts.
Dave DochertyMay 21 2019, 2:46pmColm, Yes it has. Unfortunately we have lost the Boneshaker but we have gained a lot more trail with an exciting and FAST decent to the finish. The original race had a lot of tarmacadam and fire road on it and Warren has done great job at getting rid of it. Give it a shot and let me know what ya think after the race.
Mike JordanMay 21 2019, 3:16pm@Chris Mark - it's about a kilometre from the Centra in front of Marlay to registration at Taylor's pub at the back of the park. So only about a 10 minute walk and I'd say you should pick up a lift from reg up the hill to the start without too much bother.
Mark QuinnMay 21 2019, 6:20pmHi, is Three Rock closed for entry its not listed to purchase? Tks
Dave DochertyMay 21 2019, 7:18pm@Mark. Pre-reg closes at 1800 the night before the race. If you already have annual membership, you can rock up to registration and buy a voucher punch off some generous soul. Don't forget your rain coat.
Mark QuinnMay 21 2019, 7:39pmThanks Dave, just purchased some race vouchers hopefully that gets me in. Mark
Dave DochertyMay 21 2019, 7:42pmYa should be grand.
Stefanie WynneMay 22 2019, 10:46amHi All,

Is the early 7pm start for all routes?

Chris MarkMay 22 2019, 10:51am@ Mike - thanks, should've spotted that. Should've also taken a refresher course on posting to internet forums, apparently!
Stuart ScottMay 22 2019, 11:11amHi Chris. A more reliable option would be the Luas to Balally. It's about a half hour walk to Taylor's from there. The 14, 16, 75 and 145 are all reasonably close too if you feel like living dangerously. I'll be hoping to scab a lift up the hill from Taylor's too if anyone has room!
Dave DochertyMay 22 2019, 11:21amLads, Given the warning I put out on the FB page last night.I'd expect to see runners curb crawling around Ballinteer looking to fill their cars. See ya later.
Stuart ScottMay 22 2019, 11:30amI'll show a nice bit of leg. There are lots of casual park-runners around that area too so don't steal one of them by mistake!
Dave DochertyMay 22 2019, 12:04pmThere a joke in there somewhere about Stockholm Syndrome and IMRA membership. But I can't figure out the mechanics of it. This is why I work in engineering and not comedy.
Colm MoranMay 22 2019, 5:02pmHi Dave,
I was hoping to run this evening, but I've got a niggle so will be out on the bike to spectate, let me know if you want me to do any of the marshal roles or similar.
John CondonMay 22 2019, 9:49pmThanks to Dave and team for a great event tonight.
Mark QuinnMay 22 2019, 10:16pmThanks to all involved great event and super course.
Shane O'MalleyMay 22 2019, 10:28pmExcellent course guys, nice mix of everything. Well marked, marshalled even great weather.
Setting high standards and much appreciated.
Peter GormanMay 22 2019, 11:36pmReally enjoyed the unfamiliar route today and hope there can be a few more. Nicely marshalled too!
Conor O'FarrellMay 23 2019, 1:00amHi All

Results are now up. Apologies for the minor results complications at the prizegiving. We had a busy finish line, which resulted in a bit of a rush in the pub. All should be sorted now. Please email any queries, along with our race no. to

On a good note, we trialed a new sign-in process whereby everyone now swipes-in for the race with their chip. This worked seamlessly for the most part, and greatly reduced the in-race workload for the laptop operator. The only minor issue with it was that not everyone seemed aware of it at sign in, leading to a few skewed results that had to be manually fixed. Hopefully this will sort itself out over the next few weeks as everyone gets used to it.

Well done to Dave on his first RD stint and his crew.

Vivian O'GormanMay 23 2019, 8:46amA great night last night!! A new course well marked and marshalled. Well done to Dave and all his Volunteers.
It was Dave's first time as RD and he took it all in his stride - no problem...
Peter O'FarrellMay 23 2019, 8:51amThanks to all for an excellent, possibly a most excellent, race up there on the 3 rock last night. Something nicely warm and fuzzy about seeing loads of runners trekking up up the steep road to the hill for a Wednesday evening race above the traffic and sprawl of Dublin below.
Super new route, loads of passing, getting passed, passing and then unfortunately getting absolutely blasted past on the gravity Enduro section that was John Bell+Jason Kehoe slugging it out on the downhill.
Thanks to Conor for getting up the results on the night shift so I could look at them over my porridge.
The fly by, as always, is worth a look.
Alan KilbrideMay 23 2019, 10:07amThanks to all the volunteers for a super run last night!

And extra thanks to the first aiders who helped Barry down of the mountain, they did a great job of looking after him, fair play!! We got him to hospital and he was patched up and smiling just 30 minutes later. He has a dislocated shoulder but really enjoyed the run despite that!!

Thanks again,
Gavan DohertyMay 23 2019, 10:23amThe fact that no-one seemed to notice the new sign-in process is testament to a huge amount of work done by Jason Dowling. The old reg & results system has been in place since the 1990s and has served its purpose well. There's been talk of creating a new integrated system for the last 15 years but it's only now being successfully & quietly implemented. I didn't see any queues at registration - big hat-tip to Jason!

(& big thanks Dave/Warren & crew).
James ClancyMay 23 2019, 10:42amSuper race and lovely flowing new route last night!! Thanks a mil to Dave, Warren and Co.
Caitlin BentMay 23 2019, 11:33amI can only echo Gavan's comments. Everyone involved last night is to be commended. Sláinte!
Warren SwordsMay 23 2019, 11:55amThe winner of the Flying Last Mile is John Bell with an impressive time of 5.57, followed by Ruairi Long in 5.59 and Jason Kehoe, who appears to have found his descending legs, in 6.02.

King of the Mountain (on the Foxes Climb) goes to Luke McMullan in 4.59, a Strava record.

He was followed by Ruairi in 5.12 and Peter O'Farrell and David Power both on 5.23.

Luke had a pretty productive evening on Strava, collecting four Strava KOMS over the course.

Special mention to Mikey "Fireroad" Fry, who set a Strava record on the last wooded descent, a clear 5 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor, Jason Kehoe.
Brian KitsonMay 23 2019, 1:49pmI posted a report for those interested in what transpired nowhere near the front of the race.