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Lillian DeeganJan 15 2020, 12:20pmHi all, I'm looking for a race director for this event. Anybody willing to take it on?
Lillian DeeganJan 17 2020, 9:48amFollowing up on my earlier RD seeking msg - with nobody coming forward to race direct Ticknock Winter on Feb. 8th, a decision has been made to move the event date to Sunday Feb. 9th. Thanks to Peter and Orla for their offer to organise the race for us.

Derek and Paul - here's hoping you are ok to pop in again to help with first aid and laptop.
Paul GrantJan 17 2020, 10:49amSunday 9th is fine by me Lillian , I see my name is still up on the event volunteer list so I presume that I don't need to re-volunteer?
Lillian DeeganJan 17 2020, 11:21amThat's wonderful, thanks Paul. No need for you to do anything. Peter will take over the planning and be in touch with all helpers in due course.
Peter O'FarrellJan 23 2020, 12:38pmAt Ticknock we will have junior courses to suit the various ages.

There will be an out and back section leading into a lap. The older you are the more laps you get with U10 doing one lap and U14 two laps.

As it early season the race lengths will be relatively short, approximately 2.6km for U10 and 3.9km for U14.

U10 runners need to be accompanied by their adult.

Note : there's some admin involved in setting up junior runners registration on the IMRA website and we cannot take unregistered runners.
Cristiano ConteJan 23 2020, 3:39pmwould I be able to run with my kid first (U10) and then again in the adult course?
Peter O'FarrellJan 24 2020, 7:25amHello Christiano,

With the timings of the races it will not be possible to both accompany your U10 and race the senior race.
The Senior race starts at 11am and the juniors will start 3 minutes later.
You would need to organise another adult to run with the child in order to allow you to race yourself.
Sorry about that.
Cristiano ConteJan 24 2020, 9:11amthanks for your response Peter. this is perfectly understandable.
I'll find away to have both running, or I will be running with him.
It will be fun either way!
Peter O'FarrellJan 31 2020, 1:57pmThe junior course map is up as a photo on the Ticknock event page.

U10 runners will do one lap of the loop for a total distance of 2.4km.

U14 runners will do 2 laps of the loop for a total distance of 3.8km.

There is a technical singletrack descent through woods with two large rocky steps from point C to point A. Please be careful descending.
Point A is the end of the loop U10 will go straight back down to the start/finish and U14 will turn left back out and up to point B. Point B to point C is all on fast fireroad.

It's all much clearer in the image :)

There is a permanent orienteering marker at point C, it is marked "H15" for anyone who is thinking of recceing the route.

For the Seniors and the U16s - The senior course finishes just up from the upper barrier in Ticknock, about 200m away from the start.
Caitlin BentFeb 1 2020, 1:31pmHi Peter, I have volunteered for non- running helper on
Sun.9th. As I'm in a 'boot' for a bone fracture to my ankle, could I have a 'cushy' no. at registration i.e. seated, if i'm accepted, please.
Laura FlynnFeb 1 2020, 2:19pmIn line with IMRA’s ethos and our policy of giving back to members, this year we are expanding the categories of prizes at the various Leinster leagues (Winter/spring,Leinster and Trail) and will be giving prizes to the winners of the 5yr age categories from over 35 and up to over 75.To allow for some administrative matters, the new prize structure will not start until the Trooperstown Winter/Spring race.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 1 2020, 9:40pmThanks Caitlin,

We will have a nice warm chair at our nice warm indoor registration in Taylors pub ready to go for your boot.
Thanks to everyone else who has volunteered.

The long course is shorter than other Ticknock courses used in the recent past. It will be similar to Brockagh in length and a little bit more technical in nature. Basically up, across, down, across, finish.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 4 2020, 8:31pmThank you to everyone who has volunteered for Ticknock. We have enough volunteers now.
The current forecast is for rain which should help with the parking issues but please still carpool.
Marc Mac Giolla EainFeb 6 2020, 8:50amWith the upcoming storm on the way this weekend, will the race still be going ahead? Or will a call be made Saturday night/Sunday morning??
Peter O'FarrellFeb 6 2020, 6:37pmHi Marc,

We'll keep a close eye on the weather forecasts and in the case of an active orange or red wind warning from Met Eireann the race will be cancelled.

In other scenarios we will assess the situation on the ground on Saturday evening/Sunday morning and advise here on the forum.

The route may be shortened to avoid open exposed ground if necessary.

hope that helps,


On a lighter note - did someone say ban the winter league? :)
Jeff SwordsFeb 6 2020, 7:18pmDon't give them ideas Peter, it'll be added as an amended to the proposed ban on short shorts at this year's AGM.
Jeff SwordsFeb 6 2020, 7:19pm"amendment". Still no sign of that edit button.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 7 2020, 1:11pmWe are going to cancel the junior course. The junior course is not going ahead on Sunday. My apologies in advance. The weather forecast is fairly clear that it will be very wet and windy on Sunday.

In terms of the senior race - an active Met Eireann Orange or Red wind warning will cancel the senior race.

The current Yellow wind warning means we will assess the course on Sunday morning and currently plan to continue with the race.

Once again, my apologies for cancelling the junior course.

Sarah JonesFeb 7 2020, 4:28pmI was wondering would it be possible to use my purchase of ticknock, for troopers town instead.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 8 2020, 1:05pmWith the orange wind warning in place for tomorrow morning, the Ticknock race is being cancelled.

We will speak with the committee about a new date.

My apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
Lillian DeeganFeb 8 2020, 2:50pmOur Ticknock Winter Feb. 9th race has been postponed due to orange weather warning.

New date will be Saturday 29th Feb.

All registered runners are automatically in for that date.

No need to re-register.

Those that cannot make it on new date, you can use that entry at another league race.

If you are in a small minority that cannot make any upcoming league race we can arrange refund. Please email me

Thanks all.
Lillian DeeganFeb 14 2020, 2:02pmAfternoon all,

On with a reminder regarding entries for our Ticknock Winter race. All those who entered to run on the postponed race date (Feb. 9th), have been transferred to the rescheduled date - Saturday Feb. 29th.

Of the few who emailed requesting an alternative league race, we will get your entry popped in as asked.

Any queries, email me - and we will get you sorted.

Thanks, Lillian
Caitlin BentFeb 24 2020, 2:57pmHi Peter, I find that I am, unfortunately for me as I was looking forward to a cosy seat by the fire in Taylors, unable to volunteer this Saturday. Hope you have loads of helpers. I will volunteer for Howth.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 24 2020, 10:23pmThanks Caitlin, I believe the team in Howth are prepping the fireplace as we speak.

We could do with another 1 or 2 non running volunteers to help have everything running smoothly in Ticknock this coming Saturday. These volunteering opportunities would be marshalling on the junior course.

As the senior race is relatively short, at 5.8km, the finishers will be coming thick and fast so it will be important to have your number clearly visible on your chest for the spotters to see.

As an aside, you could do the soon to be traditional Parkrun Hillrun double up with Marley Park very close to Taylors!

And finally we encourage everyone to carpool from Taylors pub or jog up to the start (~2.5km)
Lillian DeeganFeb 25 2020, 10:22amHello everyone, I'm on to see might we have anyone hoping to be at Ticknock and also planning to hit the SEL race at Tory Hill on Sunday? I've a few odd bits I'm looking to have brought down to Niamh.

Thanks, Lillian
Michael O'RourkeFeb 25 2020, 12:15pmLillian, I will be at both Ticknock and Tory
so can do that for you.
Rachel HarneyFeb 28 2020, 11:20amHi, do we know yet if this will go ahead or not with the storm tomorrow?
Peter O'FarrellFeb 28 2020, 1:24pmHello Rachel,

The current plan is for the race to go ahead. On the bright side the forecasted wet and windy weather should help with the parking issues up at Ticknock.

The course will be marked this evening and checked again in the morning.

An active orange weather warning for Dublin in force for Saturday morning will cancel the race.
Owen FletcherFeb 28 2020, 1:29pmFYI, Marlay parkrun has been cancelled
Gordon PlaceFeb 28 2020, 2:25pmI'm guessing thats because the parks close in case of falling trees
Gareth LittleFeb 28 2020, 4:37pmThe MET have upgraded to an orange wind warning for Leinster but this is due to take affect from 13:00...
Rachel HarneyFeb 28 2020, 6:52pmThanks all.
Eoghan CaffreyFeb 28 2020, 7:36pmSo is the race going ahead tomorrow?
Orla McEvoyFeb 28 2020, 8:31pmHi Eoghan
Currently there is a status yellow warning for the time of the race so we are going ahead as planned at 11am
Eoghan CaffreyFeb 28 2020, 8:38pmHi Orla

Great. Thank you.
Conor NolanFeb 28 2020, 9:08pmA question which I should know the answer to -

I suddenly find myself free to run tomorrow (thanks Horhay) but haven't entered. If I buy a Race Voucher card tonight will it be ok to collect it tomorrow?

If not, would anyone care to sell me a punch tomorrow?
Richard MoriartyFeb 28 2020, 9:18pmHey

It’s been upgraded to orange for the whole country from 6 am tomo morn

Storm Jorge: Status Red warning for Galway and Clare, orange warning extended to rest of country
Shane O'MalleyFeb 28 2020, 9:28pmNot seeing that. Still showing it for 1pm for leinster.

Where did you see the change. Maybe they are in thd process of changing.
Robert HursonFeb 28 2020, 9:32pmThis is what I'm seeing on So good to go for 11:00.

Status Orange - Wind warning for Leinster, Cavan, Monaghan, Roscommon, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford
Valid: 13:00 Saturday 29/02/2020 to 19:00 Saturday 29/02/2020
Issued: 16:00 Friday 28/02/2020
Richard MoriartyFeb 28 2020, 9:33pmOk lads fair play

Flashed up there from the

Probably got it wrong
Laura FlynnFeb 28 2020, 9:34pmThe current orange warning is from 1 pm tomorrow in Leinster. The race starts at 11 and will be well over by then.
Conor, if you’ve registered for the year already you should have no problem buying a punch from someone tomorrrow.
Paul O'GradyFeb 28 2020, 9:34pmSomeone should send Met Eireann a copy of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 28 2020, 9:51pmThanks all.
Assuming the Orange level warning start time remains at 1pm the plan is finish registering runners at 10:30, leave the pub before 10:40, do a brief briefing (follow the tape) and start the race at 11am on the button.
Ideally we will be able to close the course and get everyone associated with the event off the mountain by 12:30.

If the orange level warning moves to 12 noon or earlier in the morning the race is cancelled.

The race start is up at the upper carpark of Ticknock. I don't think there will be car congestion issues tomorrow but please carpool where possible.

Follow the tape. There are longish forested sections with lots of tape, as there are many many mini paths to lead you astray. Keep your eyes peeled for tape.
Warren SwordsFeb 29 2020, 1:18pmGreat race today. Thanks to Peter, Orla and all the volunteers. Delighted that race went ahead, lovely conditions.

Course packed a lot in. Really imaginative route, downhill was great.
James ClancyFeb 29 2020, 1:27pmThanks so much Peter, Orla and volunteer crew for such an incredible race and route. Even managed blue skies and wind direction on our backs!! Also, massive thanks for the lovely treats at the end!!
Miriam MaherFeb 29 2020, 1:44pmA huge big thanks to Peter, Orla (your patient offspring), Paul, Shane and all the super volunteers for a most excellent morning on the hills! Loved the route which was exceptionally well marked. Looking out now at the howling winds and rain - we got so lucky with the blue skies run!
Peter BellFeb 29 2020, 2:23pmBig thanks to Peter ,Orla and volunteers for today. Brilliant course and very well marked. Loved it! Cheers
John BuckleyFeb 29 2020, 3:00pmSavage route today! Love the variation. Thanks to RD and volunteers for ensuring the go ahead. Great morning.
Peter O'FarrellFeb 29 2020, 3:27pmMany thanks to all the runners for racing and all the volunteers for helping the racers race. Every volunteer was vital to the success of the event today and many thanks to them working with good humour in the conditions.

142 ran the senior course with 2 juniors (and one Daddy) running together on the kiddie course.

The detailed results will not be available until the software is further analysed, my apologies for that. Glitches of a technical nature.

The winning time was an impressive 24:40 from Karol Cronin and Caroline Harney won the ladies race.
Conor NolanFeb 29 2020, 3:56pmThanks to RD Peter and crew, it must have been chilly. Great course, lots of nadgery sections, wind on our back and blue skies. What more could you want?
James H CahillFeb 29 2020, 4:32pmThanks Peter, Orla and all the volunteers for giving up your time this morning. Great to get out on an excellent route, well marked and departed super accurately on time. Lovely sandwiches afterwards. Super race. Thank you.
NEIL O'RIORDANFeb 29 2020, 5:21pmJust to echo the above messages - thanks to all for the great organisation, course set-up and race. Nice to get out and beat the impending storm! Even nicer to be on the couch with the feet up right now ;)
Ben MooneyFeb 29 2020, 5:53pmGreat race Peter & Orla and all the volunteers, Ben &Robin
Laura FlynnFeb 29 2020, 6:38pmUnfortunately I couldn’t make it to Ticknock today but by all accounts it was a great morning out in the hills. I’d like to throw in my own words of thanks to Peter and Orla. Not only they RD the race today but when it had to be postponed earlier this month, Peter was on to myself and Lillian almost immediately offering two alternative days when he and Orla were available. So it was a bit like having to prepare for an exam twice ( with two young kids to think of too).Thank you both for being so generous and gracious, and to all your volunteers for giving up your time.
Gareth PhelanFeb 29 2020, 9:57pmSome photos from this morning’s race:
Brian KitsonMar 1 2020, 7:15am...and I've posted a report to go with the wonderful pictures.

Thanks to Peter, Orla and every volunteer who braved the elements to make the race happen.

It was great to see everyone.
Derek O'BrienMar 1 2020, 11:10amGreat pictures and I enjoyed reading reading that report more than the Sunday papers, brilliant stuff
Joanne RiceMar 1 2020, 1:16pmThanks to all the organisers for a very enjoyable morning. Loved the race report too Brian ;)
Brendan LawlorMar 1 2020, 3:46pmSorry to have missed this race. Well done to Peter and Orla for making the right call and getting you all out in what were probably ideal conditions.

Get well soon to Caoimhin MacMaolain , a star man !
Andrew HanneyMar 1 2020, 3:57pmGreat route yesterday, the kids course was really well done and enjoyed by those that did it. Thanks to Peter, Orla and volunteers!
Peter O'FarrellMar 1 2020, 5:38pmThanks to Brian for the report and Gareth for the photos. Photos and reports really add to the flavour of the event afterwards.

Results also help and to that end we have added a race report which is our best guess at a finishing order list.

Hopefully the timing system will give up it's secrets but in the meantime these results are broadly correct and definitely contain a few errors.
Conor O'FarrellMar 1 2020, 8:11pmHi All

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Junior results will be up in due course.

Mike JordanMar 2 2020, 10:41amThanks Peter, Orla, and all the volunteers for a short, sharp blast on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Another fine report Mr. Kitson.
Wishing Caoimhin MacMaolaina a speedy recovery and swift return to the hills. The days when I finish ahead of Caoimhin are always the result of him slowing down to mind the ticker so no doubt he'll be flying ahead of me again soon!
John CondonMar 2 2020, 11:33amMany thanks Peter, Orla and all volunteers for a fantastic race on Saturday. What a super little route.

Likewise, wishing Caoimhin a full recovery. J

PS Thanks for the bun at the finish line Mike :)