Three Rock - Stepaside

A tough race, mainly on tracks in the forests above Step-a-side
Wednesday 9 May, 2007
7:30 PM
Leinster League
Maps below provided by OSI Trailmaster (see and google earth
Parking and registration for this race will take place at "Fred's Field". This field is located 2.4km from Stepaside, on the road between Stepaside and Glencullen, and will be adjacent to the race start point. Leave Stepaside on the road heading towards Glencullen. Continue past the start point for last year's Stepaside race, for approximately 1.2km. The entrance to the field will be on your right hand side. As parking at registration will be limited, we would request that runners car pool from Johnny Fox's pub. From here, leave Glencullen cross-roads heading towards the pitch and putt course (up the hill). Continue past the pitch and putt course for approximately 200m. The entrance to the field will be on your left hand side.
Johnny Foxes pub


Current Volunteers
Race MarkerMike LongNo


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