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Wednesday 20 October, 2010
1:00 PM
3 (1,1,1) - Easy Terrain, <200M ascent, <6Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked

Race will be held on a lap of 1600m and 39m climb per lap (see Maps link above).

All races start at a white painted bench on the road leading down into the Furry Glen from the Chapelizod side. The route goes downhill and joins the lap after 70 metres. It continues down to the lake and up the steps on the west side of the lake. It goes along the forest overlooking the lake before turning right to drop into the glen. Turn left at a t-junction and run alongside a small stream. Turn right up a steep climb to the top of an entrance path. Turn right downhill and left at the earlier t-junction and run along the east side of the lake. Turn left up the steps at the south end of the lake. Turn right at the top until you reach the end of an open area where you descend into the trees before taking a quick right turn to finish the lap.
Parking and race start and finish is at Chapelizod end of the Furry Glen in the Phoenix Park.
Location: Furry Glen, Phoenix Park

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Junior Girls : 1740m (1 lap)
Junior boys & Intermediates & Senior girls : 3340m (2 laps)
Senior boys : 4940m (3 laps)



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