Howth Summer

Avg Ascent/Descent Grade 4.9%/5.2%
Wednesday 4 May, 2011
7:30 PM
6 (2,2,2) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, 6Km - 10Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked
Men: 30:19 (Paul Nolan), Women: 34:46 (Beth McCluskey). These are for the current version, Howth has undergone several forced and non-forced alterations since it's inception
Leinster League
See route map. Start is at quarry entrance. Run 340m on dusty road to start of lap. Turn right through quarry to join winter race route descent. Take left at t-junction (a right turn here would bring you towards the GAA club) and next right downhill towards Deerpark. Clockwise lap in Deerpark then go straight up the steep climb. Run along long straight for 250m and take first right. Go straight through various junctions and then a narrow left. Turn left at way marker to go up to aerial mast summit. Take narrow path descent behind mast and go straight across the road. Do a second lap if you were born before 1996! When you reach road after second lap, turn right and the finish is at the start.
See location map. Public transport users can take 31B bus which passes car park on main road which is being used for registration. Alternatively take DART to Sutton and walk to Sutton cross (<5 minutes) and go to 31B bus stop. Car users, coming from city, turn right at Sutton cross and watch for runners at bus stop.
GAA grounds are not available so please read these notes carefully. The registartion car park is on a busy road which must be crossed to get to the start, be careful crossing this road.

Car parking and registration is 400m on Sutton side of Summit pub (prizegiving) and race will start at quarry entrance which is 900m from Summit pub. See maps on event page to see location of car park, pub, and start. Note that the route map on the event page is the GAA start route.

Be very aware of numerous rocks underfoot throughout the lap that could result in a nasty fall or a twisted ankle. In Deerpark, the summit rocks can be slippy while the forest trails are mucky with tree roots and sporadic rock clusters creating dangerous underfoot conditions. Be watchful of head height branches.
GAA Clubhouse
Two laps of 2011 Winter route lap. Admire rhododendrons in full bloom in Deerpark!



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Driver NameLocationPassing ThroughDepartureSeats AvailableSeats AcceptedBook
Torben DahlTallaght, Dublin 24M50, Howth, Howth Dart Station17:4540Book
Keith TormeyLoughlinstownM5000:0030Book
Andreas KuschCastleknock/Blanch exitM 5018:0041Book
Gearoid HealyClontarfClontarf, Sutton18:1531Book
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