Irish Schools

Wednesday 25 March, 2009
1:00 PM
3 (1,1,1) - Easy Terrain, <200M ascent, <6Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked

Race will be held on a lap of 1230m and 90m climb per lap. Each lap has four climbs and four descents. Venue/course is subject to OPW approval.
Registration will be at the Ordnance Survey. Race will start at Furry Glen crossroads around 450m from OSi.
See photos tab above for course details. Queries to Mags Greenan. Entries to Caroline Reid.

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Entry is open to schools from 32 counties. Both team and individual entries are acceptable.
Please note the Munster and Leinster schools mountain races have been moved to September to double up as trials for the British and Irish teams.
The Irish schools and 2008/2009 cross-country and mountain running form will be used to select the teams for the World Youths race. Athletes born in 1992-1993, up to 3 men and women to run with 2 to score.



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