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World Championships and British and Irish Trials

World and British and Irish Trials 2015
Saturday 29 August, 2015
Climb (m):
Distance (km):
Event Difficulty:
7 (2,2,3) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, >10Km
Race Marking:
Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions marked
GPS Allowed:
Entry details:
No entry details have been entered for this event yet. Entries for league events usually open a couple of weeks before the event
Vouchers Allowed:
No. Online entry only for this race.
Route Description:
World championships senior trial : Senior start is at junction just above upper car park barrier. Run towards waterfall. Around 100m after first left turn, turn right onto a narrow trail along the left bank of a gully. Turn left onto first forest road then turn right after around 400m onto a dirt track beside an old wall (this section overlaps with British and Irish course). At the top of this short steep climb, turn left and follow track to Ride Rock. Turn left and follow Wicklow Way back to start of lap.
Senior women (2 laps): 7000m / 290m climb
Senior men (3 laps): 10200m / 420m climb

British and Irish trial : The start is around 500m from car park (at the first left turn). Route goes 850m along Wicklow Way then turns right, immediately beyond an old stone wall, and climbs for around 400m (senior trial course joins half-way up this climb). Turn left onto 2nd path the climb crosses and follow gradual descent to Ride Rock. Turn left along Wicklow Way back to start of lap. See link to course map under Organisers instructions.
Under 17s and Under 20 girls (2 laps): 4090m / 250m climb
Under 20 boys (3 laps): 5710m / 360m climb

Getting There:
CRONE WOOD Car Park, Glencree/Enniskerry, Co Wicklow
Grid O 192 142. Leave the motorway at Kilmacanogue on the Wexford road to take the road towards Roundwood; turn right towards Enniskerry around 800m from Wexford motorway; follow the signs towards the Waterfall. The start is around 1200m beyond the entrance to Powerscourt waterfall.

Organisers Instructions:
Trial races for up and down World Championships senior teams and up and down British and Irish Championships under 17 (1999-2000) and 20 (1996-1998).

The trial will be used, along with other criteria, to select the teams. To gain international selection athletes should finish within 5% of trial winner and be capable of finishing within 10% of international race winner.
The senior trial course overlaps with part of the British and Irish trial course.

Registration opens at 10:00 and closes at 10:45 (can volunteers arrive at 9:45).

British and Irish trial starts at 11:10

British and Irish trial course map


Volunteers (Non-Running)

You need to have done 2 non-running volunteer roles in a calendar year to qualify for end of year prize

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Volunteers (Running)

Check with race director if they have a need for people volunteering and running. Race directors need a minimum number of people available throughout the race to make the race work so non-running volunteers are preferable. While it can be helpful, volunteering in a volunteer and race capacity does not count towards qualifying for end of year prize

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