Wicklow Glacier Lakes

High lakes in Wicklow
Sunday 15 April, 2012
7:20 AM
10 (Extreme) - Extreme, >1,000M ascent or > 30Km
Route not marked - Route not marked

Hyperlinks to Ordnance Survey GEOLIVES Maps of Each Leg
Leg 1 part 1 and Leg 1 part 2 (10 km with 600m climb)
Leg 2 part 1 and Leg 2 part 2 (11.5 km with 200m climb)
Leg 3 (7.5 km with 600m climb, NOTE: Private land is out of bounds. Fenced fields should not be entered, this occurs near the lower part of the zig-zags)
Leg 4 (10 km with 450m climb)

Map of Glendalough Region
St. Kevins Bus Service

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EastWest Mapping Lugnaquilla & Glendalough
Harveys Wicklow Mountains

The race takes in some of the highest glacial lakes in Wicklow. The proposed route is outlined below. The IMRA Committee have the final decision on the route. The race traverses some of the wildest terrain in Wicklow so participants should agree safety precautions with their team members and carefully recce their leg(s). Participants must touch the water in each lake on their leg. Some photos of the lakes are here: Photos on Flickr

A team comprises between 1 and 4 persons. Juniors are not allowed to compete because of the nature of the terrain and the distances involved. A mobile phone, hat, cagoule, map, and compass are compulsory kit. Bring food and water according to your needs for a run of around 10 km in tough mountain terrain.

The race will use chasing starts with the first team to finish being the winners. Women get a bonus of 10 minutes for each leg they run. Persons aged over 50 get a bonus of 5 minutes. Persons aged over 60 get a bonus of 10 minutes. Persons aged over 70 get a bonus of 20 minutes. Hence any teams of four W60 women will start at 8 am whereas teams of four Senior/M40 men will start at 9:20. An M50 solo runner would have a bonus of 20 minutes so would start at 9 am. Teams who declare themselves non-competitive can start at 8:30 (these teams will be ranked on their bonus adjusted time but are not eligible for a team prize).

Leg 1 starts at the hotel in Glendalough and takes in Lough Ouler with the handover at the car park at the Wicklow Gap. The only part of the Wicklow Gap road that you can run on is the part on the St. Kevin's Way. Challenge: route choice and terrain.

Leg 2 takes in Lough Firrib and either of the Three Lakes with the handover at Glenmalure hostel. Challenge: navigation and tough terrain in middle of leg.

Leg 3 takes in Art's Lough and Kelly's Lough with the handover at Ballinafunshoge car park). Challenge: route choice and steep terrain.

Leg 4 takes in the Upper and Lower lakes in Glendalough with the finish at Glendalough hotel. Challenge: a runner's leg but route choice could win out!

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A permit has been obtained from the Wicklow Mountains National Park to hold this event.



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