Leinster Schools 2010/2011

Leinster Schools 2011
Wednesday 30 March, 2011
1:00 PM
5 (2,2,1) - Moderate Terrain, 200M - 500M ascent, <6Km
Route fully marked - Route fully marked

Start to beginning of lap: 650m
Lap: 1,070 metres with 59 metres climb

Location: Three Rock, Dublin

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Junior Girls : 2370m (1 lap)
Junior boys & Intermediates & Senior girls : 3440m (2 laps)
Senior boys : 4510m (3 laps)

Tarmacadam road uphill for around 600m. Then forest dirt track fairly flat. Steep climb at edge of forest over rocky ground. Descent is on paved road. Spikes are not suitable as a large part of the course is on road.



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