Paul Nolan



Volunteer Record (non-running)

2019Mountain Rescue Benefit RaceRace Marker
2019Great SugarloafFirst Aid Officer
2018Downshill Leinster League raceFirst Aid Officer
2018Sorrell HillFirst Aid Officer
2017Djouce Rememberance RaceFirst Aid Officer
2017BallinastoeFirst Aid Officer
2017Carrick MountainFirst Aid Officer
2017Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2016Mountain Rescue Benefit RaceHelper
2016BallinastoeFirst Aid Officer
2016CarrauntoohilFirst Aid Officer
2015Wicklow Glacier LakesFirst Aid Officer
2014Colleges Champs CamaderryFirst Aid Officer
2014Trooperstown HillFirst Aid Officer
2013Nav challenge 3 - Wicklow GapRace Marker
2013Glen of the DownsFirst Aid Officer
2013Log na CoilleFirst Aid Officer
2013Fraughen Rock GlenFirst Aid Officer
2012Mountain Rescue Benefit RaceDeputy Race Director
2012Log na CoilleFirst Aid Officer
2012Annagh HillHelper
2011Circuit of AvonbegRace Director
2011Annagh HillRace Marker
2010Mount LeinsterFirst Aid Officer
2010Fraughen Rock GlenRace Director
2010Circuit of AvonbegRace Director
2009Fraughen Rock GlenRace Director
2009Mount LeinsterFirst Aid Officer
2009AnnacurraFirst Aid Officer
2008Eagle's NestHelper
2008Dwyer's YardLeague Director
2008Wicklow Way RelayHelper
2007CroghanRace Director
2007CroghanFirst Aid Officer
2006Corrigasleggaun - World TrialRace Marker
2006Circuit of GlenmacnassFirst Aid Officer
2006Sorrel HillFirst Aid Officer
2006HowthFirst Aid Officer
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